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Topic Subject: Empire Earth - DB Editor
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posted 01-24-16 10:33 AM EDT (US)   
Hi everybody, I'm developing a new editor for Empire Earth, which is meant to replace the good old EE Unit Editors 1 & 2.

Empire Earth - DB Editor v2.1
The editor is in the zip file, and works by running the file with extension "jar". You need Java 11 to run it (don't worry, the installation is very quick and easy)


This new editor support many DB (and can support more), allow you to edit all values (even the currently unknown ones) and provide some tools to unveil these values:
- Search all entries with the same value
- Search all values used for this field

One special note is for dbtechtree, which has a different structure than all other DB: while all db have a single "entries counter" at the beginning, the dbtechtree has multiple counters, one for each epoch. The editor will be able to handle this special case and also give you a quick way to move entries between epochs (which basically alter their starting epoch).

The program is absolutely free and open source.

I tried to give the program an UI which resemble the Empire Earth launcher. Let's see some screens:


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posted 10-21-16 09:47 PM EDT (US)     126 / 171  
This string found when running 'strings Empire Earth.exe' seems to indicate the meaning of dbcpbehavior.dat:
(CP->Computer Player)
posted 10-29-16 03:50 PM EDT (US)     127 / 171  
is it possible to add an unit to the civilisation points category? the one where you add 25% attack bonus etc. example the Hover Tank is not in the tank category. and dont think riot police is in any either
posted 10-30-16 05:05 AM EDT (US)     128 / 171  
Not sure how to use this information to parse the file, but thanks for the help!

In dbCivilization.dat, the field 5 "Unit set ID" define the unit set where the bonus apply. Just go to this unit set and add the tank/riot police to the set (either by adding the single unit in one of the "Object ID" fields or by adding the whole family of the unit in one of the "Family ID" fields)

Don't forget some unit sets are chained with the field 19 "Include unit set". If there's no room for the unit in one set, you can add it into the following set in the chain (if any).
If there's no room at all, maybe (untested) you can add a new set and add it to the chain.

posted 10-30-16 11:45 AM EDT (US)     129 / 171  
It may not help parsing the file right now, but hints at the meaning which will help when discovering fields.
posted 11-04-16 05:56 PM EDT (US)     130 / 171  
@Forlins i tried in ''unit set'' duplicate the ''civ-tanks'' added hover tank, cargo truck, anti missile battery and checked the ''include unit set'' with civ tanks. works like a charm they all get bonus like tanks now
posted 12-02-16 07:22 PM EDT (US)     131 / 171  
i must ask. is it possible to increase the zoom out? because in editor(where you can create map etc) the game can be zoomed out a great distance. this resets to normal zoom when you click play though
posted 12-03-16 12:07 PM EDT (US)     132 / 171  
Probably the zoom is defined somewhere in the dbWorld.dat (or maybe not).
You could do some tests, hoping you'll find it!

posted 01-17-17 11:25 AM EDT (US)     133 / 171  

Silly question but which files do I need to download and where is the launcher file? Or do I need a seperate program?
posted 02-21-17 12:43 PM EDT (US)     134 / 171  

I've been trying out the DB editor, and I want to mod the game so that the "Cyber Ninja" Civ Power unlocks the Cyber ninja AND the Samurai unit in their respective periods. I've created a new effect "Enable Tech: Samurai" and added it into the "Cyber Ninja Researched" event. I've also modified the Tech: Samurai int the techtree.db file, so that it has the: "Unlocked by tech: Cyber Ninja" parameter like the Cyber Ninja unit. So far, the Samurai is either always available in his respective period (ages 5 and 6) or isn't at all (if I un-highlight the two: "Powers and Techs always use 0" buttons - the Cyber samurai has it like that). Am I missing something? I simply want the Samurai to be available in ages 5 and 6 only if the player purchases the Cyber Ninja power. Any help?
posted 03-08-17 11:22 AM EDT (US)     135 / 171  
Hi! I have a problem. When i want open again the "dbeffects.dat" or "dbevents.dat" file, the program send me an error (their files are modifieds, i'm creating the "Ki-45 Toryu" fighter). Can you help me? Sorry if my english is bad i am argentinian xD. The error says this: "DatFile: DatContent: C:/Program Files/Sierra/Empire Earth/Empire Earth Age Of Conquest/Data/db/dbevents.dat"

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posted 04-10-17 02:41 AM EDT (US)     136 / 171  
Hello, your DB editor is great!Looking forward to your next version, I have been waiting for a long time, and when will you release the next version? I'd rather see dbcpbehavior's explanation XD
posted 06-07-17 02:28 AM EDT (US)     137 / 171  
Wow è un vero portento questo programma, complimenti!
Sono finalmente riuscito a fare diverse modifiche avevo in mente da un sacco di tempo... Cose tipo quantità di risorse fornite dai giacimenti (e soprattutto dagli alberi) capacità di trasporto e garrison, ecc.
È stato comunque un bel po' lungo da fare xkè il file "dbobjects.dat" non accetta ancora modifiche all'interno del tuo programma e allora mi sono dovuto spulciare tutto il file e lavorare in esadecimale... una gran rottura di balle XD ... però almeno grazie al tuo editor sapevo dove andare a guardare e quindi ci ho messo qualcosa come 20 anni in meno XD
Spero che nei prossimi aggiornamenti il problema venga risolto. In ogni caso hai potenzialmente creato il corrispettivo di "AGE" per "AoEII" e mi auguro che questo rilanci il modding per questo gioco...

P.S. Fa piacere che ogni tanto ci sia anche qualcuno di italiano qui sopra... si fa meno fatica a scrivere XD
posted 06-08-17 12:15 PM EDT (US)     138 / 171  

Non so che problemi hai riscontrato, ma io e altri utenti abbiamo fatto centinaia di modifiche al file dbObjects.dat con l'editor.
Probabilmente c'è un problema sul tuo file specifico (forse permessi di accesso/modifica, non so so dirti cosa possa essere), ma in condizioni normali l'editor è già in grado di modificare e salvare quel file.
Se mi dai più dettagli, forse posso aiutarti.

I don't know what kind of issues you encountered, but I and other users made many changes to dbObjects.dat with the editor.
Probably there's a problem with your specific file (read/write permissions or other problems, I'm not sure right now), but normally the editor is already able to edit and save that file.
If you give me more detail, maybe I can help you.


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posted 06-11-17 10:03 AM EDT (US)     139 / 171  
Tutto risolto... evidentemente nella cartella dove era presente il file "dbobjects.dat" non erano presenti tutti i file "*.dat" richiesti... ho ricontrollato e li ho messi tutti e ora funziona perfettamente. Errore mio
posted 08-12-17 01:39 AM EDT (US)     140 / 171  
Using your dbeditor, let me learn a lot of knowledge to modify the EE, and at the same time I also try to find some new codes, after a period of time, the specific meaning I have now found inside the dbcpbehavior code.
And I try to modify a large part of the content inside the dbworld, even the highest game speed becomes 5.0! However, I found that the adjustment of vision is not controlled by dbworld, in addition, I have some other findings, although your dbeditor is open source, but I am not good at Java, don't know how to share with you, I designed new game version by modifying the dbcpbehavior, computer becomes very very violent XD
posted 08-12-17 05:33 AM EDT (US)     141 / 171  
You can post your findings here, by making a screenshot of the dbcpbehavior.dat with explanation of what each value does.
Or you can even make an descriptive explanation like this:
- 4 bytes - entry ID
- 4 bytes - integer: ...
- 1 byte - flag: ...
- 4 bytes - still unknown value
- 4 bytes - decimal: ...
(in the same order these bytes appear in the file

posted 08-24-17 00:22 AM EDT (US)     142 / 171  
Okay, thank you
First, we divide the dbcpbehavior.dat file into many small blocks, each of which represents a complete piece of data.
The size of each block is 4byte*14, and here I'm going to say the meaning of each of the 14 4byte in each piece of data.
First is the beginning of the file,
1 (4byte): the total number of entries
2 (4byte): counting entries, do not have much meaning
3-14 (4byte): all 0
Then there is the data section of the file:
1 (4byte): Unused
2 (4byte): sequence number
3 (4byte): ID (corresponding to specific items)
4 (4byte): Unused
5 (4byte): Property 1, the maximum value that can be adjusted (integer)
6 (4byte): Property 1, the current value (integer)
7 (4byte): Property 1, the current value (float)
8 (4byte): Property 2, the maximum value that can be adjusted (integer)
9 (4byte): Property 2, the current value (integer)
10 (4byte): Property 2, the current value (float)
11 (4byte): Unused
12 (4byte): property 3, the minimum value that can be adjusted (integer)
13 (4byte): property 3, the maximum value that can be adjusted (integer)
14 (4byte): property 3, the current value (float)
So, how to know which item corresponds to which ID? We can open language.dll then come to No.28000-28123 and No.28500-28623, here are the different ID corresponding to what items, as well as the meaning of property 1,2,3
For example, No.28020, corresponding to ID=20, property 1, 2,3, can be traced from No.28520
posted 08-25-17 08:16 AM EDT (US)     143 / 171  
Thank you very much!
I've configured the editor with these informations!
I may release a new version in this or the next week

Ok, now I can see the dbCPBehaviour situation:
There's no "beginning" and "data" in the file, but the usual structure used by all other db files:
- The first 4 bytes are (as usual) an integer which specify the number of entries in the file
- Then (as usual) there are all entries of the file

What you call "beginning of the file" is actually an entry! Yes, probably you didn't recognize it as an entry, because of those strange values, but it's really an entry, a special one: the Default entry.

The Default entry is an entry placed very first in the list of entries, and USUALLY (not always) is unused, invalid and contains very strange and bad values. Most db files have their Default entry.
What's the purpose of these Default entries? As the name suggest, they are used by the game as "default" or "null" **. You must never delete nor alter these entries from the db files.

** Example: if an object has no "Low Health" effect, in the "Low Health" field it will use the Default entry from dbgfxeffects. When the game read the "Low Health" field and find out it contains the Default entry, it will understand the situation and will play no effect on low health.

posted 08-25-17 09:38 AM EDT (US)     144 / 171  
Beautiful, really beautiful!
CP Behavior contains the secrets of the "cheat" for the Computer player!
The 2 "Unit Cost Reduction" entries defines how much the computer pays when we play in random maps or when "Cheat" is enabled for the CPU in the editor!
By default they only pay 1% of the resources needed by us mortals (so we have the impression they have unlimited resources), but now we can increase this percentage!!

posted 09-06-17 01:06 AM EDT (US)     145 / 171  
Yes, the 'dbcpbehavior' file controls most of the behavior and parameters of the computer players. By modifying these values, we can increase or decrease the difficulty of the computer.
At this point, we seem to have been able to interpret all the database files ^-^ (except dbworld....)

By the way, I feedback a problem, in the 1.51 version, when loading db files, if one of the file can not be read, then the software will prompt the error, resulting in other files can not be read and modified too. But in the 1.45 version, if there is one of the file can not be read, the software will warn (rather than prompt the error), even so, I can enter the interface to modify other files, I think the solution of 1.45 may be better, because I generally open all the db files...

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posted 10-06-17 07:04 AM EDT (US)     146 / 171  

There is any tutorial, how to instal and run it?
I ve download it and i found only folder with no description.

Can someone help me plz
posted 03-18-18 01:18 PM EDT (US)     147 / 171  
After a long wait, the new version 1.6 is here!
There are many changes, all listed in the download page, in the opening post!
Have fun!

posted 03-23-18 10:14 PM EDT (US)     148 / 171  
Hey Forlins (and everyone who is reading this) A bunch of EE modders and I are working towards developing an HD mod for Empire Earth 1 and would like to formally invite you to join us! We plan on doing a revamp of the entire gaming including all unit, landscape, building textures, new sounds, improved AI and a bunch of other tweaks to make Empire Earth improved! Would you be willing to join us? Please take a look at our slack channel and see some of the progress we have already done! We have a whole list of things we are exploring to make an EE HD mod.
posted 04-29-18 07:26 PM EDT (US)     149 / 171  
I switched the Radar Center from Paleo Epoch to WW2 Epoch and incremented its ID by 1 - and now the Epoch buttons does no longer appear. How is that possible and how can i fix it? I cant progress any epoch anymore...
posted 05-01-18 01:50 PM EDT (US)     150 / 171  
I have a question Forlins. How can i change the sound that play when a unit is attacking? (example: the attacksound of the juggernaut is similar to the attacksound of the leviatan) how can i change that?
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