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EE - Single Player Campaigns » Extended Russian Campaign for EE:AoC

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Extended Russian Campaign for EE:AoC

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 8
Needs AoC?: Yes
This is the Novaya Russia Campaign from EE, made compatible with AoC Expansion and the events of AoC’s Asian Campaign.

The campaign consists of 8 scenarios, the 6 original scenarios plus 2 new scenarios, which reconstruct those originally cut and which remained the voice lines of the briefing from the game database:

- Conformity: it involves taking down foreign influences and anti-Grigor protestors within Russia before reaching Moscow. It takes place after The Crocodile and before Novaya Russia.

- West sunset: it involves Molotov as a Colonel attacking Great Britain and France, from a conquered Germany and Norway. It takes place before A Change of Heart.

To align the storyline of the Russian Campaign with that of the Asian Campaign, some of the 6 original scenarios have been changed:

- Novaya Russia: destroyed the Town Center in Finland, begins a dialogue between Grigor and a Black Robes Officer, in which Grigor learns of Molotov’s exploits in Finland and decides to meet him, recovering a part of the storyline contained in pag. 152 of the EE manual.
In addition, Ukraine has been renamed Ukraine - Kazakhstan Union, because in the Look to the Star scenario of the Asian Campaign, set in 2055, Japan is attacked by this state, suggesting that Ukraine had federated with Kazakhstan before being conquered by Novaya Russia after 2032.

- Jewel of the East: China has been replaced with UFAR, including in the briefing and dialogue lines. In line with the storyline of the first 4 scenarios of the Asian Campaign, UFAR players can use the Riot Police and are featured on the map Hu Kwan Do and the cyborg Khara Bator. By penetrating the Xian Science Complex, you can develop Cyber Citizen technology and/or develop Nano Age, acquiring the ability to produce Cyber Citizen directly from the Capitol or Town Center.

In the scenarios it will be possible to use, in the Digital and/or Nano age, AoC units like Spy Satellite, Missile trooper (instead of Stinger soldier), Shock trooper, Antimissile Battery and Cyber Citizen. With Award Points, you can also unlock Powers introduced with AoC, and then also Missile Base (with Nuclear Missile), SAS Commando (renamed GRU Commando), Priest Tower (renamed Propaganda Tower) and Paratroopers.

Finally, the Campaign is complete with the audio of all dialogue lines (created with AI), briefings and related background images, even in new scenarios.
ATTENTION! In order to create Missile Trooper and Shock Trooper from Barracks without bugs, you must install "Button Location and Tech Unlocked" that you can find at the following link:


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Hitjuich It is always a good day when a new campaign is dropped. I have thought about creating an extended version of the Russian Campaign, but I guess you beat me to it.

EDIT: I have not played the campaign yet, but have a look at the scenarios using the EE Studio. The two new scenarios seems very well-made. I hope to find the time to play and review the campaign, or that someone else would. You have clearly put a lot of time and effort into this campaign.

[Edited on 11/28/23 @ 01:15 PM]

boka the second scenario is ridiculously hard, i mean its not even funny. i restarted like 10 times and im constantly completely outnumbered, i dont even have time.. and then i get NUKED and everyones dead, while the enemy armies are like 10 times bigger. am i missing something?
Hitjuich I agree it is extremely difficult. I only manage to beat after I realized that the reaper gunship is very overpowered, but I guess that is a bug.

Bator did you playtest the scenario yourself? You should be able to beat the scenario on hard yourself, otherwise it is probably too difficult. Note if you decide to update the campaign. You can update the campaign file here.

Edit: Here is some bugs I found: town center/capitol not being available in all scenarions same with improved garanary.

[Edited on 12/04/23 @ 03:05 AM]

File Author
Hello everyone! Thanks for the feedbacks! I realize that the second scenario is too difficult, and also I have found some bugs in the other scenarios. I’m correcting them and reworking the second scenario. As soon as I’m done, I’ll upload the new version of the Campaign here.
UnholyKarl01 mission 6 is absolute insanity, whatever i do, i cannot pass it on even on easy mode, dont get me wrong its incredibly well designed its just one hell of a challenge
Pl55211 Your scenarios are well made, but way to hard. The AI cheats, and for example in the West Sunset: Your army is so small, you can either choose to focus on 2 things. Enforcing your blockade, which will get killed cuz the enemy will shit out frigates, go for france right away and when u eventually build the town center, the british will send 30 bombers on your ass. How do u actually win on hard?

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