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Topic Subject: HEX editing - A challenge
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posted 11-28-08 06:24 PM EDT (US)   
whos intrested in learning? i can mess around with quite some stuff and will start doing some database soon, ill just seperate each unit to diferent files and compare them so i can find more patterns and see what does what, help doing this database and finding patterns would be nice, basically i want to do for each unit what this guy did ->

and possibly find what the other values are

(got file from a chinese forum xD was using translator, not that much usefull stuff and lots of no sense anyways....not worth checking anything besides that file)

anyone caring to help and map the base structure?

i right now made a marine fire...lasers...yep... the marines bullet is now a laser... a lil more investigation and i can make him fire a rock too....

hehe, anyways, i would like to contribute to this modding community permantly and in a really decent way, and of course link EC to it, if i could map the whole db files, and divulgate, therefore making HEXING db files available to everyone.... do you think its worthy? or is this community dead for such thing...not worth the trouble? i mean, if i map the whole db files consumming an unmeasurable ammount of time and basically teach in the easiest possible way how to HEX, will someone actually care and make good use of such thing?

im pretty much in uncharted territory, i mean, wolfie and company did some research and usefull stuff, search "db" and "adding new units" will show up.... but no guides to us and these ppl are long gone, there are a few, chikoroll for example, who can HEX, but i dont see them doing tutorials either...i only got this thing from a chinese forum.....

is it worth charting? (lots of trial and error, basically use random words in a dif language that you dont speak and see how ppl react to that, so you learn that 1E in a certain place means LASER AMMO :P)

i really mean like explaining what each value does! theres a bunch of numbers, id say change this number changes this -> changing this changes that...and so on.... its about....24931200 numbers just for db.objects xD


choose what texture and model i want each unit to use, no more model swap huge file sizes, i can just make spearman use slinger model via HEX editing xD

i can make slinger use a "jiehsoieh.sst" texture if i want
same for texture, model and button

have the button you click to create lets say the rock thrower create a UFO, will cost same as rock thrower and will say rock thrower, but thats editable too! (language dll)

theres button position, i mean, simple bowman appear in front of slinger for example, same button position, i can change that (its hard to find the position number :S and new position code too...)

give atack, shock armor, whatever kind of armor really and even flight timne to any unit, doesnt mean i can make them usefull, a engineer with atack wont atack anyways, if you tell him to atack he just chases the target xD will try to work on this, need to find the atack condition in the HEX maze.....

change whatever costs

change build time

say if a unit can go over water, over cliffs and over space for example

unit size (make zeus 2 bigger than zeus 1 for example)

technically you should be able to change EVERYTHING, except making new models xD

also make new civs, really usefull for races for example, just give the produce citizen faster bonuses 20 times do that civ has really really low citizen build time for example xD but that can be used for cheating if you dont overspend i guess i cant post?

many of this stuff can alredy be changed with EEunit and EEunit2, not for AOC tough, and sometimes just doesnt work...

now, SAY SOMETHING, i want feedback.... i start to think theres about 3 ppl who care about this.... and in that case not worth the trouble of discussing and teaching HEX right? i myself am learning, im navigating blind but doing some major progress id say, you can start where i started, i provided the link... the thing is, im learnign HEX, im using my HEX skills in the cyborg mod, i can teach my always improving HEX skills, is it worth to lose time with you? and mapping? i mean, i can myself just search values i want to change instead of all changeable values....


XVI32 - simple easy to work with one, i like it

Hex Workshop -a bit more complex, but helps a lot, you can copy and paste segments of code for better comparation!

i personally use same time...

TUTORIAL (again for those who did not read all this):

to admins:

maybe this should be linked to the mod tools or something? maybe made a sticky?

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posted 06-28-09 09:43 AM EDT (US)     26 / 33  
I've some questions:

-The guide says that the position of buttons can be changed with the unit editor. How I can do that?

-I want to change the position of button "pillbox" using the guide and the hex editor. But I've found "ff ff ff ff" and it can't be the button position!

-I want to change the area effect of the Bomber Titan with hex editor, (35 in game - 23 in hex editor) but i can't find it! Where is?

Thanks for all
posted 06-29-09 08:12 PM EDT (US)     27 / 33  
1 - i think its a dif version of the program, not the one in eeh, but i dunt have it either

2- thats weird, but i havent messed woth but positions yet sry

3- im withotu hex editor, ill see to that later, but try seeing my hex editing file in dl section

EE Projects:
Cyborg - Dbobjects hexing started
Predator - Demo out, on hold, waiting feedback
posted 06-30-09 07:18 PM EDT (US)     28 / 33  
I downloaded a hex editor and I also have EE Unit.

I've been trying to add scenario editor units to the game.
I was able to increase the troop carry capacity of the cargo truck from 4 to 16 with EE UNIT, and I added it to the list of units produced at the tank factory, yet it does not appear in game. I know the way to edit this would be through the HEX EDITOR, but it is much harder. I downloaded Visual Basic a few days ago, and I'm wondering if it's possible to make EE UNIT 3 and enable it to edit everything about the units, including button position, editor/in-game availability, unit size scale, and area effect. EE UNIT 2 is useless for AOC...

Since I have no knowledge on how Visual Basic works, I'm wondering if it's possible to start off with the existing EE UNIT 2 and edit the program.

If we were to make such a versatile tool, editing the game would be very easy and we could achieve great things: maybe even an entire and much-needed EE remake.

If anyone can help out in making an EE UNIT 3, please tell me.

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posted 11-02-09 06:04 PM EDT (US)     29 / 33  
maybe even an entire and much-needed EE remake.
Something I have been working on and have made considerable progress on, but no one else is really excited about it.

EE forever

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posted 05-21-10 03:47 AM EDT (US)     30 / 33  
Hey jcgf this is gd work
posted 08-20-10 09:56 PM EDT (US)     31 / 33  
I am here for helping u to make EE unit3
I know many things in modding
contact me through my email
if anyone is good in Modding just tell me so we can work togather

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posted 12-09-12 06:51 AM EDT (US)     32 / 33  
I am trying to get the Trench Mortar to get less range. In HEX his value is 41 resulting in 10 in game, but changing that to 40 makes it have 3 in game, and 42 makes him have 40 in game! How can I make the increments smaller? I was thinking at 5 range you know?

New question:
About the resource value from a wild animal. The wolf gives out 20 food, in HEX this value is 14. I only found TWO 14's in the wolf's part of dbobjects. I changed them to 15 just to see if I could raise the resource outcome to 21 for a test. No luck, no matter what value I tried. Have an idea on why this is so?

Second new important question, well, I think it's important:
You mentioned you could change the graphic scales, making objects bigger and smaller. Well, exactly you're example is what I would prefer. I would like to edit the size of Zeus.
For future reference, would I always be changing the same value by each unit in order to edit their graphic scale? I mean, would it always be in the same place by every unit? Obviously, the values would vary, but many other values, like if a unit can climb hills or go through water is in the exact same spot by every unit (At least from what I saw).

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posted 02-16-15 01:46 PM EDT (US)     33 / 33  
I have done all of the first steps. Now, I was wondering is it possible to add new buildings into the game? These new buildings can be placed in using Scenario Editor.

If this is possible, can you help me? Can email me:

Also just to add, Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is very similar to Empire Earth - it was made using the Titan game engine. If possible, you could always get textures from Empires and add them into Empire Earth. For example, I believe Empires has a hovel house which might be good in Empire Earth on an earlier age. Empires has some good textures too, some better than Empire Earth.


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