Empire Earth – Game Features

  • Empire Earth has 14 epochs! That means you can lead an army of primitive cavemen with clubs or command Roman Legions to conquer the world. Better yet why not just skip to World War 2 and use submarines, helicopters, bombers, nuclear weapons, and more? Or into the future and command a squad of military cyber killing machines. The great thing in Empire Earth is that you have that choice.
    The Art of Conquest expansion adds Space as the 15th epoch and also features new units, buildings and custom civ powers.
  • Empire Earth is completely based on 3D. The trees, units, buldings, and water are all made in 3D.
  • You can have higher populations, zooming & rotating camera, and amazing effects.
  • Custom civs. Often criticised, this feature is what makes EE unique. The different ways you can combine civ bonuses provide a hitherto unseen variety of strategies and gameplay, or you can play one of the excellent and well balanced civs already provided. The AoC expansion adds new civ powers which transform the original game more dramatically than any expansion pack ever.
  • Morale is very important in war. Battles can completely change with morale. EE uses this by making your towns safer from attack by using morale than being out in bare land. For troops away fromhome, EE also features special historical heroes. Heroes are very strong units, self healing when they are not under attack, that have good attack and provide troops with morale while near to them. Strategists are also available – they, too, will self heal when not under attack, can heal other units and have a Battle Cry that demoralises enemies.
  • Religion has some novel, practical uses in the game. The prophet unit allows players to take control of nature and use it to wreak havoc on the enemy. Cast plagues, volcanos, earthquakes, and more against the enemy. Show them god is on your side.
  • Wonders are no longer just great looking buildings. They provide special abilities to help your civilisation, such as revealing enemy buildings and healing your troops as they explore the map.
  • Down with micromanagement. EE has made it easier for players to focus on battles and not if a villager is farming. Mineral resources don’t run out, explore option makes units scout land for you, houses aren’t needed for population and farms only die out from enemy fire. It forces you to expand to find new resources and thus makes you a more versatile and competent player.
  • The scenario editor is currently no doubt the best editor for its time. Forged by some of the greatest designers, it has more features than you can learn in a week. It also allows you to create cinematic set pieces to advance your scenario’s story, day and night effects and weather, all of which add atmosphere to your games.