Empire Earth – Cyber Powers

by Phill

December 08, 2005

Combat Cybers only fight but the Ultra Cybers have secondary powers which they use in much the same way as Prophets, with each power costing points and the Cyber having to recharge afterwards. Like most secondary unit powers they can be fiddly in the heat of battle, but get them on in time and they are very effective.



Effect: Heals damage to all cyber units, including other apollos.
Hotkey: E
Comment: Cannot heal self so you need at least two apollos for a self sufficient healing cyber force.

Diffraction Shield

Effect: Temporarily shields a unit giving it extra resistance to damage.
Cost: 50 Power
Hotkey: S
Comment: This excellent shield lasts for about a minute. An Ares with a shield on can take multiple hits even from AA and aircraft.

Ion Pulse

Effect: Beam that severely weakens an enemy unit by increasing the damage it takes from attacks.
Cost: 100 Power
Hotkey: C
Comment: Very useful for weakening an enemy attack force but fiddly to do a lot of in real time combat.


Self Destruct

Effect: Unit can blow itself up at any time, surrounding units take splash damage.
Hotkey: D
Comment: The Fury will also blow up when it reaches 0 Hit Points. A devastating final attack by this melee unit, it can wreak havoc amongst enemy forces, but this is also a weakness since if a Fury in a group gets destroyed it damages the others. Timing is vital to avoid your freshly made squad of Furies being wiped out before they get to the enemy.


Nano Virus

Effect: Infects Cybers with a virus. Infected Cybers eventually explode. The virus can spread to other Cybers.
Cost: 80 Power
Hotkey: V
Comment: A useful weapon against an enemy cyber group, it is similar to Malaria except the hit points reduce gradually instead of directly to 1 and the Cyber dies without further attack.


Effect: Hades can teleport itself to anywhere on the map but takes some damage doing so.
Cost: 25 Power
Hotkey: E
Comment: By itself a defensive or scouting ability, but used with Timewarp you could e.g. Teleport into an enemy camp and neutralise their toughest units while the rest of your force attacks.


Effect: Takes any single unit “out of time”, removing it from the map for 90 seconds. Unit reappears where it vanished from.
Cost: 35 Power
Hotkey: T
Comment: Examples of good uses might be to remove an incoming nuclear bomber until you can get AA or planes to the area, or removing an enemy group’s Hero to take away their morale.


Refractive Cloak

Effect: Units surrounding the Poseidon are invisible to enemies except at close range.
Comment: This is an automatic field generated around the Poseidon that cloaks every
unit within 3 squares of it.


Effect: Takes over enemy Cybers.
Cost: 50 Power
Hotkey: C
Comment: The Cyber equivalent of the Priest.


Antimatter Storm

Effect: Creates a storm that damages aircraft.
Cost: 100 Power
Hotkey: A
Comment: The airborne equivalent of a Hurricane, it sucks in and destroys air units, including Ares and Helicopters. Like the Hurricane, the Antimatter Storm’s direction can be controlled by selecting and directing it.


Effect: Causes enemies to take damage proportional to their attack strength.
Cost: 75 Power
Hotkey: R
Comment: Like the Ion Pulse of the Apollo, a good one to use on attacking units to weaken them before they get to you.