Empire Earth - Ueriah's Strat Vault: Raiding Parties

by Ueriah

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EmpireMaster 05/22/08    
Overall: 3
Alriht but the prophet idea is poor if someone fires and earthquake at me i will be ready with my army after sending out a scout or two after finding you have only cavalry archers i wouldline up the longer ranged archer units in ambush and make pincushions of your troops.

commanderJaoqin 01/23/06    
Overall: 2
it sounds good but that tactic is easily flawed. the reason for this is that all u really need is sword calvery or spear calvery(perferbly sword)with speed max and civ speed bonus. You dont even need alot like maybe horsemen and thats it if u have for instance 14 or even 16. and u can wipe them out light work. or instead wat i do is ihave in my custom civ speed and attack bonusesfor my spearclassed infantry.Then put speed and attack maxed out which i always do anyway. A better full proof tactic is that u just get masses of of spear classed infantry and horsemen with some seige (get massive rams if ur broke lol) to take out the buildings. when u charge u make ur calvery go in first as they can take more blows then infantry and with cover the infantry will kill more saftly. u send some u send ur horse men to after any archers specifically first and if u in the bronze and dark also get massive amounts of pulium and or javlins to take out elephants and thats it. I always use that combination. In rennaisance-industrial just get massive gunmen only and a few snipers to get some mor line of sight to make sure no motar is near or other snipers. then get some caribneers or soanish calver and some halberders orspanish infantry. then of course some cannons and thats it.liek be4 u put the calvery first up and if u want u can always put some calvery charging at the sides also thats good or even from the back if u can in time.first u take out light artillary and archersthen when ur spear classed me come in u wipe out any horses with ur ranged horsemen and spanish infantry. ww1-modern Just make massive amounts of tanks with civ bnonuses of armor and attack.Infantry hitpoints range and attack and feild cannons&anti tank -speed bonus. u make massive amounts of tanks(only heavy tanks like panzers) and machine gunmen.in tanks add 1 range 2attack 1hitpiont and speed upgrade . get some snipers(range and speed maxed and 1 attack upgrade) and anti tank cannons with some feild cannons with 2speed and 1range and 2 attack on feild cannons upgrade. and 2attack 1 speed and 2 range on anti tank upgrade. then get some massive airforce fighters to go where ur gonna attack or gonna fight at. then while ur airforce deterates the sky ur land superioty will be peserved gaureenteing You'll win. You send the gun men to destroy antitank guns first. You snipers destroy motar and any other sniper or infantry as well as gunmen. make sure ur snipers when attacking are away from the crowd because some snipers at times will see u but u cant see them if they are far. just simply do the same and send ur tanks moving closer up to the snipers.If You see however that they have anti tank on front just make ur tanks retreat into the middle of ur amrmy and send ur snipers on their left and right machine gun men up front take out the anti-tanks and then push in with tank force. I never have use bombers either unless their atomic or nuculear to destroy the cheating @$$ AI city alot quicker. and rememebr when u invade always destroy the Airbases& towers(number one things to destory to secure land superioty)any antiaircraf,tank factories 2nd then destroy the seige factories for cannons ect and anti tank.then capitials u can forget the baccks 4 a while cuz bullets dont hurt tanks. and bazzokas are still not good. u have some infantry anyhow.and the to feild cannons can be easily killded by ur heavy machine gunmen and their infantry is easily killed by tanks and heavey machine guns . Also ur civ bonuses have to include gold and iron bonuses. For food just make2 farms imporove garrisoned. Woood just make mad peopel chop wood.in also i agree it is important to cripple the economy the best thing to do first however is destroy any mines outside and if there isnt any then go invade. remeber its always best to find a small opening that a player might leave or attack the cities from the side. because its usaually were theres less defences and is a unexpeceted spot. and kick them off the mines if u can. put defences around them like towers so they cant mine back. lol.i dontn play the nano and digital cuz there way too sci fi and futurustic. besides it the future never happened yet it can be totally different 4 all we know. its too sci-fi to be realistic in certain ways also.

Earth King 03/25/02    
Overall: 5
great strategy, but i dont use premade civ when i go for cavalry archers. i make my own civ, named mongols. i had speed, range and attack on cavalry archer. speed and hp on sword cav. mountain bonus, pop cap. and speed and range on trebutches. economic=wood and gold

Variabele04 03/5/02    
Overall: 5
As always you have come through with an excellent strategy. KEEP EM COMING!

PoorCountryBoy 02/2/02    
Overall: 4
Great strat but just one thing though...I was trying to think how to counter this and I found a particulary *evil* one. Don't want to type it all out right now but maybe I'll get some energy later and post it.

SunDown 02/1/02    
Overall: 4
Ya know, this strategy is a gr8 one. And for the gr8 teory I give 4 points from 5. But in the real life... Sorry, real game >:) When I play multi, I allways put a few (1-2, max. 3) 10level snipers around my resources. (I mean crossbowman, sharpshooter, sniper, whatever...) And those rallies... There are usefull in middle ages, really. So, it's a good work, afterall!

MockHamill 01/29/02    
Overall: 5

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