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Minas Tirith Unit Pack 2.0

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Needs AoC?: No
Minas Tirith Unit Pack 2.0

IMPORTANT: For best quality make sure that your player color is one of white, grey, or dark grey. You can use other colors too but they will look less realistic. Of those three colors, white provides the very best visual quality and dark grey the worst.

These units have been fully retextured by me, mostly using screen captures from the actual movies. This unit pack includes:

Faramir = Elcid

Legolas = Longbowmen

Aragorn = Royal Guard/William on Foot

Gimli = Huskarl

Rohirrin Riders = Companion Cavalry

Gondorian Knights = Cataphract

Gondorian Swordsmen = Longswordsmen

Gondorian Spearmen = Phalanx

Gondorian Archers = Composite Bowmen

Orc Pikeman = Chinese Pikemen

Orc Bowmen = Simple Bowmen

Orc Swordsmen = Short Swordsmen

Southron War Oliphants = War Elephant

Southron Oliphant Archers = Elephant Archers

Cave Trolls = Barbarians

New in Version 2.0:

Easterling Swordsmen = Moorish Infantry

Elite Easterling swordsmen = Tariq

Easterling Pikemen = Spanish Pikemen

Haradrim Riders = Moorish Cavalry

Knights of Dol Amroth = Bronze Cavalry

Elite Knights of Dol Amroth = Knight

Uruk Hai = Roman Legionnaire (this was in version 1.1 but not documented)

Uruk Pikemen = Pikemen


Please place these files in your (drive letter here):\Sierra\Empire Earth\Data\Textures folder. If it does not exsist then create it, and place the contents of the zip file in there.


God: For the talent and the inspiration he gave me.

Myself: For the time spent creating these textures.
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top modpack! good to see you back!
A Banned User Wow! It's amazing to see you back, and thanks for the update which i'm downlaoding now! What made you decide to redo the modpack?
Wonder Bread I downloaded the first one back in the day! Nice to see you back!
File Author
Re: Why I'm Back

HG asked for rights to include the old 1.1 version of this mod in a value added pack for EE Gold or some other future release of EE, so I decided to update the mod with all the content I had completed but never got around to releasing.

Glad you like it.
saxguy yeah well their amazing and all but well i was wondering... is their like a way to build units from bronze in midevil by trigger or by some other way (yes call me a newb i dont know where to ask this in the forums whatever) cause you know id like to play with full aliad lotr force rather than the ones availble in the epoch... thanks
saxguy Oh my god i am not fammiliar with your other lotr´s but hell i saw them all and it looked bad ass, i made a huge bad ass battle orcs vs gondor and it was amazing truly amazing congrats for your talent. specialy liked the gondor infantry looked cool fighting for their lives, espectacular
A Banned User
Rating: 5
Simply put this is an absolutely incredible and exceptional modpack by John. Whether your a LOTRs fan or not this is easily worth your time and worth a download. Better than the original version, now with retextured mods and new mods as well. Including Easterlings and Uruk Hai! Easily the best LOTR modpack out there, and the first 5.0 rating i've given. So now you know it's great! XD

Additional Comments:
Although we've waited about 4 years for this, it's been well worth the wait! Download now!
saxguy is jon eloff "retired" from modding? if not he should definitly make elf soldiers and elrond, gilgalad like the ones in the begining of the felloship of the ring movie. i sorta feel that without the elfs the mod isnt completly finished, either way great mods.
youngdromane11 I am so confused please explain how to mod that better to me i'm new at this
sammy cee i agree with saxguy,that an elf mod should be next.i think a mod for the phalanx should look like this:


obviously not on the horse but this guy with a spear would be great,keep up the good work!!!!!
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