Empire Earth - Links

Official Sites

  • Sierra VUG Official Empire Earth Site
  • Sierra VUG Official Empire Earth 2 FAQ
  • Stainless Steel Studios (Developer)
    Developers of the original Empire Eart, Empires Dawn of the Modern World. Founder Rick Goodman was also lead designer for Ensemble Studio's Age of Empires.
  • Mad Doc Software (Developer)
    Developers of Empire Earth Expansion Pack: Art of Conquest. They have also developed Star Trek Armada 2 among other games.

International Fan Sites

Scenario Design

Clan Sites

  • Middle Warriors Play Hard, Play Fair, Don't Cheat, Don't Glitch. This is the motto of the Middle Warriors Clan. Keeping the Spirit.
  • Clandestined Another site dedicated to fair play and no cheating, run by Darkainen.
  • Airborne Clan These guys have been around a long time and play many games including EE.

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