Empire Earth – Military Strategies

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The Industrial Age
Author: Christian
Epoch Span: Only Industrial
Description: An overview of Units and Strategies in the Industrial Age

Ueriah’s Strat Vault: Sniper Rush!
Author: Ueriah
Epoch Span: Atomic (World War I) through Atomic (Modern)
Description: This one isn’t like my usual “Have Fun with this Strategy!”…

Ueriah’s Strat Vault: Raiding Parties
Author: Ueriah
Epoch Span: Middle through Nano
Description: Generally speaking, in EE multiplayer games, the player with the most…

DM Dragoon Flood
Author: EE Talon
Epoch Span: Only Industrial
Description: Start a Deathmatch in the Industrial Age (preferably…

The Use of Parabolic Weapons in Defense
Author: falcdragon
Epoch Span: Copper through Nano
Description: This was a good Strat on the Easier settings in the Beta…