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Day of Defeat v 2.0

Author File Description
iNtRePiD Day of Defeat - By ScnPunk

New Additions

- Flags are now included in the player of the game score, each flag is worth 1 point
- Flag points are counted in food
- You can no longer just amass an army of all snipers, you have been limited to 1 sniper per team*
- The instructions are now more easily accessible, since many people had difficulty finding them
- Scoreboards have been added so now you can simply click on the scoreboard to find out how you are doing in comparison to your allies and your opponents
- Sergeants (M1 Thompson) and Unteroffiziers now move at a faster pace

*Snipers have been probably the biggest problem with this scenario. At first they were far to powerful and had to be toned down and then after that they had to be toned down again. Although Snipers are now balanced and building a full team of them is rather stupid as they are easy to counter, people continued to do it and it was really hurting gameplay so I have limited the amount of snipers per team to 1 per round. I think this will really help to open the game up as machine gunners will become a lot more deadly as well as useful and players will have to use their snipers wisely now instead of rushing with them.

There will probably be no further updates to this scenario.


The year is 1944 allied soldiers have stormed the beaches of France and are now working their way towards the heart of Germany. On route lies the southern French town of Caen. Step into the combat boots of Allied soldiers trying to capture this strategic town as well as Axis soldiers defending Caen to protect the Fatherland. This Multiplayer Scenario is based on the popular WW II Half-Life modification, Day of Defeat. This scenario is a re-creation of the most popular DoD map, Caen 2.

How to play Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat is one of the most complicated Multiplayer Scenarios for Empire Earth out there. When the game begins all players are given 3 minutes to read the instructions. During this time all units are frozen, and thus unable to move. To listen to all of the instructions simply click on the Blue flag (for allies) or Yellow flag (for Axis) in front of the flags you use to spawn units.

When playing Day of Defeat you have a maximum pop of 8. Some units are worth 1 pop and others are worth 2. To spawn units you must click on the corresponding flag, the flags are Blue in colour for Allies and Yellow for Axis. Behind the flag is a computer unit, when you click on the flag you will spawn that particular unit. Once you hit your max of 8 pop you will be unable to spawn anymore units until all of your current ones are dead and reinforcements have arrived. You will know when reinforcements arrive because it will flash across the screen. "Allied reinforcements are on route"

The goal of Day of Defeat is to capture all of the strategic points in the French city of Caen. Flags symbolize points, so the object is to capture all 6 flags on the map. If a flag is captured for the Allies it will turn Blue, if it is captured for the Axis it will turn Yellow. Each team must capture the city 3 times to secure the city once and for all and win. Your secondary goal is to try to kill as many enemy units as possible while sustaining low casualty rates. The player that accomplishes this is awarded player of the game at the end of the game. Your kills are kept track of by the gold count at the bottom of your screen and your deaths are kept track of by Iron.

During the game you are able to plant TNT in certain strategic spots around the city. Spots are symbolized by white flashing balls. To pick up TNT go to your corresponding colour blotch in your base, you will see a white ball above it. Only one unit may pick up the TNT per round, however the TNT will return once reinforcements arrive. You will know that your unit has the TNT because he will now have 1 Stone by his unit stats. To plant the TNT simply go up to the building of your choice that is marked and stay there for 5 seconds. When the TNT is planted you will receive a message, it is time to get clear. If you stand beside the building you will surely die.

If you try to enter one of your opponents bases you will be sent to spawn camp prison for 2 minutes. During this time you can not spawn units. Once the two minutes is up you will see your units leave the prison and you will be able to participate in the game again.


Allied Forces

1) Rifleman: Garand Rifle: 1 count
2) Sergeant: M1 Carbine: 1 count
3) Sergeant: M1 Thompson: 1 count
4) Sniper: Springfield Sniper Rifle: 2 count
5) Machine Gunner: .30 Caliber: 2 count
6) Mortar: 3.81mm Mortar: 1 count


Weapon: Garand Rifle : The first self-loading (semiauto) rifle to enter a nation's service as the stanard issue rifle was the M1 Garand.
HP: Low
Range: Medium
Speed: Very Fast
Good against: Snipers (in large numbers)
Bad against: Machine Gunners


Weapon: M1 Carbine: The most widespread American weapon of World War II was not a rifle, handgun, or even a submachinegun; rather, it was a combination of all three: the M1 Carbine.
HP: Low
Range: Medium
Speed: Fast
Good against: Grenadiers
Bad against: Machine Gunners, Unteroffiziers


Weapon: Thompson M1: The Thompson Submachine Gun, also known as the "Tommygun", was made in a wide variety of forms - sold in both the civilian and military market.
HP: Medium
Range: Low
Speed: Medium
Good against: Grenadiers
Bad Against: Snipers


Weapon: Springfield '03 Sniper Rifle: The Springfield rifle was the standard issue rifle of American forces all throughout World War I and up until 1938.
HP: Low
Range: Very High
Speed: Medium
Good against: Slow moving units

Machine gunner

Weapon: Surprisignly light for the capabilities bestowed, the 30 cal is a tough and reliable weapon, and thousands are still in service around the world today.
HP: High
Range: Low
Speed: Slow
Good against: Masses of units
Bad against: Snipers

Weapon: 3.81mm Mortar: An effective weapon for taking out encamped units.
HP: Medium
Range: High
Speed: Fast
Good against: Machine Gunners
Bad against: Fast moving units

Axis Forces

Axis Menu
1) Grenadier: Mauser Karbiner 98k : 1 count
2) Unteroffizier: MP40 Machine Pistol: 1 count
3) Machine Gun: MG42 Machine Gun: 2 count
4) Machine Gun: MG34 Machine Gun: 2 count
5) Scharfschuetze: 98k Sniper Rifle: 2 count
6) Mortar: 3.51mm Mörser: 1 count


Weapon: Mauser Karbiner 98k: The Karbiner series of rifles were issued to most German infantrymen throughout World War I and II.
HP: Low
Range: High
Speed: Fast
Good against: Riffleman
Bad against: Sergeants


Weapon: MP40 Machine Pistol: Introduced in 1938, at a time when all the world's submachineguns were unnecessarily heavy and expensive.
HP: Medium
Range: Low
Speed: Medium
Good against: Sergeants
Bad against Snipers

MG42 Machine Gun

Weapon: MG42 Machine Gun: Hurried into development to overcome problems with the MG34, the radical new MG42 established a reputation for reliability.
HP: Very High
Range: Low
Speed: Very Slow
Good against: Masses of units
Bad against: Snipers

MG34 Machine Gun

Weapon: MG34 Machine Gun: Today every military power in the world employs machine guns that have evolved from the basic configuration and principles of the MG34.
HP: High
Range: Low
Good against: 3-4 units
Bad against: Snipers


Weapon: Karbiner 98k Sniper Rifle: The standard german infantryman's weapon was easily adapted as a sniper rifle with a simple "High Turret" scope attachment.
HP: Low
Range: High
Speed: Medium
Good against: Sergeants; Machine Gunners
Bad against: Riffleman (in large numbers)

Weapon: 3.51mm Mörser: A excellent weapon for taking out encamped units quickly and with one hit.
HP: Low
Range: High
Speed: Medium
Good against: Machine Gunners
Bad against: Riffleman; Snipers

-All unit pictures come from Day of Defeat. Day of Defeat
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Chimp With A Gun im not rating this because i only played it once but need less to say i had a bad experence. me (bloo)red and yellow were the only ones who could get guys and the report from others were ive got a barbarian traped by a mountain ooooooooookkk every one got prity mad and left. plz reply wtf happened.

wow... you really know how to make scenarios intrepid
File Author
PhotonKing Can this map also work for singleplayer games?

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