Empire Earth - The Early Arsenal

by Master Apple

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Date Added:February 04, 2002
Epoch Span:Prehistoric through Copper
When playing a game starting in the prehistoric age although it may seem that it lacks units and is unimportant militarily, people prefering to go to copper before starting a military. This view is a very bad one and will get you nowhere. Prehistoric and stone should provide the core of every army upto middle ages. You may be thinking how does a few clubmen and a spearman create the core of an army? Simply because these are the line of units used mostly in every army till imperial, thats 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 epochs.

Here is a small military/unit guide about the units.

When you start in the first age you always have to plan ahead, dont just think "I'll go straight to copper and go cavalry," never use cavalry as the base of your army, they might seem like the best unit but they are hard to mass and are easily countered. You need to select one of three different options...

1. Clubmen - Macemen - Short Swordsmen
2. Slinger - Simple Bowman
3. Spearman

These are the 3 base units you would want to get. One of these should be the main of your army 80% while you should create 20% of either of the others to create a counter to the enemy if he has the main counter of yours.

The aim is to have a barracks/archery range up by under 13 minutes and have some units up by 17. This may seem easy but remember it is prehistoric so gather rates are slow.

Here are some good civs to use for all 3 of these rushes/early attacks.

1. Clubmen line:

Kingdom of Isreal: With a good iron mining bonus and clubmen getting speed and hit points upgrade it will make your army quicker to build and stronger. Its archers are also superb.

Byzantine Rome: Strengths on its sword infantry on attack and hit points make them deadly. A farming bonus will help in copper and upwards maintaning a strong economy.

2. Archer Line:

Assyrian Empire: Good archer bonuses with attack and speed make them better than your average archer and although they have good economic bonuses in farming and hunting they wont help your archers wood and gold fees any. In helpful horse bonuses mean that they have more health and attack so all the better to counter the shock and archer range and protect your archers.

Babylon: This is probably the best archer civ. With archers having hit points, range and speed upgraded as well as a wood chopping bonus provide great strength. Also bonuses with spearmen means a suitable counter for shock is available.

3. Spear Line:

Ancient Greece: These guys have a hunting bonus which enables a good boom and its infantry line is immense with attack, hitpoints and buil time decrease.

Babylon excel at both spears and archers, probably the best civ to use overall. The spears attack, hit points and build time decrease ensure a powerful yet swift doom for the enemy.

Austria: Great economy with cheap villagers and great spears.Attack Health Speed are the 3 words which make them so great. Also great sword cavalry will decimate any enclosing archers.

As you can see there are many civs that can be used to enhance each attack unit but you must have a few rules to follow.

1.You MUST boom as well as attack.
2.Try to scout your enemy to see what he builds, even if you have the wrong civ you can still overwhelm him.
3.Back up your troops with one of the other lines to counter all of the enemies troops.
4.Keep advancing ages so as to create a gap between your army and his.

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