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Topic Subject: Tactics Database - Post Your's Here!
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posted 02-24-02 09:05 PM EDT (US)   
Okay, lets list the current tactics we know of that would get us more kills and win battles and stuff even with a smaller army. Help me here!

Put the ranged units on the top of the hill with maybe some splash damange. Unless they are overwhealming you by alot, you will win. Some annoying, some good, some dumb.

Like above but your advantage is much more since they have to walk all the way around to get you.

Through other ends of trees
Just shoot from the other side of the trees with long range. Then block thier exit with melee units.

Prophet Rush
Push a group of units though no matter what. Destroy thier Temple no matter what. Then just walk your Prophets in and earthquake them to death.

Partisan in the Brush
Stick 1 or two Partisans in the trees with Stand Ground (dont have them all grouped.. too easily killed). Let them pick off thier villies one at a time.

Double Sniper
Have 1 sniper at each end of the enemies town. Put them on no attack until your absolutely ready. Then let em rip. They wont know whats happening.

Prophet Bond
Have a Prophet go solo and sneek into the enemies town. Let some Plaagues rip and run away (dont use Earth quake, since you can tell where it comes from).

Observer Nuke
Put an Observer Over an Area. Have your Tridents nearby. They'll all shoot everything in the Obersevrs sight.

Sub Library
Put up a Library of Alexandria. Have your Tridents in the water. They'll be releasing bombs non stop, anihilating everything of the enemies. Make sure your subs are protected from air and sea though.

Death Knights
Have a Large Mass of Cavalry. Build a Temple of Zeus. Then Plague your Cavalry. Wait until the Plague spreads throughout your group. Then run around the enemies town and let them catch the plague. Make sure you destroy thier temple first. Your plague will never kill you because for all the Hitpoints you lose from Plague, your temple will recover.

Farm Fire
If you have noticed, if you cast Firestorm on a farm, it wont spread. Now, just cast it on the Granery. Volia! It kills all thier farms. Hah!

Up and Over
Mass a Bunch of Crossbows. Build a wall around them when they get into enemey territory. Run some unit and so all thier army chases you. Let your nearly unstopable Crossbows mow em down.

Quick Disposal
Have a large army running after you? Have 2 prophets? Cast a plague first. Wait til it spreads. Then run up and cast Malaria. Bam! Entire army gone.

Add yours here:

Angel AzN | News Editor Lead EH, HeavenGames LLC
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posted 09-01-02 04:11 PM EDT (US)     51 / 56  
You see, the problem with Industrial age games, is that it's whoever strikes first. I mean, think about it, if your army is just massive, but it gets ambushed by ten bombards on a hill, it's basically dead. I always get damage, range, and splash for my bombards, and if I can hit someone first, they just don't survive. My Favorite thing to do in this age is: I get in my civ bonus, Building HP, and then build an Ishtar Gates, and build layers and layers of walls everywhere, to basically make it impossible for your enemy to get to your main base. Then, get bombards with all those upgrades I mentioned, behind the walls, and anyone who attacks it, gets blown away. after they lose their army, then you strike, and keep advancing your wals. eventually, they'll be out of resources, and helpless.
posted 09-01-02 10:58 PM EDT (US)     52 / 56  
Captain Spaz you are right, morale is very important in this game, but next time only build 6 houses, because 60% morale bonus is the maximum.


TC: 2 houses
Capitol: 4 houses


TC: 4 houses
Capitol: 6 houses

But still 60% less damage is very nice. I dont think it increases attack though. Correct me if I am wrong.

PS: How do I use this nice quote-tag?

posted 09-02-02 06:23 AM EDT (US)     53 / 56  
Morale is very important. A warrior hero isn't as good as a strategy hero because the strategy hero boosts morale which seriously helps your other units. If you go all guns blazing with a warrior hero, a couple of normal units will still waste him.

HG Angel
AoEH Staff

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posted 09-02-02 01:27 PM EDT (US)     54 / 56  
I think its just the contrary, the strategists hero heals your units and can lower enemies morale with his battlecry, while the warrior's hero increases the morale of nearby units (I think at 50%).

I dont want to judge who is better, this always depends the situation. In your own based with 5+ houses a warrior hero wont help you much, while a stretegic hero's healing ability can be simulated by some medic units.
So its up to you to decide which one to build.

posted 09-03-02 07:50 AM EDT (US)     55 / 56  
Well by Nano Age, I just don't build heroes anymore. Most of the other units defeat kill it too easily. (Pack of Ares, Hyperion, Zeus etc. or a Titan Bomber)

HG Angel
AoEH Staff

'In heaven an angel is nobody in particular.' - George Bernard Shaw
Age of Empires Heaven Agetoons About Me
posted 09-05-02 00:57 AM EDT (US)     56 / 56  
Hit and Run WW1-Modern.
I don't normally use airpower much as it is too easy to defend against but this works well.
Get two to three airports, pref with 3 or more bombers in each and hot key all the airports as '9' or whatever (Ctrl 9), do not set a rally point. Keep pushing attacks into their defences, tanks work best as they soak up the damage and are reasonably good against AA. You need to take out any mobile AA (1st) and ground AA (which is on the edge of thier base). Once they start to get the better of your small force hit 9 set bomber (or nuke) rally point over your army and pull the land forces back. Out runs the enemy into your wave of bombers, remember to reset the airport rally before they get AA defences back in place. With severall small land forces you can keep probing their defences without loss of your airforce and draw down their resources.
The more airports you have the quicker the planes launch and get to the target in mass. It is also good to vary your land force, otherwise eventaully you will run in and find a wall of AT guns.
In general any game in this era it is handy to have a small bomber force, then the moment you see a lack of AA cover just hit 9 and set rally point. Even 1 or 2 bombers can help turn a close matched skirmish in your favour and force them to focus on AA when your main attack is land based, again wasting their resources.
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