Empire Earth – Cheats

To use these cheats, press “Enter” during the game and enter the cheat exactly as they are listed here.
Note: You cannot use cheats in the Campaigns that came with the game.

my name is methosAll resources and reveal map
atmAdd 1000 Gold
boston food sucksAdd 1000 Food
you said woodAdd 1000 Wood
rock&rollAdd 1000 Rock
creatineAdd 1000 Iron
somebody set up us the bombWin Game
ahhhcoolLose Game
display cheatDisplay all cheatcodes
the big digLose Resources
headshotRemove objects from map
asus driversReveal Map
boston rentLose all Gold
uh, smoke?Lose all Wood
slimfastLose all Food
i have the powerRestore energy to selected Prophet / Hero / Mana User

A Message About Trainers

We, at Heavengames, take a firm stand against trainers, as they will, especially in a multi-player or tournament environment, do more harm than good.

For single play, they lead to people to be bad players as they come to depend on the cheats.

So, if you want to mess up your gaming skills, by all means go ahead, but don’t expect help from us.

We will not host trainers on our site and we will actually ban people that admit to use of trainers to cheat in multiplayer games.

More information about what trainers are can be found below, in a press release from SSSI:

Stainless Steel Studios has verified that a new Empire Earth Trainer (developed in Russia) can be used to enable a player to cheat during a multiplayer game. Those who use it can successfully cheat.

What is a “Trainer”? A Trainer is a small program which enables players to cheat during multiplayer games. These programs are usually run in the background, while the game is being played. These programs typically alter actual game code with the goal of allowing their users to win games by cheating.

In kind of cheating or use of Trainers is a strict violation of the on-line code of conduct in the Empire Earth community. Any player caught cheating will have his/her Empire Earth CD-key permanently revoked.

Here is how this Trainer works:

  1. A Cheater runs the Trainer, then loads Empire Earth.
  2. While the game is loading, the Trainer searches through the Empire Earth code as it is loaded into RAM
  3. The Trainer locates the in-memory Empire Earth code which disables the Cheat codes. It then inserts a new line of code which skips over this disable check.
  4. Once the game starts, the player types in a Cheat code such as “ATM” and gains extra resources.

The player can then spend these extra resources. However, when the player spends these resources on new buildings and units the game will eventually go out of synch. In other words, as soon as the player creates a new building or unit which he could otherwise not have afforded, the game detects this and the player is immediately dropped from the game with the following message:

“Player” is out-of-synch and has been removed from the game. Game will continue…

When you see this message cheating is likely to have occurred.

Many of you have reported seeing this out of synch message. And, this is the reason why. Therefore, in 1 v 1 games when Empire Earth detects cheating the Trainer will always be foiled, because the game will always go Out of Synch.

However, players have found a way to bypass this level of security. We have seen teams of cheaters playing 2 v 2 games. Only one of the players uses the cheat codes, the other does not. This player then tributes his ill-be-gotten resources to his ally. Empire Earth will detect the out of synch and immediately drop the player who utilized the cheats, as soon as he overspends his resources. Once the cheater is dropped, his ally can continue the game normally utilizing all of the resources tributed to him without going out of synch. Therefore, in a 3+ player game, if any player is detected to be out of synch, then, you should not continue playing, because that player has cheated.

It may even possible for allies to cheat and avoid going out of synch. As a result, in team play, you cannot be 100% certain that the game will always detect and drop a cheater. You can, however, use a manual method to detect cheating. After the game is finished review the statistics screen. If one player has tributed more resources than he has gathered, then he has cheated. Here is the simple equation:

Tribute Sent <= Starting Resources + Resources Gathered + Tribute Received

Tribute Sent must always be <= to Resources Gathered + Starting Resources. If this is not true, then cheating has occurred.

We appreciate your patience, as we continue our on-going investigation into this issue. In the interim, please remember, 1 v 1 games are secure against cheating.

Rick Goodman
President, Stainless Steel Studios, Inc.