Empire Earth – Epochs

by Angel_Park, One_Dead_Angel

April 26, 2005

In Empire Earth the time periods are split into “epochs” like how Age of Kings is split into Ages. The dictionary defines an Epoch as “a period of time marked by new developments and other crucial changes.” The epochs in Empire Earth likewise provide more technology, units, buildings, etc as you advance through them. There are a total of 14 epochs in Empire Earth stretching from 500,000 BC to the future past the 20th century. The expansion pack adds another epoch to make 15 epochs in total.

To advance to the next epoch in Empire Earth players must first meet certain requirements and than research the epoch to advance to it.

Empire Earth

Prehistoric : Epoch 1

(500,000 BC – 50,000 BC)
The prehistoric age was a time when the early humans learned how to make fire. Most humans were hunters therefore didn’t have a permanent home. Food was very important and was the cause of battles. The weapons used were rather primitive, wood clubs, stones, etc.

Stone : Epoch 2

(50,000 BC – 5000 BC)
This is the time period when many tools and weapons were made of stone, such as spears. Religion also developed and became more complex in this era.

Copper : Epoch 3

(5000 BC – 2000 BC)
This is when copper became widely used, in most cases, instead of stone. Warships first appeared, and the Sumerians developed the first wheel.

Bronze : Epoch 4

(2000 BC – 0 AD)
The bronze age came about when tin and copper were mixed to accidentally produce the metal bronze. This became pimarily used metal, especially for weapons. Swords and Phalanxes were invented in this era. Medicine also became more developed and sophisticated.

Dark : Epoch 5

(0 AD – 900 AD)
Around the time when iron was found, Roman was at it fullest power. They fell to Gothic and Germanic “Barbarians”, however, and civilization was at its lowest. The Byzantines continued to exits in Constantinople, a 1,000 years after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Middle : Epoch 6

(900 AD – 1300 AD)
In this era, centralized authority and technology reemerged. The castle and the longbow were premier weapons of the time. When the trebuchet and other siege weapons came, this ended the reign of castles.

Renaissance : Epoch 7

(1300 AD – 1500 AD)
The “rebirth” saw the advancement of older knowledge and the progression of art and music. Artillery weapons became more frequently used in this time period, although longbows were still preferred as artillery weapons were unsafe at best. In 1492 Columbus came to the American land which he had thought to be Asia.

Imperial : Epoch 8

(1500 AD – 1700 AD)
Firearms and cannons really made their appearence in the Imperial age. Castles became obsolete, as artillery could easily take them down. Galileo Galilei invented the Scientific method, and Isaac Newton invented Calculus. He used calculus to eventually find his laws of motion.

Industrial : Epoch 9

(1800 AD – 1900 AD)
This epoch was mostly an economic period, although advancement in weapons continued. The appearence of the steam engine, created the prominent economic technologies of that period. Science became more popular; such things as pastuerization and microbiotics were created.

Atomic : Epoch 10

(World War I)
The Atomic Ages are made of World War I, World War II, and Modern Age. The first of these cover the era around World War I, or roughly the 1st quarter of the 20th century. The First World War saw the introduction of the airplane and tank into the battle field.

Atomic : Epoch 11

(World War II)
The second era under the Atomic Age covers the Second World War, or roughly the 2nd quarter of the 20th century. The Second World War saw the introduction of the radar, primitive jet aircraft, and the atomic bomb into the arsenal of war.

Atomic : Epoch 12

The final era of the Atomic age is the modern period. This covers the ladder half of the 20th century. This saw the perfection of the jet aircraft, nuclear powered submarines, and the helicopter into the theater of battle.

Digital : Epoch 13

(2000 AD – 2100 AD)
Based on the ever increasing digitized world we live in and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Stainless Steel Studios has invented their own future history where Russia will be taken over by a tyrant named Grigor. Giant robots called “Mechs” fight along side human beings in establishing a new world order.

Nano : Epoch 14

(2100 AD – 2200AD)
Extending past the Digital Age, Stainless Steel Studio continues the speculative time line into an age of where the previous age’s “Mechs” become ever more powerful, even sentient, and humans are cybernetically enhanced.

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest

Space : Epoch 15

(2200 AD +)
The expansion pack developed by Mad Doc Software adds the Space Age. This age introduces space based weapons and a variety of space crafts to battle for inter planetary supremacy, as well as new units and buildings, including a new wonder (the Orbital Space Station); two new civilisations (Japan and Korea); and a range of new civ powers that transform gameplay completely. The space units can only be used on a “Space” map but all the other units and skills can be used on any map.