Empire Earth 2 – Regions

by One_Dead_Angel

April 22, 2005

The civilizations within Empire Earth 2 are all divided among one of four regions. There are 4 regions: Western, Middle Eastern, Far Eastern and Meso-American. Each region possesses powers unique to them. There are two types, persistant and activated. The persistant powers does not require player interactions and are in effect all the time. The activated type are activated by the player by clicking on the center button on the controls set around a circular control section in the user interface. These activatable powers are only active for a brief period, and depending on which epoch you are in, they will be different for each region.


The following civilizations belong to this region: America, Britain, Germany, Greece, and Rome.

Persistant Region Powers

Dedicated students in western cultures lead to more productive universities. Universities built by western nations produces more tech points and are harder to capture. They also have more hit point. In addition, when western civilizations captures a city center, temple or university from another culture, the westerners absorb some of the enemy’s knowledge, taking additional tech points from the enemy player.

Activatable Region Powers

  • Tribal Customs (Epoch 1-5) All resources gathering except technology points is increased.
  • Scientific Freedom (Epoch 6-10) Technology research times are reduced.
  • Rapid Deployment (Epoch 11-15) Any units garrisoned in a Fortress can be transported instantly to any target location that you have LOS to.

Middle Eastern

The following civilizations belong to this region: Babylonia, Egypt, and Turkey.

Persistant Region Powers

The Middle East Bridges the western and Eastern World, and trade is lucratice here. Middle Eastern trade routes produces more gold and their markets are more difficult to capture or destory. Furthermore, when a Middle Eastern cultyre constructs a Wonder, tech points are instantly produced. In fact, enough tech points will be generated to allow the civilization that built it to instantly advance to the next epoch.

Activatable Region Powers

  • Supreme Effort (Epoch 1-5) Citizen’s contruction speed is increased.
  • Lost City (Epoch 6-10) All units and buildings within the limits of a selected City Center become cloaked and invisible to all enemy units (including spies and outposts). Any of the player’s units also become invisible when the enter the effect city’s citylimits.
  • Black Market (Epoch 11-15) The player received a percentage of all market sales and trade route revenue from neutral or enemy players.

Far Eastern

The following civilizations belong to this region: China, Japan and Korea.

Persistant Region Powers

City Centers in Eastern cultures are a powerful place. It grants extra population capacity and is harder to capture and has more hit points. Furthermore, when you advance to a new epoch, you are blessed with one free technology that is chosen at random.

Activatable Region Powers

  • Citadel (Epoch 1-5) Any Walls, Wall Tower and Wall Gates, Palisades and Palisade Gates in the player’s territories become immune to damage.
  • Burgeoning Markets (Epoch 6-10) Each time one of the player’s trade units reaches a market or dock, the player receives an additional amount of of each resource (excluding gold and technology points) that they are currently harvesting.
  • Overtime (Epoch 11-15) All units produced at the Barracks, Stable, Workshop, Airport, Hangar, or Docks are built more quickly.


The following civilizations belong to this region: Aztec, Inca and Maya.

Persistant Region Powers

Temples in Zeso-American cultures are especially sacred, and the priests there can produce tech points more quickly. Temples are likewise harder to capture and has more hit points. Meso-American priests are themselves quite powerful too. When they convert an enemy, the player that owns the priest will be granted additional technology points, provided that you and your enemy are in the same epoch.

Activatable Region Powers

  • Mass Conversion (Epoch 1-5) Any enemy units in or entering a City Center radius own by the player have a chance of being instantly converted.
  • Favor of the Gods (Epoch 6-10) Any land unit or building owned by the player that is currently in a territory that has a Templae has all incoming damage reduced.
  • Cloning Technology (Epoch 11-15) Every time an enemy or neutral unit is converted an exact duplicate of the unit appear next to the converted unit.