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Note: All data shown here are base values in a Standard Random Map game and do not take into account unit improvments, civilisation bonuses and technologies.

Note: All Epoch data shown here do not assume the building is upgraded as soon as is possible. As you could never upgrade your Walls, Wall - Copper could be built in Epochs 3 - 14, not just Epoch 3.

Note: All Build Time data shown here are the time it takes 1 Citizen to construct the building. 2 Citizens would take half the time, 3 Cititzens would take a third of the time and so on.

Note: In Tournament games, most buildings have -40% Hit Points, Towers have -50% Hit Points, Walls and Gates have -70% Hit Points and Anti-Aircraft Guns have the same Hit Points compared to Standard games.

Note: Graphic changes occur when a new Epoch is reached and the building tileset changes. The building, however, is not classed as upgraded.

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Technology Buildings





Other Buildings



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