Empire Earth – The Basics

by Master Apple
Date Added: January 28, 2002
Epoch Span: All Epochs

Master Apples guide for Economy

Well this is for the newer members of the forums. A basic introduction to economy.

Starting your economy: Well in EE there are generally two types of economy you can go for. I call them, and many others ‘the boom’ and ‘the rush’. You may think that these require the same kind of economy but they ae different. I will go through each methods and suggest tips and a helping hand.

— Tip! You know that neat crown? Thats your civ bar! Remember to choose a civ or your screwed! But if you want make your own and customise it to your own preference! —

(This is a suggestion, do not feel that my ways are the best and do not follow them exactly. Adapt your own strategy and use the advice to your own likings)

‘The Boom’

Now the boom is the easier of the two methods I use. It is the opposite of a rush. Economy Early – Army Later. One rule you have to try and obey is to populate more than one settlement. I tend to do this when I have about 25 vills in a boom. Firstly you’ll wanna send your vills to immediatly gather food.

—Tip! You gotta decide at the start of a game, dog or villager? If your playing reveal map dont bother going for the dog, not reveal map? Get your dog and make him scout for those great resource patches!—

Continue doing this until you’ve got 8 or so and put the newly created guys on wood. After about 6 or 7 citizens are on wood begin to populate some iron/gold mines.

—Tip! Use towers in key places when you boom! Dont stick it in the corner where it wont help. You got some woodies? Tower em up! A choke point maybe? Tower! —

You’ve gotta remember that if you out mine and farm your enemy then when crunch comes you’ll have better trained, better equipped and more troops. Always expand and never be content with your 4 iron patches. Go out and steal another one from the enemy. Thats one more for you one les for him.

‘The Rush’

This requires more skill but can reduce your enemy to rubble or really hurt you. Its 50/50 but it is a great thing to beat someone with a rush. Now firstly your gonna wanna want to find your pumpkins. Get your starters on that while 1 of them builds a settlement nect to it. When your dog comes out send him round your base useing shift-click for shrouwd. When he find your hippo’s send 1 vill to lure it then use your pumkinds to kill him. While you do this put your other vills onto wood until you have 5 on it. Now populate a iron/gold mine (depends what your rushing with).

— Tip! Theres no point rushing with random units. Set your units your gonna build and concentrate on those resources over all else! —

When you have enough wood build a [insert buildng name here] and start pumping out your units. After your first wave start mining the opposite of what you have been mining as to add variety.

— Tip! Dont automatically think your gonna win after your first wave. Keep building while he tries to kill your units off. By the time they are dead you others are already there! —

Remember keep expandng your economy as well.

I might write another guide as to defend verses the rush. Have fun and be safe. Peace out.