Empire Earth - Ueriah's Strat Vault: Sniper Rush!

by Ueriah

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Date Added:January 25, 2002
Epoch Span:Atomic (World War I) through Atomic (Modern)
A word of warning.

This one isn't like my usual "Have Fun with this Strategy!". Nope. This one is, in my opinion, kind of cheap. I wouldn't advise it if you are looking to play one of those "let's-have-fun-and-play-EE" games, but it might be appropriate for that game with the roommate for fifty bucks. Or tourney play.

The Premise: To kill your opponent before they know what the #@*&^ is going on.

My preferred Civ for this strat is France. However, any Civ with good bonuses for Food and Gold will work equally well. If you have Custom Civs for this... go for Faster, Longer Range, More Damaging, More Hit Point, Faster Build, Cheaper Cost ranged infantry. If there's still points for an economic edge, take it in Gold.

This works best in a small map, but Medium also usually works nicely.

The premise of this strat, quite simply, is to produce a Sniper and kill the enemy before they have a defense up. This is a WW1 rush. To produce a Sniper, you will need a Barracks, so if you don't start with enough wood to build a Barracks, use your Starting Citizens to go get it. Then, you will need 150 Gold and 150 food to start making your Sniper.

With your Sniper made, send him off towards the enemy. Start with his resource piles, picking off people. You will do best if you have 1-shot kills, otherwise you will have some very wounded peasents. One of two things will happen at this point:

1. You get attacked, either by Peasents, Towers, or Military Units, or...

2. The other guys sits there and takes it.

You'd be amazed how many times 2 happens. In my "testing" games, every time but one people sat there and took it. If you can wipe out 6 or 7 people that quickly, you have dealt a CRIPPLING blow to thier economy and if you can keep any kind of pressure on them at all, you should have the game in the bag.

The reason being is simple: at that early stage, if they have less ppl on resources, their economy is THAT much weaker.

A good variant is to have a Doughboy or Marine (or two!) produced while Gold mining for the Sniper. This way, if you really hurt a peon but don't kill it, the other unit can blast it away.

If they attack, no biggie. It means you are playing someone worthwhile. Hurt them as much as you can, build defense back at _your_base for the counter rush.

Although this isn't a 100% strategy, and can be stopped quite easily by a player with very good defensive positioning of towers OR thier own sniper rush (keeping thiers on D until it kills yours, this works good as a counter rush), it seems to do quite well and makes a competitive start to any WW1-Modern game.

My condolences to those who where harmed in the production of this Strat Vault.

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