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Battle of Kosovo

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Style: Build and Destroy
Needs AoC?: No
i played so many scenarios and campaigns from this site, it was so nice. i loved it so much that i decided to try do my own one. this is my first scenario and im a complete noob. still i tried to learn some triggers and i think its good. special thanks to hitjuich as he helped me with some basic questions. please give me some feedback how u liked it. cheers

EDIT: this is the historical battle of kosovo from 1389. You play as serbia against the invading army of the ottoman empire.

I am currently working on an update for this scenario with improvements and ill probably also do a whole campaign about serbia.
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RandomAnCapi Howdy, this user noticed this uploaded recently and has been meaning to make a comment.

It'd be nice to see the player control more non-globalist factions, as there's hardly more than a handful of libertarian/AnCap custom campaigns/scenarios to choose from, but a plethora of Soviet ones!

Haven't downloaded it yet, but, is the player in control of Serbia or 'Kosovo'?

(To this point, this user would love to see some campaigns where the player helps Donetsk and Lugansk secede from Ukraine; because, how can the U.S.S.A recognize 'Kosovo' and put a gag order on anything relating to the abuse of the Russian minority in Ukraine and the crimes and corruption in Ukraine? Because it's guilt-by-association because Serbia is allied with Russia, duh!)

The ally for such could be Russia and the enemy ally of the enemy faction could be the U.S.S.A, which is acting on behalf of the antiquated NATO, which only serves the Rockefeller/Rothschild new world order doing the work of negative ancient aliens who tried, and failed, to centrally-plan the world thousands of years ago, once again, this time from Izzyhel and launder gold from Earth, because it can be used to heal atmospheres, and they're NOT entitled to human blood nor gold on this planet. This user is nobody's gold-mining slave and doesn't like the aliens bathing in human blood for nutrients (because they don't ingest like humans do with a mouth, it's through their skin how they absorb nutrients).

V.Zelensky is a homo-comedian who sold diabetes to people, is backed by the REAL neo-Nazi AzovBattalion and the CIA, who destroyed the Nordstream pipelines with Polish government support with Navy explosives, and the German official came out and THANKED them for it afterwards! Not to mention to 'missing' billions to support the corrupt regime and TRILLIONS 'lost' by the Pentagram recently! The lamestream media use clips of air show accidents reversed on-screen to pass them off as victories against Russia and stills from SCI-FI MOVIES to make them look sympathetic! All while the Russian minority were being shelled and laughed at by 'mother'-Merkel, the Crowley-looking-witch, all because V.Putin brought a dog to their meeting! This user supports the self-determination of the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk to break away from Ukraine and form their own countries (of course, as an AnCap-minded individual, all countries are imaginary, but this would be the ideal solution as value is subjective in the eyes of the consumer and secession is a human Right and it would further decentralization in the world)!

Wouldn't that be a neat scenario to play?

That's not to say this user is a fanboi of V.Putin, or absolves crimes and corruption in the likes of non-globalist regimes like in Hungary, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Iran (Syria, Iran, Cuba, and North Korea being the only 'countries' -- all of which are imaginary, btw, as communal property doesn't work/exist -- without a Central Bank, since, unfotunately, Afghanistan recently fell after the Iraq fiasco, which onlu destabilized the middle-east all so Izzyhel can have a monopoly on credit, arbitration, and defense in the region, whereas, with competing expediencies in a free market, smaller expediencies/individuals can get better deals for their loved ones, without moving, through leveraging the competing powers. In a captive market, that's impossible.

Secession is a human Right and breaking away from Ukraine would further decentralization in the world, thus more peace is left undisturbed, because value is subjective in the eyes of the consumer!

Peace,Luv,andAnarchy! (a.k.a anarcho-capitalism, a.k.a the logical conclusion of libertarianism)

EDIT: Aha, so it's some dark age conflict elsewhere, just with the same name as a recent event, never mind!

[Edited on 12/16/22 @ 01:19 PM]

Hitjuich This scenario takes place in 1389 not to be confused with a relatively recent conflict with a similar name.

Considering it is your first scenario I am not going to review it. Note that you can update your scenario if you decide to make any changes.

[Edited on 03/04/23 @ 01:55 AM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 5
(This is a very playable scenario, in that there is no lag to speak of, the enemy AI can 'win', and the player can win as well. Didn't experience anything 'game-breaking'. Well done.)

Balance: 4.5
(Well, it's true the player's forces, even at maximum, can still easily be wiped out by the enemy forces if one opts for a direct assault, so, there's strategy involved here, and one has multiple ways of going about how to achieve victory. Even if the player gets the bulk of their forces wiped out, it's still not over for the player and they can mount a comeback later on, being that most of enemy forces are stationary and/or stick to the flagged area, minus what this user found to be a distant enemy barracks that was responsible for the intermittent attacks from the northeast on this player's settlement. That's a plus. It feels 'active', yet not 'too' active, which is, of course, a subjective feeling, perhaps to be expounded upon in future scenarios, perhaps, with another distant barracks sending out patrols to keep the player on their toes?)

Creativity: 4
(No real chat commands or hidden healing hot springs or 'eagle scouts' or anything like that, trigger-wise, which is fine. No custom music or unit designs, but that's okay. The multiple avenues to defeat and victory is nice and the mixture of mostly-'fixed force' with 'build-and-destroy' was well balanced. The amount of units able to be built once iron is acquired is limited anyways, both in type and quantity.)

Map Design: 4.5
(This is surprisingly well-done, if not the 'most' detailed map this user has seen, it still provides room for tactical thought, being that there's an 'underbelly' to protect, distant areas with some hazards in-between that need to be reached, and a mixture of stationary and patrolling/assailing enemy units! That's a plus, as it ends up a well-rounded scenario, and for someone who claims it's their fist scenario, that's an accomplishment!

This user would like to say though, that there's not one, but TWO (clone of?) 'William the Conqueror' units, one that stays put and is useless, one that patrols periodically across the map, and can help to a slight degree with one's assault(s) on the main enemy forces, before 'he' gets himself killed. There's also a 'Richard the Lionheart' unit, inexplicably, that flanks one's main forces, but has trouble following it at all times, so if one is making a 'camp' outside their main base, and wish to have that unit in the fray of battle, factor the distance to the enemy forces before building that, although that's almost counter-productive to care about these extra units, as they're not necessary for victory, being that this user won with a 'citizen army' supplanted with a handful of military units, baiting portions of the main enemy force, bit-by-bit until the main three enemy commanders could be more easily defeated. STONE is at a ridiculously high quantity and should be made use of!!! IRON, however, is NOT in good supply, so use one's military units with tact and caution, because only 'Long Swordsmen' are replaceable!)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Not much backstory or instructions given throughout minus the limited dialogue and no cutscenes and instant victory after conditions were met, but given it's the producer's first scenario and, from a historical perspective, there's little records out there to get the full picture of what happened, that's a pass from this reviewer.)

Additional Comments: For a first-time scenario, this was pretty good! /applaud this producer, fellow players, please!

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Map Design4.5
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