Empire Earth - Achtung Baby

by Ueriah

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Date Added:March 27, 2002
Epoch Span:Atomic (World War I) through Atomic (Modern)
Category:Civ Specific
Historically, the first two world wars both saw Germany's ascention as an economic and military superpower. Barely ten years after the reunification of Germany, the German nation stands poised as one of the strongest economies in Europe today.

Empire Earth's selected bonuses for the German people make the nation of Germany one of the most popular picks for the Atomic Epochs. It's military is well-rounded and effective, with bonuses distributed among several differant areas... Columns of armor to crush your foes. A mighty air force to ravage the landscape. Strong naval supportive units.

The German Economy In Empire Earth

Germany enjoys two economic advanages. The first is thier citizen base. A German citizen only costs 40 food instead of 50. On the surface, that might seem like a minor detail, but consider that means you will have more people faster, and the more people you have ahead of your opponents, the stronger that your economy will be over thiers. Additionally, thier citizens enjoy a 30% hit point base. That means it takes a little longer for enemy units to overrun your territory, and it also means that groups of German workers might have the fortitude needed to repeal small raids against your economy.

The German military, arguably the strongest on land and air, is limited by what the economy can afford. The staples of the German land military are tanks, costly in iron and food, so those will be the resources that you should strive to mass produce. Iron is also a component in the creation of the Luftwaffe, the German air force. It's also needed for Marines, and while Germany might not scream "infantry" it is good to have a few squads to kill those AT guns that threaten your columns of armor. Supportive land units like the howitzer and artillary also cost iron. So do your U-Boats.

With about 80% of the German military dependant on iron, it should be the focal point of your economy. If you attempt to play Germany and gather resources in equal amounts, I feel you are doing yourself a disservice with the Germans. Iron and food are your two main resources. It might be advisable to secure at least two piles of iron before you secure your first gold pile.

But don't make the mistake of going for iron exclusively. You can get away with iron only for the first opening minutes but if you go iron exclusively instead of getting any gold you will find that you are unable to make an air force, advance epochs if applicable, or make machine gunners. One thing I've noitced is that since Iron is so key for Germany, it might be more economically viable to make some flamethrowers to go with the tanks instead of spending the iron on howitzers to knock down enemy buildings. In some cases, gold can be swapped out for iron for the same effect, thus conserving iron (ie instead of Marines, Machinegunners. Instead of Howizers, flamethrowers. Etc.)

Most players shoot for high wood production early on since wood converts to food via farms. As Germany, you should do so even moreso since you will want to build lots of airports and tank factories. Tons of wood will turn into tons of food and lots of military production buildings. It is ESSENTIAL for Germany to be able to produce units en masse. One tank factory just isn't enough, nor is one airport. Whenever you have some extra food (which you will, with lots of farms) send another few guys to go get wood.

The second side of the German economy is, oddly enough, stone collection. They enjoy a 15% bonus to stone collection. Whereas it's certainly not as cool as, say, iron collection would have been, it does mean that you would benefit from at least taking over one stone pile. Towers remain useful in defining territory under your control. Walls are useful for building choke points. Housing is useful for giving your troops the morale advantage. Hospitals heal your units, and even in the Atomic epochs a well-placed Hurrican can sink the navy of an unsuspecting foe, making a Temple a purchase worth consideration on any form of island map. Although there is a bonus to Stone collection, harvesting stone is not usually a priority until iron and gold production are both well off. The German economy relies on aggressive expansion and control of the Iron mines to florish. Which brings us to...

The German Military

I do feel that the German economy is purposely left a little weaker than it could have been to offset the incredibly powerful military bonuses that it enjoys. Paricularly for games that begin and end in the Atomic epochs, Germany has what I feel is the strongest, most well rounded military in the game.

On land, the Germans enjoy the best tanks in the game, hands down. Three bonuses- hit points, armor, attack. And that's before you start jacking them up even further with bonuses. There are two types of tanks- the HE (high explosive, or anti-infantry) and the AP (or armor piercing). I suggest upgrading the two types of tanks for two differant purposes. I'd suggest having the HE tanks with speed, range, and armor upgrades, designed specifically to catch and kill infantry. I'd advise the second type, the panzers, for armor, attack, and hit points. These should be the staple of your forces.

In low-resource games, if you can produce two or more tanks within 7 minutes on the F11 clock, you might want to consider one of the more popular tactics, the blitzkrieg, or tank-rush. Crank out some tanks and drive out of range of any towers, slaughtering whatever units the enemy makes.

The bane of tanks, AT guns, will need to be accounted for, if you are to achieve true land dominance. Remember that Infantry enjoy a bonus to killing AT guns. That means that if it comes down to bringing 4 Panzers or 3 Panzers and 4 Marines on your initial raid, you might be better off with the latter. The German infantry are poltroons in EE, with no noticable bonuses (doubtlessly game balance) and since thier main function will be killing AT (you have the tanks for scraping with other land units) you might want to consider range and speed upgrades for your infantry to pull them from behind your columns of armor and take out the AT guns that get brought to bear against you.

If you don't bring Halftracks, expect trouble from the air. Or, to save that ever-important iron, take a few Citizens along to build AA guns. Stinger soldiers are another good answer for AA support. Once your airports start going up you can fade out those units in preferance of fighters.

In the event of a land where there is a lot of water, Germany also enjoys some benefits at sea. The U-Boat enjoys bonuses to attack, speed, and range, making it the underdog of naval battles but in the hands of a cabaple commander a few u-boats can dissolve a fleet from several directions at once. Don't forget how cool Prophets are in water maps!

The Luftwaffe, I think, is the 2nd best air force in the Atomic Epochs, right behind the US. Of particular note is the fact that those bombers only cost 160 iron and golda and they can hold more fuel than the norm! That means that once your economy is built up, you can be making three or four bombers in adjacent airports simulatanouesly... assuming you keep your economy going strong long enough to do so. Once that happens, you need enough of a push on land to knock out all AA capacity, and the bombers will turn the ground inside out. Don't forget that the escorting aircraft gain bonuses to attacking and hit points. Once you achieve air superiority, the German war machine is hard to stop.

Germany remains an effective force in Digital/Nano ages, much moreso then transistions for some other Civilizations (ie the Assyrian Empire in the Industrial Age), and plays much in the same manner as during the Atomic epochs. Watch those Mintours!

How To Fight Germany

If you are fighting an opponent that is playing Germany, expect tanks, and lots of them. The tank rush is currently a very popular strategy since it is relatively straightforward - get food, get iron, mass a force by minute 6 or 7. Trying to fight them tank for tank is probably doomed unless you are Russia (they have some good tank bonuses that might allow a clever commander to stand up to a German offensie) or the USA (who can probably more tanks since they enjoy a cost to thier own tanks.) France and the UK are far better off to pursue other options, such as AT guns and infantry support.

AA is crucial. If you do not own the skies, you will see more German bombers then a deli in Berlin (har har har). Anti-tank planes, if available, are the bane to the German air force.

If Germany does have a weakness, I think it's that it tends to be a little more vulnerable then some other civs to a fast hit. Over half the players playing Germany build a tank factory off the get-go. That means that they spend lots of food and iron and wood and that if you build a barracks in the time that they build the factory, chances are good you can get infantry inside thier base pretty quickly and disrupt thier economy to the exent that you outproduce them.

With it's ability to mount an offensive with little or no gold, a dominate armor design, and ability to produce cheap citizens, Germany is an ideal choice for those tinkering with rush strategies, beginner and expert alike.

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