Empire Earth - Calamities

In Empire Earth, Calamities can be invoked by any player with the Prophet unit. Once a Prophet has enough power to unleash a Calamity, all the Prophet has to do is to select a target within range. Calamities affect both friendly and enemy units, except Hurricanes which do not harm allied ships. Calamities are devastating in early Epochs, but become less destructive in later Epochs as units become better armored and have more Hit Points. Temples provide protection against Calamities and all units within their range are unaffected by Calamities. Cybers are unaffected by all Calamities except Volcano.


Effect: Causes an area of land units (except Cybers) to be reduced to 1 Hit Point.
Cost: 100 Power
Hotkey: R
Comment: Malaria is most effective against massed units, especially melee units, as they can then be easily picked off from range.


Effect: Causes fire on a building or ship which spreads to any building or ship within 1 tile.
Cost: 75 Power
Hotkey: F
Comment: Firestorms are more widespread than Earthquakes and also damage ships. Most effective against farms and massed ships.


Effect: Causes severe damage to buildings around the point it is cast.
Cost: 50 Power
Hotkey: E
Comment: Earthquakes are more destructive than Firestorms and can raze buildings from early Epochs in one go.


Effect: Causes a 6 x 6 tile mountain to rise which spews molten rocks in random direction damaging anything underneath them.
Cost: 60 Power
Hotkey: V
Comment: Volcanos can be used defensively at a choke point much to block any land unit from passing.


Effect: Causes the targeted unit to slowly lose health until it dies. Diseased units can infect any nearby land unit (except Cybers).
Cost: 100 Power
Hotkey: A
Comment: Plague can spread to any unit, including your own, so be careful.


Effect: Causes an storm over water which damages ships.
Cost: 100 Power
Hotkey: C
Comment: Hurricanes can be controlled like a unit allowing a player to chase enemy ships.

Meteor Storm (AoC)

Effect: Causes a swarm of meteors which damages space ships.
Cost: 75 Power
Hotkey: M
Comment: Only available on maps with Space Terrain.

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