Empire Earth – Buildings – Ishtar Gates

by CenturionZ_1

August 31, 2005

Ishtar Gates

Comment: At the start of each game, players can set the number of Wonders required for victory. Once a player or team have at least that number of Wonders standing simultaneously, a countdown of 1800 seconds (30 minutes) begins. Once the countdown reaches zero, victory is declared. Each Wonder also has a Power which comes into effect as soon as the Wonder is completed.

Wonders become available in the second playable Epoch of each game, but are never available before the Copper Age and are always available in the Nano Age. The costs shown here are for Wonders built in the Copper Age in a Standard game. For every Epoch after the Copper Age, the cost of each Wonder increases by 100 of each resource. Wonders cost -50% in Tournament games.

Ishtar Gates

Power Name:Safe Guard
Power Effect:+200% Building Hit Points.
Epochs:3 – 14
Hit Points:3500
Cost:1000 Iron, 1000 Stone, 1000 Wood
Build Time:900 Seconds
Size:4 x 4
Upgrade Cost:
Upgrade Time:

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