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Topic Subject: My Hex guide
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posted 11-02-12 03:01 AM EDT (US)   
Check my guide pdf file
With A total of 8 files
I will continue when i have a time
The Bytes I Did not understand in all files is what i called it Game ID which is existing in all db files!!
Check it out if u can figure it out!! it is very weird
Making it being Zero will let game working without any crash so what use of it?

Dbbutton.dat Hex File,I knew all bits of it

Of course this is the same for other bits
I knew mostly all bits except 4 bits!FB01

If You Need Help in Hexing or you have something to share
Contact me

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posted 07-15-14 02:26 PM EDT (US)     151 / 190  
Andrew103, sorry, I didn't ask properly, you answered my question about 95%. What I meant to say is in which way would these reload rates be calculated. Like base-10, base-16, exponentially, etc. Oh and about the testing around, i'm way ahead of you, I constantly do that dbgraphics.dat eh? Hmm, makes sense that textures are there, meh, guess i'm so used to modding objects and techtree dat files that I never think to look in other, bleah. I'll check it out and see if I can get something to work here.

Also, I have been looking since 2013 for new forums besides the conventional EEH, Save-EE, etc. But these and Neo-EE are the only ones I found. If there are others out there, they are very tiny, and might be why they're hard to find...

Forlins, two problems in your updated picture here. One, "can be killed by pressing delete" is the wrong color, the value is highlighted in black. Two, what's the difference between "transport capacity" and "carry capacity", both are in your photo? Three, why are there two values for the same thing in two different places? Both for "hide in scenario editor", they can't both do the same thing, can they?

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posted 07-15-14 02:51 PM EDT (US)     152 / 190  
Yo, BOOST15673!

I guess exponentially if that is what you call it. Don't bother with dbgraphics - apart from the models and textures all it contains is firing soundIDs, idle, death and bunch of other animations. But using wrong animations on a model just crashes the game or makes the model go crazy. I made a sniper who started crouching while walking and was dancing when killed.
Why did you even think about base-10? Nothing operates under that.

One, Forlins just has daltonism and doesn't differentiate black from pink.
Two, by carry capacity I mean resource carry capacity.
Three, until we get a better definition for them that is how they will be left. Both values need to be 01 else the unit won't be in the scenario editor. God knows what do those values actually do.

On a side note, dbfamilies has absolutely the same structure as dbweapontohit. It even serves the same purpose - it groups units and gives them damage multipliers against each other. Both support adding new families. Makes we wonder where does the "Attack Mode" value actually come from.

There is something that has always been bugging me, clicking the create citizen button in a capitol or town center creates either a male citizen or a female citizen at random.
Yet I checked and saw that both male and female citizens have their separate techs and buttons.
posted 07-15-14 03:27 PM EDT (US)     153 / 190  
Daltonism? Oh... Well alright then, i'll save the picture and just change the color that way, sorry didn't know that :/

I got base-10 because a long time ago last year, Ashrzr was commenting on some thread here about if something (whatever the thread was about, no idea anymore) here was calculated in base-10 or base-16.

Also, about the citizens, yeah, I noticed that to, I got to make the female citizen button appear by itself in the capitol, so it only built female citizens, but couldn't get the male citizen because the male citizen is just "Citizen". I couldn't fix it so it would only build male citizens and not both either, so renaming Citizen to Male Citizen didn't make sense obviously.

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posted 07-15-14 04:20 PM EDT (US)     154 / 190  
1) It's not daltonism, it's last update:
- Like any similar program, you select a color and paint a rectangle.
- With the last update, the last painted area stay "focused" and if you select another color it will re-paint that area immediately (in case you want to try other colors on the same area). You have to click "finish paint" to remove this "focus" and avoid automatic re-paint each time you select a new color.

Well, I don't always remember click "finish", and when I pain a rectangle I look for another one, which will surely require another color. So I select the new color (the last painted rectangle is still focused and switch to that color) then paint the new rectangle. You can imagine the consequences...

2) Note about dbFamily: it doesn't define attack multipliers, but defence multiplier: each multiplier is the damage TAKEN by a unit family/type/class. I discovered that by trying to lowering the damage taken by galleys (which are useless in EE, since despite their "advantage" against warships, each fight ends with a sunken warship, but a cheese like galley with few HP left. Now they fight well in my game).

3) About the citizens... maybe this happens because they share some relevant ID. If that's true, we can randomize the units spawned by buildings...

posted 07-15-14 04:31 PM EDT (US)     155 / 190  
Oh, I forgot an important information about range like values:
They are not exactly exponential.
I'll list many range values I found (up to 36). Tell me what do you think about:

0 - 00 00 00 3F - ///
1 - 00 00 80 3F - +80
2 - 00 00 00 40 - +80
3 - 00 00 40 40 - +40
4 - 00 00 80 40 - +40
5 - 00 00 A0 40 - +20
6 - 00 00 C0 40 - +20
7 - 00 00 E0 40 - +20
8 - 00 00 00 41 - +20
9 - 00 00 10 41 - +10
10 - 00 00 20 41 - +10
11 - 00 00 30 41 - +10
12 - 00 00 40 41 - +10
13 - 00 00 50 41 - +10
14 - 00 00 60 41 - +10
15 - 00 00 70 41 - +10
16 - 00 00 80 41 - +10
17 - 00 00 88 41 - +8
18 - 00 00 90 41 - +8
19 - 00 00 98 41 - +8
20 - 00 00 A0 41 - +8
21 - 00 00 A8 41 - +8
22 - 00 00 B0 41 - +8
23 - 00 00 B8 41 - +8
24 - 00 00 C0 41 - +8
25 - 00 00 C8 41 - +8
26 - 00 00 D0 41 - +8
27 - 00 00 D8 41 - +8
28 - 00 00 E0 41 - +8
29 - 00 00 E8 41 - +8
30 - 00 00 F0 41 - +8
31 - 00 00 F8 41 - +8
32 - 00 00 00 42 - +8
33 - 00 00 04 42 - +4
34 - 00 00 08 42 - +4
35 - 00 00 0C 42 - +4
36 - 00 00 10 42 - +4

These values resemble an exponential formula, but it's not exponential, since it goes by steps: after each "double" the hex value increment is halved to obtain the same game value increment.


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posted 07-15-14 04:54 PM EDT (US)     156 / 190  
2)Makes me wonder why bother creating dbweapontohit.db. Atleast they used consistency here lol. Name, sequinceID, fileID, list of damage multipliers.

3)Thing is there doesn't seem to be an obvious one. Their techs and buttons are genuine. We basically have a tech that can produce an object that it is not connected to. I can guess that the (male) citizen object would link to the female citizen object since the (male) citizen is the target of the "Citizen" tech. Well neither two object entries seem to share an ID-like value.

There also exists a "Female tech" that is connected to the female citizen object and has its own button with a position of FFFFFFFF. I guess another posibility is the tech "Citizen" to link to the new tech "Female Citizen". But you can use this tech on your own as BOOST said.

What is most likely is dbevents shenanigans.

I'll screw around with it tommorow cause it's frikin' 1am already.

Range lists are nice I guess. Looks pretty exponential to me e.g 00000040=2^1 00008040=2^2 00000041=2^3 00008041=2^4 00000042=2^5 and so on...

EDIT: It even works backwards somewhat:
0000803F=2^0 but I guess since 0000003F=2^-1 the game can't use a 1/2 range value and rounds down to 0. Everything else below will probably just round down to 0 too.

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posted 07-15-14 05:19 PM EDT (US)     157 / 190  
yes, but look carefully at the steps: an exponential formula would have a constantly decreasing "increment" (80, 76, 72, 68, 65, 62 ...) , and not some fixed "80, 80, ... 80, [JUMP] 40, 40, ..., 40, [JUMP] 20, ..." increments

posted 07-15-14 05:53 PM EDT (US)     158 / 190  
Reason is that all of the values you've found are rounded. The only exact ones are the power of 2 ones. Dunno how the game rounds.

Or they just mixed 2 formulas. They made the exponential formula for the power of 2s and filled it up with line functions everywhere.
posted 07-15-14 08:22 PM EDT (US)     159 / 190  
Do we know of any values that determine if a unit/building is killable/destroyable or not? I thought of this because of how the Tank Barrier can't be targeted by anything. Not even Atom Bombs do anything to it!
posted 07-16-14 01:26 AM EDT (US)     160 / 190  
Just give it a family that doesn't recieve damage from anything. E.g. child, iron mine, ambients.
Tank barriers recieve trample damage.
posted 07-16-14 01:56 AM EDT (US)     161 / 190  
Maybe it receive the trample damage because this kind of damage doesn't have an attack/defense type, class/family and armor (or it uses the missile armor, but everybody has 0 missile armor).

posted 07-16-14 10:29 AM EDT (US)     162 / 190  

Is there the possiblity that EEstudio ain't extracting everything from data.ssa?

None of the research techs seem connected. Neither are the female and male citizens.
There aren't any other related db files. I'm not even sure what dbeffects is supposed to hold.
posted 07-27-14 02:49 PM EDT (US)     163 / 190  
Something i'm wondering is why every projectile has it's own set accuracy. No matter what, a cannonball, spear, arrow always is unguided, a missile, bullet and laser are always 100% accurate (unless the missile hits a wall or similar) etc. This makes no sense.

There must be a value in there somewhere that defines how accurate it is. I mean, why else would projectiles have different accuracies? If such an "accuracy value" didn't exist, then all projectiles would have the same accuracy, which they don't. I haven't found any values for accuracy yet myself.
posted 07-28-14 11:01 AM EDT (US)     164 / 190  
I can assure you BOOST, it is a lot simpler than it looks.

Cannonballs, spears, arrows, shells are OBJECTS. The moment they are spawned in the game, they are given a set velocity and trajectory.
These parameters will not change and whether they hit something or not on their path is irrelevent. They are affected by gravity. (simply put: Object1 spawns Object2 to contain Object1's damage and maybe hit another object.)

Bullets, lasers etc. are EFFECTS. They have a start point and an end point. They are only for visuals and serve no gameplay functions. They can not miss since damage is calculated instantly (as in no object is spawned to deliver the damage).

The guided missiles are OBJECTS but they are not affected by gravity and are set to home on the original target. Like the first group they will detonate if they reach another unit even if it is not the original target.

Also Forlins, the move through trees value is the one above the one in the picture.
posted 07-10-15 08:46 AM EDT (US)     165 / 190  
Hmm, what does the "Death Effect ID" do? When I change it, the death animations remain unchanged. I tested it by the Trebuchet. My goal is to make the ICBM aka Nuclear Missile explode like it does when it hits the target, you know, with a big atomic cloud and area effect? Kinda like Furies, but only with the atomic cloud. Hmm, explaining ain't my strong point, but do you guys know what I mean?

Try out my realism mod! An attempt to make EE AOC 100% realistic in every way! Been working on it since September 2011, presumed time frame of completion = 2020 - 2030:
posted 07-18-15 04:20 AM EDT (US)     166 / 190  

Have a screenshot:

On the left is dbobjects.db on the Nuclear Bomb Projectile Object and I've highlighted the dword that specifies what Effect ID will it use on death.

On the right is dbgfxeffects.db on the Nuclear Explosion Effect and I've highlighten the Effect ID of it.

So simply put that ID on your desired projectile for it to create the atomic cloud!
posted 07-28-15 03:50 AM EDT (US)     167 / 190  
Map of dbgraphics!

You can have so much fun by speeding up some animations!
posted 07-29-15 11:15 AM EDT (US)     168 / 190  

More work for Forlins
posted 07-30-15 05:05 AM EDT (US)     169 / 190  
I'm not sure what you mean about the byte "can walk on this like a farm". It's not in the right position?

posted 07-30-15 06:11 AM EDT (US)     170 / 190  
Both that byte and the one next to TechnologyID need to be 01 for building clipping.
posted 07-30-15 07:32 AM EDT (US)     171 / 190  


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posted 07-30-15 02:20 PM EDT (US)     172 / 190  
Oh god, dat jpeg quality!
posted 07-30-15 06:24 PM EDT (US)     173 / 190  
Switched to PNG

posted 08-03-15 04:01 AM EDT (US)     174 / 190  
I've problem on making market can act like a farm. The only way to make market can be harvestable or making a unit can do buy/sell is only by swapping their dbobjects ID. Where is the value of which unit can posses an ability or which unit is resource stored?
posted 01-14-16 11:22 PM EDT (US)     175 / 190  
Err, Andrew103, sorry about the almost 2 year late reply, but about the value you gave me for the atomic cloud effect. I think either you misunderstood, or Forlins found the wrong value. I tested this by the Trebuchet since it should be the easiest. I changed the AF 00 00 00 to 40 00 00 00 and upon deleting the Trebuchet in game, or letting an enemy destroy it, nothing was changed. I did this in dbobjects of course just like in Forlins value pool screenshots. If changing this by the Trebuchet did not work, then how would I make it work by the ICBM & Missile Base? This is my goal.

Also, for anybody here in general, especially Forlins, I found a new value while trying to make the ICBM blow up upon death like an atomic cloud. It's... very odd to say the least, haha:

Try out my realism mod! An attempt to make EE AOC 100% realistic in every way! Been working on it since September 2011, presumed time frame of completion = 2020 - 2030:

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