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Topic Subject: My Hex guide
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posted 11-02-12 03:01 AM EDT (US)   
Check my guide pdf file
With A total of 8 files
I will continue when i have a time
The Bytes I Did not understand in all files is what i called it Game ID which is existing in all db files!!
Check it out if u can figure it out!! it is very weird
Making it being Zero will let game working without any crash so what use of it?

Dbbutton.dat Hex File,I knew all bits of it

Of course this is the same for other bits
I knew mostly all bits except 4 bits!FB01

If You Need Help in Hexing or you have something to share
Contact me

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posted 07-11-14 03:32 AM EDT (US)     126 / 190  
Sorry, I miscounted and edited a wrong value.

Anyway, AreaEffectID is located here in both files:

I remember I made a building that gave global morale simulating a wonder a long time ago.
posted 07-11-14 06:07 AM EDT (US)     127 / 190  
You know, you just opened a pandora's box!!!!
IDs are not unique!!!!!!!

Explanation: Capitol and TC have 3 area effect:
- Morale bonus to units area
- Morale bonus to towers area
- Economy bonus to citizens area

If you look at the Capitol in dbObjects.dat, he use the "0E 00 00 00" AreaEffectID, followed by the "07 00 00 00" AreaEffectID, which correspond to:

"0E 00 00 00" => Morale bonus to units area
"07 00 00 00" => BOTH Morale bonus to towers and Economy bonus to citizens areas!!!!

Those areas share the same "07 00 00 00" ID!!!!! And when the dbObject specify that ID the game use both areas!!!!


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posted 07-11-14 07:04 AM EDT (US)     128 / 190  
U wot m8?

IDs not being unique defeats the whole reason they exist lol.

Anywho, the economy bonus has an ID of 0C which is not included in the capitol. My main guess is that it is not an "inherit" effect of the building since it relies on the number of garrisoned citizens. I believe it is granted via dbeffects.db but since that file doesn't have an entry-type structure reading it is like shooting in the dark.
posted 07-11-14 07:29 AM EDT (US)     129 / 190  
Ops! I read the value next to "0C 00 00 00" areaEffectID!
(Wait, could it be a secondary ID?)


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posted 07-12-14 04:24 AM EDT (US)     130 / 190  
I tried to quickly map some more values in paint but then I ran out of room to display them and then I began putting fat arrows everywhere until it finally gave my eyes cancer and I decided to stop and just post it.

The new values are in thin black boxes with light orange coloring and ofcourse fat arrows to the text explaining them.

Btw, Forlins, the parabolic rectangle is misplaced.

I'll start mapping the giant effectID blob of FFFFFFFFs if Forlins manages to interpret my craftwork.

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posted 07-12-14 10:39 AM EDT (US)     131 / 190  
Thanks a lot! If you have more values I will update the image as soon as I can!
EDIT: (Look at my recent posts for the updated guide-image)


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posted 07-12-14 08:02 PM EDT (US)     132 / 190  
Forlins, you are missing a few definitions for some values. The "Always face camera", the "FF" value is not highlighted. To the right of "Resource Amount", there is an orange highlighted "00", but you don't define in the picture what it does. Next to "Physical Size" there are two values, dark green and yellow. But only dark green has a definition? Also, the "THIS ONE SEEMS OUT OF PLACE" Elevation: hills, what is this elevation hills thing, I don't understand? "Friendly Damage", could you give a multiplier example? Like if a unit has 100 attack, how much would it deal to friendly units, or is it different depending on the unit?

P.S. - By "Resource Type", do you know if it's possible to define multiple resources? Would come in handy for me personally in the future.
posted 07-13-14 03:25 AM EDT (US)     133 / 190  
I guess this is a bit complex.. but still, i bet someone here has a better idea about this than me.

So in my mod, Empire Earth - Road to Kingdoms, im aiming to the replacement of Ages with Nations or fractions related to the epoch in question (in this case: middle age). And so, i am aiming to create an diferent age background for every single age.

Problem is, than every 3 ages use the same texture background. for example: Prehistoric Age, Stone Age and Cooper age, use the same ingamebackground_01's textures for their ages. And so, if you decide to change the background of Prehistoric age, you will also change Stone and Coopeer ones.

Here is an example: Moors, Ottoman Empire and Kingdom of Spain (wich are Bronze, Dark, and Middle Age epochs respectively) have the same background... wile Kingdom of England (wich is Renaisance Age) have a diferent background of them, BUT it will be the same as the Imperial and Industrial Age backgrounds (wich will be the Holy Roman Empire and Kingdom of Portugal nations.)

I've been trying to search for the textures in Hex wich correspond to each age background, but i never found anything wich can match. Also, i have no idea if i can copy paste a new texture on graphics and link it to an age, then change their textures ID in order to have a new one (doesnt that crash?) So if you do have an idea how to do this, please make me know
posted 07-13-14 04:01 AM EDT (US)     134 / 190  
Thanks, I fixed the image. They were all misplaced rectangles and/or mismatching/misleading colors.
- the "This one seems out of place" refer to the "Show/Hide object scenario editor" value below, which is placed in the "where can I walk/be built" section
- as for the friendly damage, I admit the "multiplier" it's just a theory: surely that value define the friendly damage, but since it doesn't work like the base attack damage I suppose it could be a multiplier. I forgot to point that in the image.
- I don't think a unit can have more than one resource. First: look at the citizens. If you task them to a different resource they lose whatever they're carrying.
Second: if you give a unit/resource more type of resources, what happens if you task a citizen to gather to that unit/resource?

Great work! The new textures are amazing!
Changing that? I don't know. You could try this:
- find the texture for that background and take the ID.
- search for that ID in any possible db (start from dbTechTree).
- if you find the matching value, it's done! Just add new entries in dbGraphics.dat and replace the background values as you like.
- instead, if you can't find the value, chances are that it's hardcoded in the engine (something we don't have and can't change)


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posted 07-13-14 04:25 AM EDT (US)     135 / 190  

Still, i dont know how to identify the texture ID of the background images :/

EDIT: Guess i will make an default middle age background texture for all the ages (that one is possible tough) until no one knows how to change each one of them.. hoewer, if you ever find out, please make me know: then i shall update the mod there is still a lot of work to be done, so it should be on time if anyone ever has an idea how to change them by the real ID's as well as the DB files they need to be changed

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posted 07-13-14 06:32 AM EDT (US)     136 / 190  
Just tell me the name of a texture file you changed for the user interface and I'll tell you if your request is doable.

Edit: So the Ottomans become so advanced and after many scientific breakthroughs, they become the Spanish? LOL

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posted 07-13-14 07:41 AM EDT (US)     137 / 190  
So: in order to make a proper age background, i need to change 2 texture files nammed ingamebackground_(number)a and ingamebackground_(number)b, because the texture is divided in 2.

In this case, i want Spain to have a diferent texture background from the Moors and Ottomans, hoewer, all of them use the ingamebackground_02a and ingamebackground_02b texture.

Please note:

Moors = Bronze Age (wich background texture is ingamebackground_02a and ingamebackground_02b)

Ottoman Empire = Dark Age (wich background texture is ingamebackground_02a and ingamebackground_02b)

Spain = Middle Age (wich background texture is ingamebackground_02a and ingamebackground_02b)

I'd rather make a full list:

Prehistoric Age, Stone and Cooper = ingamebackground_01a/b

Bronze, Dark and Middle Age = ingamebackground_02a/b

Renaisance, Imperial and Industrial = ingamebackground_03a/b

Atomic WW1, WW2, and Modern = ingamebackground_04a/b

Digital Age, Nano Age and Space age = ingamebackground_05a/b

The idea would be to have each one of them with their own textures instead of sharing them, so i could put some flags and symbols of every nation the player is playing with.

EDIT: Yeah well, the idea of this mod is to actually make like somekind of Multiplayer Roleplay with real nations with Empire Earth... you see: you can have barely the same army as your enemy does, and Empire Earth gets somehow monotone with that.. also, i am aiming to launch this on multiplayer, but it would only work scenario mod. (unless there was a way on random maps in wich we could put players using diferent ages)

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posted 07-13-14 05:40 PM EDT (US)     138 / 190  
Well, this is saddening.

Every texture that the game will be reading has to have its own entry in dbgraphics.db. And indeed, the "ingamebackground" textures have their own entries with their own sequence numbers and GraphicsID.

Usually when an object, button or and effect uses a texture, it calls upon it via its GraphicsID or just spells out the file path of the texture.

So i started searching all db files to see if there is any mention of the GraphicsID of any "ingamebackground" texture.
Did i find anything?
Short answer: no
Long answer: none
(okay then, what is the point of the entry???)
(this probably means hard-coded bullshit in the game exe)

So i started searching the whole texture files as strings "ingamebackground_01a".

I actually found them in dbuiback.db (which holds pretty much every background texture you see ingame).

But dbuiback.db only mentions "ingamebackground_01a" and "ingamebackground_01b". Nothing about the rest.

Either you are out of luck or my DCL Decompressor isn't working.
posted 07-14-14 02:11 AM EDT (US)     139 / 190  
Yeah: i also saw that on buiback.. but its still strange: why should that apear like that? what if the buiback was changed to background_02a/b or 03?

Well: looks like it has to be definitivaly an default background for every epoch :/

Still, thank you for you efforts Andrew
posted 07-14-14 11:51 AM EDT (US)     140 / 190  

Why is this repair rate not in an obvious position?

I remember t1m2n3t4 wanted the plane altitude really badly so, here it is.

The fifth areaeffect sometimes worked, sometimes it didn't while i was testing it. Mark it if you wish, Forlins.

Repair rate garrison I got from the airport and the carriers. Seems to work on percent max health.

Here is the map of dbweapontohit.db:

EDIT: I added 3 more values to the original picture in light blue colour. Angle of attack values seems to be 0000003E=0 degrees 00000040=180 degrees but I'm just guessing.

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posted 07-14-14 08:39 PM EDT (US)     141 / 190  
Hey Andrew103, did you guys find out a value for a "Shadow ID"? It is a useless value since only one unit in the entire game has a messed up/non-working shadow, but just in general, since we're mapping the db files, does it even exist, or are shadows not handled in hex? I would be surprised if they weren't.

Also, on last question, at least, at the moment I have no more questions after this. Do you know how unit projectile speeds aka reload rates are calculated? Even the slightest change seems to make it go super super fast, like a real machine gun! I am wondering this because some units I want to make fire only a LITTLE faster, for example. If you or somebody else could answer me this, I am convinced this could keep me quiet for a while, heh.

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posted 07-15-14 01:56 AM EDT (US)     142 / 190  
Shadow textures are specified in dbgraphics.db. Changing them is pretty straightforward. I'll post a simple map of it if you get any troubles. Hey, don't call it useless. If you give a circleish shadow to a building and enlarge it 10 times it works as a fog of war machine and looks awesome. Just don't build 5 of those buildings in one spot or you won't see the terrain lol.

Reload times work the same way as range, speed, AoE....
If you want just a slight increase I would advise you subtract something like 00002000. Say, if it's 00004041 make it 00002041. If it's 00000040 make it 0000E03F.
Just test around until you get your desired effect. Btw reloadtime=/= projectile speed. Those are quite different terms.
posted 07-15-14 06:54 AM EDT (US)     143 / 190  
Thanks for the new values! I'll update the guide immediately!
(EDIT: the repair rate is in dbAreaEffect.dat)
(EDIT2: I discovered that health regeneration doesn't work for ships and planes. It seems to only work on units that can be healed by an hospital)

Anyway, do anybody find the value responsible for the "power" stat size? I mean:
look at the power stat for: priest, prophet, imperial cuirassier (conquistador).
now compare it with the power stat for real cuirassier (conquistador) and simple bowman (flaming).

The first one have a 2x1 power stat (like the health and flight time), while later ones have a 1x1 power stat (like all other values).

I tried comparing the imperial and real cuirassiers dbobjects and tried replacing some values with no luck. Is it stored somewhere else?

PS: to clarify, the size does not depends on the other stats: i enabled the pierce armor for the imperial cuirassier and the pierce stat was covered by the power stat. Again, I tried disabling the gun armor for the real cuirassier and it simply leave an empty space.


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posted 07-15-14 08:34 AM EDT (US)     144 / 190  
Forlins, are you talking about the (crusader) units? There are no (conquistador) units. The conquistador tech just gives line of sight to normal cavalry units.

Secondly, I saw that the (fire) units do actually have a 1x1 power button, while all others have a 2x1.

I tested every value in dbobjects, dbtechtree and dbgraphics by copying over the composite bow (fire) code on the short sword (crusader) code. I didn't find anything. If it isn't in those 3 files I wouldn't count on finding it.

This is quite bizzare, I'd expect it to autoscale based on what else is unlocked.

Btw regeneration works on cybers and helicopters.

BTW I am talking about citizen repair rate. It should be right next to something like build rate, yet I can't find it. Why the hell would it be in dbareaeffect. It should be a unit stat. How the hell do the citizens get it from dbareaeffect, they don't have any IDs in the areaeffect spots?

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posted 07-15-14 08:42 AM EDT (US)     145 / 190  
No, I'm talking about the conquistador power, which enhance the cavalry unit LOS and give them a power to temporary double their LOS (also it unlock their power stat).

For the later, I'm talking about the hospitals, docks, space docks, medics, apollo, etc heal/repair rate


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posted 07-15-14 08:54 AM EDT (US)     146 / 190  
Wait, why did Mad Doc make entirely separate units for the (fire) and (crusader) techs but they didn't make ones for the (conquistador) tech? What were they smoking? Were they experimenting around when they made this expansion? LOL

So, no idea about the citizen repair rate?

BTW here's a map of the main stuff in dbgraphics:

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posted 07-15-14 10:10 AM EDT (US)     147 / 190  
Are you sure it's not the one you suppose to be "oil" gather rate?

Or maybe the engine use the same value for build and repair rate (maybe it applies a different multiplier to them, but the base value is the same)

posted 07-15-14 10:28 AM EDT (US)     148 / 190  
I checked the oil, didn't work.
I edited the build rate, repair rate didn't change.
I edited most values and it still didn't change.
It can't be static for everyone, I made the Partisans of "citizen" type and made them build various buildings which gave them the ability to repair. They repaired everything fully in a single tick which probably means that their repair value is 00000000 while it should look something like 00004040.

Guess I'll search more.

BTW who made the EEunit1 and EEunit2 programs?
Or atleast, have they released the sources?

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posted 07-15-14 10:53 AM EDT (US)     149 / 190  
I think you have to compare citizens and partisans and search for any unknown different value (just a question: what value is shown if you enable the "repair" byte for citizens and partisans? If it's not 0 like everyone else, then that's the value you should look for

EEUnit1 and EEUnit2? I don't know. I came here on EEH and those programs where in the download section. The Help->About says Matthew Wolf for EEUnit1.

Never used EEUnit2, since it always crash when trying to load the dbObject (I heard it doesn't support AOC)

posted 07-15-14 01:23 PM EDT (US)     150 / 190  
Making a working editor could attract new faces. The current one is pretty much set, it only needs some things fixed like the attack and health and then just add the other mapped values.

I know that most people don't bother creating accounts or posting, but if something isn't newbie friendly it won't see much light.

Apart from the NeoEE and SaveEE are there any other communities?

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