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Brazilian Campaign

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
Needs AoC?: No
A short campaign playing as Brazil during its war for independence and several wars and revolutions spanning from 1822 to 1840. The campaign contain two scenarios.

1) Brazilian War of Independence (1822 - 1824)

2) Wars and Revolutions (1824 - 1840)

Remastered tracks by Fortuking.

Textures by Atlas777, Spartos and me.

I can be contacted here or on hitjuich@gmail.com.

Updated: 19/12-2022: Improved difficulty.
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shieldwolf23 downloaded! :)



[Edited on 11/05/22 @ 12:26 PM]

Map Design4.7
Playability: 4.5
You'll love this campaign if you've mastered Empire Earth's nuances. There is no dull moment in it. However, this may very well backfire for casual players as they can be overwhelmed quite quickly.

Balance: 4
As mentioned before, balance is always a tricky thing, Hitjuich. Please seriously tie up the AI attacks to a player's military population, that way, the player would have the resources and the time to beat the attackers.

There were quite a lot of instances that I was down to my last few units that I opted to have the autosave feature ON just to make sure I have a decent chance of beating this. Also, not a fan of timed objectives. I lost a few times, when I'm almost almost done mopping up the enemy. So yeah, I suggest to either give the player an ample time, or to just "punish the player" when a set timer is done. Not force defeat him.

Creativity: 4.7
Smooth as always. The author is well on becoming a mainstay of EE's great scenario designers.

Map Design: 4.7
Solid and lends well to the gameplay. The mountains and the forests are particularly worth mentioning.

Story/Instructions: 4.7
A few gramatical errors, and would love to have had further hints and repeated objectives in the 1st scenario to remind the player of the various diplomatic requirements.

Additional Comments:
Taken as a whole, this is a well thought out scenario from Hitjuich; a campaign that will challenge even the hardiest EE veteran. May luck be with you, oh player!
File Author
Thanks for the review Shieldwolf :)

You are right. I should probably make the campaign a bit easier. It is a recurrent issue that my scenarios end up being a bit to difficult.
shieldwolf23 Yes please! :D
JABADABA Very nice campaing! congrats
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
(This is a very playable campaign of two scenarios, as there is no lag to speak of between the two!

No game-breaking trigger mishaps or ill-timing or ways to get 'stuck' anywhere.

Defeat and Victory are possible.)

Balance: 4.5
(Things CAN and WILL get out-of-hand if one daudles in either of these scenarios, particularly the second one! That said, it's not impossible on easy and keeps players on their toes in a good way and encourages strategic building, moving....AND self-destruction!

Failure can be the great teacher to players who feel overwhelmed to come back better the next few times. *Spoiler Alert* if one figures out the order in which revolts occur in the second scenario and get ahead of the curb by making the quelling of those revolts easier, than one can have an easier time all the way around!

There's two main 'allies' who retain autonomy, while three allies that are converted to the player's forces, and three of those, in addition to the player's given towns, experience revolts, while the allies that retain autonomy do not experience revolt.

There's two main 'enemy' forces, besides nomadic bands of enemies without a home base, the prior of which are Bolivia and Colombia, which, IMHO, should be taken care of quickly, with the player's main force, before circling back to quell revolts for the big finish.

Feel free to play around with different paths to victory, as these scenarios allow that level of customized play style, but the key common caveat is the need for SPEED!

Pro-tip: Focus on quantity and not quality, outside of a few, select unit-types and one or two at-most upgrades for those select unit-types.)

Creativity: 4.5
(No real 'chat commands' or secret/special units/scouts or healing hot springs or anything like that, just straight-and-to-the-point! That said, the ability to destroy one's own forces, tactically, and play with ways to quell rebellions and cause enemies to sue for peace is nice, as well as having an overall time-constraint, on-top of needing to choose the right buildings to build units from, because the player is not only able to be overwhelmed by enemy units, but by an abundance of riches, in the form of their own ability to build units! If one spreads themselves too thin, or too thick, they can still lose easily!)

Map Design: 4.5
(The second map is similar to the first one, only with presumably less naval warfare, HOWEVER, that doesn't render naval warfare completely obsolete, as having enough ships to quell revolts by way of helping with the assaults on capitol buildings accessible or in-range of waterfronts can be quite the necessity! There's just a little bit of a 'scaling' issue, but it's nothing too egregious, same with other hitjuich scenarios whereby, say, Sweden grows and shrinks like something it looks like on the human body.....)

Story/Instructions: 4.5
(Would've preferred more dialogue, however, there's still enough history and instructions and tips given for the player to know what they're doing and have fun! Brownie points for giving voice work to the dialogue already there and having a proper opening and ending cutscene!)

Additional Comments: A true banger of an albeit short 'campaign' from a budding veteran producer in hithuich! Give this gentleman a round of applause, please! /applaud

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Map Design4.6
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Size:33.60 MB