Empire Earth - Various Unit-Move Techniques

by AznKnightmare

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Date Added:January 25, 2002
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I first want to thank Possibility for the explanation of this.
As you should be thinking now, "How hard would it be to MOVE my units?" Yes, its simple. Yes, your most likely going to get your units slaughtered if someone suddenly runs into your path and you dont notice. Yes, your enemies can easily see your unorganized blob of color on thier maps if thier units happen to run by. Theres more efficient methods to moving them.

Method -- Waypoint Move:
This is the more common move, yet I am surprised why most people still dont use this. It lessens your management of your troops. And it can be used to make specific turns, possibly getting through corners of your enemies unwatched areas. Use this to point EXACTLY where you want your units to go.
Use: Hold Shift + Right Click
Hold onto Shift and keep Right Clicking to set more waypoints.

Method -- Attack Move:
No one under a High Inter uses this, to my experience at least. This is the most signifigant use of move, since it kills all enemies (or at least try to) in sight. This means, no dog running to catch you moving. No observation balloon following (provided you have AA), and no sudden ambushs you cant see. Use this move to attack ANYTHING in your path.
Use: Hold Ctrl + Right Click

Method -- Formation Move:
I dont like using this too much with large units such as cavalry or tanks. Because in formation, they take up too much space. Its good for little units though because they have a reletively small grouping. For lage units though, no Formation Move makes them closer together, which is much better, especially if stealth is needed. But, use this if you want to keep ALL units in the group in thier formations while moving.
Use: Right Click and Hold, move in direction your want your units facing.

You might of known, or not, you can combine multiple moving techniques. This is quite possibly the best part of using them.

  • Waypoint Move, Formation: Hold Shift + Right Click and Hold, move in direction your want your units facing.
  • Waypoint Move, Attack: Hold Shift + Hold Ctrl + Right Click
  • Formation Move, Attack: Hold Ctrl + Right Click and Hold, move in direction your want your units facing.
  • Waypoint Move, Formation, Attack: Hold Shift + Hold CTRL + Right Click and Hold, move in direction your want your units facing.

    The Waypoint Move, Formation, Attack seems to be the best move technique for small units, although not always with larger ones.

    Attack Queue:
    This is something very few people know of. Its attack queue. Its the same as Waypoint moving, but you do it to enemy units. Lets say your enemy has a combination of 3 units: Pikes, Cavalry, Gun Cav. And you have only 2 combinations: Gun, Pike. Obviously, your going to lose this. How about giving yourself a bit of chance and hurting them more? Use attack queue.
    Use: Hold Shift + Right Click on Enemy Unit.

    So now, "What should I select," you say? Well, think of the natural counters. Pikes counter Cav and Gun Cav. So queue them up with both. Gun counters thier Pike and Gun cav. So queue your Gun with those two. Now, your units will only attack the ones you selected, in the order you selected them. Its best to select the ones closest first, but it does not matter much. Now that your units only attack the units they counter, your chances of surviving the battle are just that much higher! Yes, you can thank me when you beat a super expert with this... ^_^

    These are just somethings people really should start using, because it's very useful and can greatly increase your chances of wining a battle. These waypoints work also for villagers. So yes, you can make your units drop off resources and they will go instantly to the next spot you chose.

    -AzN (AznKnightmare)

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