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EE2 - Modpacks » Realistic MOD, ver 48. 07 july 2012

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Realistic MOD, ver 48. 07 july 2012

Author File Description
Modification based at another web site.

Please Download MOD at this link:

This mod for EE2 – The Art of Supremacy. Mod contains more than 500 new graphic 3d models. All new 3d models are available in Scirmish. All 3dmodels have made by Iwanicki. Some models about 10 pcs. are from Empire Earth 4 MOD and made by RGV1. All new animals made by Michael34.

N.B. Please set Lighting Detail: LOW. Game works properly only with LOW setting of Lighting Detail.
During the game, please activate text help. It contains many usefull information. It is very important, because the game balance was changed.

Whats new:
New Ships: Missile Boat – 13 ep, Siege Catapult ship – 3 ep, Bombard Siege Cog-7 ep, Siege Ship – 9 ep, Kent class Battleship for English civ, Hovercraft – 13 ep, Galley – 2 ep, Galley -6 ep, Galley -7 ep, Barge – 13 ep, Fishing ship – 1 ep, Fishing ship – 3 ep, Fishing ship – 9 ep, Fishing ship – 13 ep, Fishing ship – 15 ep, Fireship – 1 ep, Fireship- 3 ep, Fire ship – 6 ep, Demolition Steam Boat – 10 ep, Demolition Boat – 13 ep, Speed Kamikaze boat – 15 ep, Normans Longship – 1 ep for English civ, Caravel – 6 ep, Dragon Siege ship – 6 ep for China civ, Cargo ship – 10 ep, Two Camikaze Bathyscaphes- 13 ep, Auxillary ship – 15 ep, Anti aircraft ship – 13 ep.
- New Tanks: Tanks – 12 ep, Panther – 12 ep for German, M60 -13 ep, Jeep -13 ep, Jeep -14 ep, Jeep – 15 ep.
- N.B. Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb. After the explosion of this bomb all units have electronic components remain frozen for some time. Ground units, Ships and air defense systems will be disabled for some time. Planes and helicopters in the area of the explosion will be destroyed. You should be careful because the electromagnetic pulse effects on the units of all the players. Use it away from your aircraft helicopters and ground units. Otherwise, they will be disabled and destroyed
- New Weapons: 1 - Arrow for Archers, 2 – Bolt for Crossbowman.
- New Helicopters: Transport helicopters -1 5 ep, CH-3 Sea King (new model), Light Shuttle 15 ep, Light Armoured Shuttle – 15 ep, Gazelle – 14 ep, Bell- Light Helicopter -1 3 ep, Large trade platform -15 ep, Mi-8 Hip (new model), Mi-24 Hind (new model), Ka-27 Helix (new model), HeavyTransport helicopter -14 ep,
- Civil cars and Trucs: Bus – 13 ep, Truck for food -11 ep, Truck for food – 13 ep, Truck for Gold -11 ep, Van for Gold – 13 ep, Harvester – 13 ep (wood gatherer), Wheelloader -13 ep (stone gatherer), Tractor – 11 ep (farm gatherer), Tractor – 13 ep (farm gatherers), Semi Truck (Trade cart 12 ep), Truck for wood -11 ep, Truck for Wood – 13 ep, Truck for Wood – 14 ep, Truck for stone – 11 ep, Truck for Stone – 13 ep, Medical truck – 11 ep, Medical Van- 13 ep, News Van-13 ep, Fuel Truck -11 ep, Fuel Truck 13 ep, Fuel Truck -14 ep, Passenger Truck-11 ep, Passenger Truck – 13 ep.
- New Buildings: Botanic Module 15 ep, Water Tower -11 ep, Water well – 1 ep, Water well – 6 ep, Temple -15 ep, Super Colleder-15 ep, Fusion Power Core -15 ep, Oil Module – 15 ep, Oil Refinery -15 ep, Phalanx turret -13 ep, Coastal Defence – 13 ep, Coastal Defence -15 epoch (add animation), Joinery – 1 ep, Food Plant – 15 ep, Cannery Company – 13 ep, Dock – 11 ep, Chemical plant – 15 ep, Alchemist house – 1 ep, Alchemist house – 6 ep, Airport – 13 ep.
- 2 new short range Anti Aircrafts. Flak for 12 ep, Gecko – for 13 ep.
- 2 new Howitzers, G6 Howitzer for 14 ep, Coalition Howitzer for 15 ep.
- THAAD for 15 epoch.
- V2 Launcher- Tactical nuclear weapon for 12 epoch. TBM Launcher – Tactical nuclear weapon for 15 ep.
- Original Airplanes for French civ: Nieuport 17 – 11 ep, D520 -12 ep, Mirage 2000 -13 ep, Rafale-14 ep (exist), Viper -15 ep.
- Original Airplanes for German civ: Fokker DR1-11 ep, Messershmidt Me 262- 12 ep, Horton Go-229 -13 ep, Eurofighter – 14 ep, Viper MK -15 ep.
- New Airplanes: AWACS-15 ep, Heavy Gunship-15 ep, EB-2, YF-3000, Cargo plane-15 ep, Tactical Scanner-15 ep, A-20 -15 ep, Hawker Typoon -12 ep.
- New Invention. Slave and Slavery. Area Effect “Imigration” was changed into Slavery.
Now player gets Slaves instead citizen. Slave is new unit. It is faster than citizens renovating the building, and they gather resources as well as citizens. It is not able to gather resources in buildings. For example, it can not produce oil and uranium, as well as knowledge at the university. Also, it can not obtain resources in the mines. It can not build any buildings. Slave love the simple hard work. Send them to produce wood or stone, for food and gold.
N.B. They are not counted in the total population. You can have any number of slaves. In 11 epoch slaves convert into prisoners.
- Helicopter Hind now available for all civilization, and it has upgrade version in 15 epoch. (new 3d model)
- Flying Aircraft Carrier – is interesting unit. It can it can be purchased in Hangar. It can fly, and attack all types of unit. Moreover it can produce flying drones. It carry 24 little flying drones.
- New Healing System. Hospitals and Medics and Priests heal people and cavalry. Repair Cars and Building what produce tanks artillery (Factory, Mill, Robotics factory have heal zones) repair Artillery units and tanks.
- Domesticated animals can appear dueing the game.
- New most Aggressive AI.
- New Healing system. Now medics and priests heal people. Special repair carts and trucks heal artillery and tanks. New unit Healing Cart.
- 3 new animals. Bear, Crocodile, Rinoceros.
- 2 new Sail ships. Cargo ship and Barque. And new Hidrofoil gun boat for 13 epoch.
- 2 new Howitzers. 1- Howitzer for 5-7 epoch is Catapult with fire balls. 2-Howitser is for 7-8 epochs.
- New Windmill. All Windmills have animation of wheels.
- 2 new Auxillary ships. 1-for 10 epoch, 2 –for 14 epoch.
- 2 new ships. Steam Boat 11 epoch and Repair Boat 14 epoch. These ships can heal naval units.
- New class of Submarines. Corsair submarines can attack land units.
- Animal Whale. It can attack naval units. If you kill it, you can gather food from it.
Screenshots of all new units, weapon...
- All helicopters has original Rotors. New 4 sail ships.
- Aircraft Carriers can produce aircrafts.
- 10 new Aircraft carrier based aircrafts – Gladiator, Corsair, F5, F18, F38 (for 15 epoch), P26, P47 Thunderbolt, A7, Harrier, Harrier2 (For 15 epoch), . 1 new bomber TU16. 1 new Helicopter – CH53 Sea Stalion.
- Nuclear artillery for Western Civilisations.
- 4 new Scorches for different weapons. 38 new buildings (Total quantity of new buildings are about 80. All new buildings are available in skirmish.). 5 new tanks, 4 new helicopters.
- Greek Galley armed with a Greek Fire.
- New Weapons. Anti Aircraft Missile SA2, Plasma weapon 2. New Buildings. SA2 anti aircraft, Machinegun nest for 13 epoch, Machinegun nest for 15 epoch. Fishery for 3 and 13 epochs.
- New Weapons. Chemical bomb 11-12 epoch, Chemical Bomb 13-15 epoch, Missile for SeaKing 15 epoch, V-1 flying bomb for Arado Bomber, 2 new missiles for Aircrafts, New missile for Heavy Artillery 15 epoch, Ohka flying bomb for Japan, Torpedo for Submarines. Plasma weapon for AA herc and Destroyer 15 epoch.
- New Artillery. SPAA unit for 15 epoch, Heavy Artillery 15 epoch.
- New Helicopters. SeaKing 15 epoch, Medical Helicopter 15 epoch, Trade Helicopter 15 epoch.
- New Ships. AA ship 15 epoch, Light Cruiser 15 epoch, Heavy Cruiser 15 epoch, Merchant ship 15 epoch.
- New tanks. Light tank 15 epoch, Medium Tank 15 epoch.
- New Aircrafts. Ki21 for Japan, Vulcan for English, Gunship for 15 epoch, Maritime aircraft 15 epoch, 2 new chemical bombers for 12 and 15 epoch, Fighter bomber 15 epoch, 2 new Maritime Strikes Arado and Tu for 15 epoch. Paratrooper plane for 12 epoch C47, Stealth fighter bomber for 15 epoch, Stealth tactical bomber for 15 epoch, Stealth Bomber for 15 epoch,
- New Units: Trade ship 5 epoch, Trade Tanker 14 epoch, SSGN 15 epoch, SSBN 15 epoch, Aircraft Carrier 15 epoch, Cargo ship 15 epoch, Russian Longship for Russians.
- New Unique Units. 1. Leopard 1 tank for Germany. 2. Challenger 2 tank for England.
3. Shihab missiles for Middle East Civilizations. 4. Heavy Transport Helicopter for Middle East Civilizations.
- New Tanks. T 72 –medium tank 14 epochs. Abrams M1A2 –heavy tank 14 epoch.
- New Evolution of Artillery units. 6 families.
1. Light Artillery. 1 new unit for 11 epoch.
2. Medium Artillery – Howitzer. 5 new units. Napoleonic Howitzer, 155 mm Howitzer for 11 epoch, Wespe for 12 epoch, M109 for 13 epoch, Coalition for 15 epoch.
3. Heavy Artillery. 2 new units. Siege Artillery for 11 epoch, Tactical Rocket artillery for 14 epoch.
4. Rocket Artillery. 1 new unit. BM13 Katysha.
5. Ribauldequin. For 8-10 epochs.
6. Scud.
- New Evolution of tank units. 5 family.
1. Light Tank. 3 new tanks. Armored Car 11, AMX 30, Rosomak.
2. Medium tanks. 3 new tanks. FT17, T55, Predator.
3. Heavy tank. 2 new tanks. Mrk4, Tiger I. + 2 original tanks for Germany Tiger II and Leopard 2 (new model with animation)
4. IFIV. 4 new units. Military truck, M3Armored Car, Bradley (new model), Chimera
5. Tank Destroyers.
- New Evolution of Anti Aircrafts Units. 3 new family.
1. Shot range weapon. They can attack only air units. AA Truck, AA Humvey, Future AA with Missiles.
2. Self propelled Artillery. They can attack all units. AA Half Truck, AA Shilka, Future AA with gun.
3. Long range weapon. Gecko for 13 epoch. THAAD for 14-15 epoch. (It has new model).
- Rome Legionary now have sword. It is more historically.
- Trade cart – 3 new trucks. First for 12 epoch, second for 13-14 epoch, and for 15 epoch.
- Demolition Boat. This is Camikaze ship for 11-15 epochs. It blow ups near enemy ships.
- Commando – new invisible infantry unit 13-15 epoch. It can lay mines undetected. Also it can capture buildings.
- Land mine. Land mine is invisible strong weapon. Most of units does not see land mines. You can lay mines at roads and blow up all ground units. Land mines produce by Infantry Trucks – Military truck, M3 Armored Car, IFV Bradley, IFV Chimera.
- Infantry trucks family 4 new units. All units can load infantry units. 11 epoch – Military truck, 12 epoch – M3 Armored Car, 13 epoch – IFV Bradley, 15 epoch – IFV Chimera.
- Naval mine for Submarines 13-15 epoch. You can lay mines undetected.
- New weapons. New model of Nuclear bomb for Nuclear bombers. New model of bomb for modern bombers (14-15 epochs). New Missiles for Scud.
- New Model for C 130 Gunship.
- New Economic system, About 40 new buildings in 3 new Citizen menu.
Blacksmith, Alchemy House, Library, Windmill, Lumber, Quarry base, Vineyard, Winery, Tavern, Fire, Brewery, Chemisrty Laboratory, Stone mine, Gold mine, Saltpeter mine, Iron mine, Gold Smelter, Fishery, Textill mill, Oil Refinery, Paper mill, War factory, Furnicher factory, Ranch, Hospital, Bank, Foodplant, Cheese plant, Oil depot, Nuclear Reactor, Collider, Modern Brewery, Chemical Plant, Granary, Modern Lumber, Cement plant, Power plant, Cannery, Autofactory, Newspaper, MGM – Pershing, Bunker, New MachineGunnest, Plasma generator.
- The Helicopter Pack. Special anti submarine helicopters – Sea King and Ka-27 (for Russian), Medical Helicopter, Sikorsky 5 (for American), Combat Transport Helicopters – Mi-8 Hip and Speed Helicopter for 15 epoch.
- Viking LongShip for German Civ. In 1-6 epochs.
- Kobukson. Turtle ship for Korean Civ. In 1-6 epochs.
- Naval Mod. New evolution on naval units. Many units have changed they epoch.
This is more historically. There are 30 new ships, 3 new weapons.
3 new Cargo ships. Raft, Cargo galley and Modern Merchant marine.
3 new Merchant (trade) ships. Trade galley, Trade Galleon, Trade paddle steamer.
2 new Siege ships, Catapult galley, and Bombard Galleas.
2 new sail ships Galleon and Cog.
4 new Light Cruisers. Light Ironclad, Light Cruiser 11 epoch, Light Cruiser 12 epoch, Light Cruiser 13 epoch.
3 new Heavy Cruisers. Predrednought battleship, Heavy Cruiser 12 epoch, Modern Heavy Cruiser.
1 new Monitor.
1 new Battleship for 12 epoch.
1 new Destroyer for 12 epoch.
2 new Anti aircraft Cruisers, Cruiser with AA gun and Modern Cruiser what can shut dawn ballistic missiles.
1 new Torpedo Boat.
1 new Missile Boat.
2 new Aircraft Carriers. Plane sea tender for 11 epoch, Essex class Carrier for 12 epoch.
2 new Submarines. VII type for 12 epoch, and German Submarine 212 for 14 epoch.
2 New Auxillary ships. Auxillary 11 epoch and Auxillary 13 epoch.
3 New types of Missiles. They have original design. Tactical Tomahawk for Heavy Cruiser 13 and Missile Boat. Nuclear Tomahawk for SSGN submarine. Special heavy missiles for Battleships 13-15 epochs.

- Catalina and Orion. Maritime patrol aircrafts designed to attack all types of naval units. It can detect Submarines and another hidden units. It use torpedo for attack. Maritime patrol aircrafts can attack only naval units.
- Veteran and Elit upgrades are available for all new attack units.
- New Nuclear bomber for 13 epoch for all CIV.
- SU 25 Frogfoot is Russian Ground Attack Aircraft. It available only for Russian CIV.
- Hot Air Balloon for (8-15 epochs).
- Leopard 2 is main battle tank for German CIV. It has animation, Veteran upgrades and player colors.
- New global change. A new system of division into classes of aviation.
1. Fighter – can attack air units.
2. Fighter Bomber – can attack all types of targets.
3. Tactical bomber. This aircraft is Dive bomber in early epochs. In Modern epochs it attacks via powerfull missiles for big range.
4. Bomber.
5. Reconnaissance aircraft – for scout territory.
6. Chemical warfare carrier – for chemical weapon.
7. Ground attack aircraft – it is like A-10. It can attack via rockets. It are very strong aircrafts.
8. Real invisible aircrafts. F117 – Tactical bomber, B2 –Bomber, SU-50 – Fighter Bomber.
9. And different aircrafts: Paratrooper plane, AWACS, C-130 Gunship, Cargo aircraft, TU-22.
10. Dron Predator.
11. Unique aircraft units. B-25 –Masai, Me-262 – German, SR-71 Blackbird, Rafale – France, Zero – Japan.

- SR-71. Blackbird for American CIV. SR-71 is very fast invisible reconnaissance aircraft. It can detect hidden units. All new planes availaable in new menu in Airport.
- New Model for building Tavern. It available in new citizen menu.
- Predator. MQ-1 Predator is hidden scout. It can detect hidden units.
- Me.262 Messerschmitt for German CIV. Availaable only for German in 12-13 epochs.
- All new unit models have players color.
- All new dock units have player colours.
- Udaloy class destroyer for Russian CIV. This is original Russian powerfull destroyer,
Available only this MOD, and only for Russian civilization. Unit has players colors.
- New ambient unit the Robber. Robbers appear on the map by accident. The Robbers will never stand still. They are constantly scout the territory, and kill all people. Kill all gang members, or the bandits will appear again. If you want to force kill the Robber, use Alt+A.
- New Resources from “Mod New Resources” available in skirmish. Resource Coal for all types of climate. Coal convert into Oil. Resource Ruby for tropical climate, Sapphires for temperate climate, Emeralds for arid climate. Ruby, Sapphires and Emeralds convert into gold.
- Edible Eggs. Eggs of “Mod New Resources” available in skirmish. You can find out eggs in the forest only in Arid and Tropical climate.
- Edible mushrooms. Mushrooms of “Mod New Resources” available in skirmish. Mushrooms grow in the forest only in Temperate climate.
- New area effect. Dead animals self-destruct over time. This is convenient because it does not take place. If you do not gather meat from the dead animal, it quickly disappears. Predators are more strong. All animals contain more food. All units can attack animals via Alt +A.
- Fire Ship. This is Camikaze ship for 6-10 epochs.
- Pirate ship. The Privateer (6-10 epoch) is real pirate ship. You get 100 % of the cost of destroyed enemy ships.
- Farms have increased its size X 4.
- Battleship and Destroyer can make smoke from chimeney.
- Plugue ability for Druid. It can make Plague epidemic. Druids can infect any citizen or soldier with plague. An infected person is slowly dying. Also, the infected person infects those units around him. This is really new effect.
- Crushing blow for Russian Viking and German Barbarian. Special ability. These units store energy. After that, they cause a Crushing blow. After this blow most of the units instantly die.
- Poison spills for Babylonian Archer. Special ability.
- Egyptian Elephant can crash people. Special ability.
- Chemical weapon. Two bombers Gotha and Tu 95 use chemical bombs.
- New Area Effect. Damaged buildings are located in your area restores itself.
- New Area Effect. Radiation zones after tactical and Strategic Nuclear weapon are different. Size of craters are different too.
- New Weapon. Fire arrow for fire archer. This is real fire archers. It burns buildings and wooden units.
- New weapons. Special missile for fighter-bomber. Special big missile for destroyer. Special fast AA missile for Thaad. Special big missile for heavy artillery 14. Special fast and big rocket for MLRS (light artillery 13-15 epoch). Nuclear tomahawk for SSGN and Nuclear bomber 14. New model of Tomahawk for Tu 22. Two types of chemical bombs for chemical planes. Special little bomb for Zeppelin. Big shell for Big Bertha.
- New visual. All powerfull weapon have craters after blowing up. Craters and blood have more life time.
- Fire arrows for archer. The Fire Bowman is equipped with a long-bow and fire arrows capable of burning buildings and wooden units such as ships or siege towers. They will burn even after the ceasefire.
- New aircraft Tu 22. This is fast and powerfull bomber shoots via tomahawk missiles.
- New unit. English archer for British.
- New unit E-3 Sentry AWACS. AWACS can manage a modern aircrafts, modern fleet, military helicopters, robots, some of the air defense systems, ballistic missile strikes. AWACS can not control the troops destined for the tactical operation and the old types of weapons. AWACS can research territory and find out hidden units. AWACS can see enemy aircrafts, helicopters and ships on the map, wherever they are. AWACS seriously increases your attack power, range and a review of units in a huge range.
- New Area effect. Global vision for Satellite. Satellite can detect all non hidden units on the map, wherever they are.
- New unit Thaad is long and powerfull range ground-to-air missile systems. After researching the technology in tech tree panel, it can shoot down ballistic missiles.
- New Ship. An auxiliary ship can repair all naval units.
- New Ship. Pre-dreadnought Battleships are heavily armored naval vessels that carry a devastating array of armaments. It very strong against sailing ships. It available from 10 epoch.
- New very Original Ship. A minesweeper is a small naval warship designed to counter the threat posed by Naval mines. Minesweepers generally detect then neutralize Naval mines in advance of other naval operations. Minesweeper can detect hidden units. Minesweeper also can produce and lay mines. Minesweeper can take his previously installed mine. Subsequently, he can lay it again. This is important. Miner could not lay Naval mines when he shoots or move. Miner or shoots or lays the Naval mines. So if you want to put mine near the enemy units, you have to click on botton to set the stance of unit.
- New unit. A naval mine is a self-contained explosive device placed in water to destroy surface ships or submarines. Naval mine is hidden unit. Only special units can find out Naval mines. It available in Minesweeper.
- New Submarine SSGN. It shoots via Nuclear Tomahawk. It is very sharp and powerfull weapon.
- New realistic Infantry system. Archers becomes into riflemen. Swordsman becomes into machinegun. Anti cavalry Spearman becomes into anti tanks Grenade thrower and RPG thrower. Mortar is different unit.
- Trade helicopter can trade. They use markets for trade like trade carts.
- Dock can heal nearest naval units.
- Heliport can heal nearest helicopters and balloons.
- Submarines are really invisible unit.
- Strategic nuclear weapon Missile silo can destroy all aircrafts.
- New Area effect. All hidden units have special icon. And all unit which can find out hidden units have another special icon.
- Transport aircraft. Available in new special airport.
- New Spy aircraft U2. U 2 is real invisible unit.
- New building MGM. MGM-31 Pershing is medium range nuclear ballistic missiles. Pershing is good against Infantry and Buildings.
- New building Tavern. Tavern is economic building capable to produce gold.
- New area effect. Drunk citizen. If you have built tavern near your citizen place of work, they will work very slow )
- New unit. Big Bertha is very expensive heavy artillery with big damage anf range.
- New unit Zeppelin. It is armed balloon. It use little bombs.
- Nuclear bomber of 14 epoch shoots by Nuclear Tomahawk.
- Bank is new building. It can earn money. 6-15 epochs.
- Eagle is invisible Airunit. Eagle can research territory and find out hidden units. (1-10 epoch).
- Scud can attack the earth via nuclear missiles for the big distance (13-15 epoch).
- C-130 Gunship. AC-130 gunship is a heavily-armed ground-attack aircraft. This aircraft is best against enemy without antiaircraft units. Aircraft is capable to transport all types of overland unit.
- SNIPER is new invisible unit can shoot from the big distance.
- SSBN –Ballistic missile submarine - is new unit with ballistic missiles can attack the earth nuclear missiles on the big distance.
- Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. The IFV is capable to transport infantry units. Force of attack of the IFV increases, and depends on quantity of the garisoned units.
- New Area Effect. All buildings constructed in another's non claimed territory gradually collapse. It concerns even buildings of your allies.
- The amazing factor of the nuclear weapon. After attack by the nuclear weapon to the earth there is a crater. The size of a crater is equal to radiation zone. As soon as the crater will disappear radiation has ended. It allows to supervise radiation zones what to withdraw units in safe place.
- New anti aircraft unit – Shilka, original unit can attack air units, and ground too. It s very strong against Infantry.
- All overland vehicle unit move more naturally. They follow terrain slope.
- New buildings – Hospital and Fire. These are healing building. They can treat in a radius from themselves. Effectiveness of treatment within the building are much higher.
- For development of technologies, except tech point some resources will be necessary for you.
- Outpost. You don't need to develop technology for a Outpost Attack, Outposts initially are able to shoot. It is very important for game with the computer as it is frequent its towers don't shoot in 1-4 epochs.
- City centers are able to shoot. Force attack of the city centers depends on quantity of the citizen placed in it. Construction of the City centers essentially is cheaper.
- New Area Effect. At capture of yours City center you lose 50 % of all resources and on the contrary capturing another's City center you receive 50 % of resources of the player. You can capture enemy markets, docks, university, temple and warehouse and you will get 10 -50% jf enemy resources.
- All type of Walls and Palisades are more strong. Construction of stone walls is expensive. HP +, Range +.
- Castles are more strong. The damage of fortresses has been lowered. Fortresses shoot more often, but is weaker. The damage depends on quantity of the units garrisoned in a Castles.
- Dock. In one territory it is possible to place only one Dock.
- All types of AA Gun and Shore Batteries – HP +, Range +. Shore Batteries can attack ground units.
- New building Mushinegunnest. This is defensive structure capable of firing projectiles at any ground target and Helicopters within range
- Forage Trees are finite. You have to use fields or fish for extract food.
- Babylonian original unit 11 – 15 epoch shoots by rockets. It has real RPG.
- Monks are able to treat. Certainly is worse than Medics. But for example the British monk treats as effectively as the Medic.
- Leaders, Heroes. Scaled down leaders, heroes, etc. Scale of heroes and Leaders are equal unit scale.
- Heavy Mounted. Cavalry are real cavalry in game. HP +. Speed +. Damage +.
- Tanks. HP +. Damage +. All light and heavy tanks in game are really strong and expensive units. The scale of all tanks is besides increased.
- Robots are very strong big and expensive unit.
- Spider. This is Stealth invisible HERC unit.
- Heavy artillery can attack through obstacles, such as wood. Battleship, and Ships of 6-10 epoch can do it too.
- Fleet in game the strongest kind of armies. All ships it is more, more effectively also cost more expensive. The scale of all ships is besides increased.
- Capacity of galleys is increased, but they are weak against buildings and artillery. The damage depends on quantity of the units garrisoned in a galley.
- Fishing and Merchant Ship also are increased, and can fishing ship can transport people. Merchant ships stand in 3 times more expensively, but their efficiency also increase in 3 times.
- Cargo ships can attack.
- All sailing ships also can transport armies.
- Battleships shoot attack the earth more effectively. All ships can attach through obstacles, such as wood.
- Aircraft Carrier can heal planes.
- Attack planes (Fighter Bomber) 12 hit the mark bombs more precisely.
- Attack planes 13-15 (Fighter Bomber) can attack from the big distance, quickly issuing rockets.
- Fighters can attack only air units.
- Nuclear bombers became stronger.
- The Balloon flies above, and it available in 11-15 epochs. It can load 1 people.
- The Satellite flies very quickly, it is very difficult for bringing down.
- New unit F117 Nighthawk. This is real invisible unit. Available in 13-15 epochs.
- New unit F35. F35 Stealth fighter is real invisible unit. Available in 14-15 epochs.
- New unit B2. B2 Spirit Stealth bomber is invisible unit. Available in 14-15 epochs.
- ICBM is the strongest weapon in game. Terribly powerful, it is quickly recharged, to the purpose, the big area of defeat, very quickly flies. For reloading ICBM demands the tech point.
- Traces of blood and explosions on the earth remain longer.
- All types of rocket fly quikly.
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