Empire Earth Heaven - History

The beginning of Empire Earth Heaven actually starts with a very ancient fansite known back than as Empire Earth Trade Center managed 100% by Stasio. EETC was hosted by a now extinct gaming networked called GameStats which also hosted Heaven Gaming Sites for some time. EETC was the first fansite (some can argue otherwise) for Empire Earth starting around 1998 or even earilier. The site was an instant success considering there were few fansites for EE fans to visit. As time when by, the idea of EE spread rapidly, and the number of fansites increased amazingly. Sites such as Empire Earth Battlefied, EE Oracle, EE Net Center, EE Shack, and many others. Stasio remained at the top with excellent news, forum visits from Rick Goodman, and hosting the Strike Team Forums.

Eventually Stasio grew tired of running the site and pursing his dream of cars. This was in 2000 with EE still a long ways off. Stasio posted a notice asking for a webmaster, and I (Park) applied for the job. I had run 2 old sites called Empire Earth University and EE Facility. I was given control immediately. After contact with the heads of HeavenGames, we came to an agreement of moving EETC to HeavenGames. Empire Earth Heaven officially opened on October 2000 marking the end of EE TC.

Empire Earth Heaven has provided daily news, exclusive information, and support for a large community of EE fans. Over the years many staff members, forumers, and developers have passed through EEH's halls. Some disasters and some great events. The EEH staff has worked hard on creating a #1 site like all of HG. We truely believe we have done so.


Great thanks to Stasio, Rick Goodman, Eggman, B Donor, James Hsieh, Angel Zen, Angel Rasher, Angel Chooch, Angel Theta, the many webmasters, all past staff members, and of course the fans who have come and gone. Here's a list of the many HG members who've helped the past 3+ years:

  • Shadow Angel aka RIOT Sniper
  • Shadows
  • Petard Rusher
  • Cerebrum
  • Nimbis
  • Bulls Wool
  • Strider
  • Azn
  • Talon
  • Izzy
  • Rasher
  • Chooch
  • Obsidian
  • Sandamnit
  • Socrateius
  • Spineman
  • Hamlet
  • Zen
  • Thunder

Let us hope for another 3 great years!


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