Empire Earth – General Game FAQ

by EEH Staff

April 26, 2005

Q: What are the current versions of Empire Earth and Art of Conquest?

A: Version 2 for EE but you will need the 1.04 patch first if you don’t have it. Both patches are here in our downloads section. There are no patches for Art of Conquest.

To check the version of your game, look in the top left corner of the main menu screen. Empire Earth with both patches installed will be version 2.00.3466. Art of Conquest will be 1.00.2657.

Note: If you have installed any mods in either game it may change the version number. That means when you are online your game may not work properly, giving you out of sync errors or not connecting to other players. To use any mod online all players must have it installed.

Q: How do I take screenshots?

A: Press F9 during the game, and it saves a .JPG file of the screen in your Empire Earth folder. Pressing Shift-F9 will do the same as F9, except the User Interface Panels along the bottom of the screen are hidden.

Q: How do I take a screenshot of the entire map?

A: To take a high-resolution screenshot of the entire map, press Alt-F9 during the game. Ctrl-F9 will save a low-resolution screenshot.

Q: How can I make a backup copy of Empire Earth? It gives me an error when I try to make a copy, or the backup copy would not work.

A: The Empire Earth CD is copy-protected, thus you can not copy it in normal CD burners. You are allowed to make a single backup copy of any software you own, but we cannot provide information on how to do so as this encourages piracy.

Q: Is Empire Earth available for the Macintosh?

A: Currently there are no known, announced plans to make a Macintosh version of Empire Earth.

Q: Can you cheat in Empire Earth Campaigns?

A: No, cheating has been disabled in the campaigns that shipped with Empire Earth. Custom scenarios may or may not allow cheating, depending on whether the author has enabled it.

Q: Can you cheat in multiplayer?

A: No, there is no option to enable cheating in multiplayer.

Q: What bonuses do I get for putting citizens into Settlements, Town Centers and Granaries?

A: Here are all the bonuses;

Settlement, Town Center, Capitol

  • 5 citizens will turn a Settlement into a Town Center. This gives it the ability to produce Citizens and all Town Center Research. It also increases the gather rate of stone, gold and iron by 25%. i.e. A trip of 15 gives 19.
  • 15 Citizens turn a Town Center into a Capitol. Gather rates are increased by 50%. A trip of 15 gives 22.
  • 50 Citizens will fully populate a Capitol. Gather rates are increased by 100%. A trip of 15 gives 30.

NOTE: The Town Center or Capitol must be within 4 grid squares of the resource patch to give the bonus for resources gathered from it. i.e if there are more than 3 grids between the edge of the resource and the edge of the TC, no bonus is applied.


  • 8 Citizens will turn a Granary into an Improved Granary. Gather rates from farming increase by 25%.

NOTE: Gather rates are more or less linear between the values
stated above e.g. 32 Citizens in a Capitol will increase the gather rate to 75%.