Empire Earth – Triggers

by EEH Staff and Community

Triggers are the core of designing in Empire Earth. Spawning units, changing unit names, graphic effects, custom Victory Conditions and much, much more – all trigger work.

We have split down the trigger section as follows;

Triggers; Basics – This is for common and easy triggers such as changing unit names, bringing objects to areas and simple unit creation. Most common questions are answered here

Triggers; Intermediate – This section describes some of the more complex things you can achieve such as multiple simultaneous events etc.

Triggers; Tips and Tricks – People have discovered interesting features to include in your game, made from combinations of different triggers. Want to make a unit seem as if it is switching weapons, create land mines or give certain units special powers? Look no further.

Because of the incredible flexibility given by the EE trigger system it would be impossible to list everything you can do with them. We will continue to try and make these sections as comprehensive as possible but if you feel we have missed something, or not answered your questions here, feel free to ask in the forums.

For Cinematics see the Cinematics section.