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EE2 Multiplayer Strategy
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Topic Subject: EE2 Ladder
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posted 06-01-05 03:45 PM EDT (US)   
Use this thread to report problems with the ladder or disagreements with other forumers regarding games. We will attempt to resolve them as quickly as we can.

For challenges, use the Challenge Thread.

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posted 06-12-05 08:38 PM EDT (US)     101 / 164  

It seems that my opponet Gold Skywalker reported in that he was deffeated and i also recorded the game so this gave me double victories.

game numbers are 618 & 617 (i belive)

Those are the same games...

In all fairness i would like those to be delated, although I dont mind the free points...



posted 06-12-05 09:02 PM EDT (US)     102 / 164  

---529 FraIDen789 as Turkey Defeats LordAvenger as Korea---

It's important because i'll be intermadiate if this is corected

posted 06-13-05 05:52 AM EDT (US)     103 / 164  
I've got 2 things:

1. I (DKT_GodFriedTT) only played once against Skywalker....and I won. The ladders says I've won twice.

2. I did not loose against EcoEmpire. The result says I lost against him (but I only played once and I WON that game). The screenshot shows another match (EK Lord Avenger against EconomicEpire). So this report is not correct because it never happened.
The good results are: We played one game and I won that game.

Thnx. GL and HF all.

posted 06-14-05 07:02 AM EDT (US)     104 / 164 this the right way to complain against the results? cause nobodys seems to take any action.

And when you look at the results of game 726 ("GodFried against EcoEmpire) its clear the I wasn't involved in that game, so I couldn't loose it.

posted 06-14-05 11:42 AM EDT (US)     105 / 164  
patience padawan... I do have a full time job and 5 kids running around plus I like to have some fun too


posted 06-14-05 11:47 AM EDT (US)     106 / 164  
Would you like to explain why you have 2 accounts please?

It is completely against the rules to smurf, I will think of suitable action.


posted 06-14-05 11:24 PM EDT (US)     107 / 164  
I fought BoDAlex and Liferoots (won both games)... uploaded both games with screenshots/playbacks and they still haven't been updated, although my last two games have been. I can upload them again if it is necessary...


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posted 06-15-05 00:43 AM EDT (US)     108 / 164  
i see that it's fixed now
posted 06-16-05 06:24 AM EDT (US)     109 / 164  
I noticed this in the EE1 forum by mistake...


It has been 3 days ago now thar i reported a winning game.
i won a copple matches in the mean time but non of them are counted yet.
the games i lost are counted do.
I reported them correct as i always do , and i didnt have that problem before.
hope you l see in to it,thanks in front.

posted 06-16-05 12:34 PM EDT (US)     110 / 164  
He didn't provide a screenshot for easy win/loss viewing. I've been so busy lately that it's just too hard to find time to watch replays.

It's been stated already by Mokon that if you don't give a screenshot of the end game screen we can't be sure your game will be uploaded in a timely manner or even at all..

sorry but our job is huge with all the games played and everything, we just don't want our job to be any harder than it is if you know what i mean.

I did however throw him in particular a few more points for victories that should have been worth more when he posted the games originally, i didn't need to do that even.


posted 06-16-05 03:05 PM EDT (US)     111 / 164  
Yeah, I've seen many posts in the forum about including a screenshot. They're hard to miss.

However, in the Rules Summary in the tournament page, it specifically states that "trust is assumed" and that screenshots are a "good idea" but are "not required".

I can't imagine how large a staff you would have to hire to watch each and every game replay or where the money to hire them would come from, but the official rules need to be edited to reflect reality.

It doesn't seem fair as this guy obviously speeks English as a second language. He shouldn't have to read through contradictory statements and decipher which ones are valid. I think an exception should be made in this case given the mistake in the Rules. Of course, I realise iI'm not running anything but my keyboard.

posted 06-16-05 04:16 PM EDT (US)     112 / 164  
TGE, what should we do about the people that refuse to play? It has become an increasing concern because there are a lot of people who just won't play top players anymore (this includes other top players).

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posted 06-17-05 02:45 AM EDT (US)     113 / 164  
you wouldnt play me in a 2nd game.... and you posted screen shots... erm.
posted 06-17-05 03:47 AM EDT (US)     114 / 164  
That was a joke though- because it was funny watching you whine. It's not like we aren't going to play again. Plus, that was our 3rd game... and if history repeats itself I'll have 4 wins against you :P

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posted 06-19-05 08:28 AM EDT (US)     115 / 164  
hi! I played lordavenger 2 times. i uploaded the replays as *.rar and a wrong screenshot i think.

should i report the games again?


posted 06-19-05 04:06 PM EDT (US)     116 / 164  
Yes, Alex please reupload the first game.

887 BoD_alex as Inca Defeats LordAvenger as Turkey

Lordavenger, this game

897 LordAvenger as N/A Defeats dA_gOlDeN_bOi as Turkey

has the wrong results and no replay. please reupload it with the correct screenshot and replay.


posted 06-19-05 04:58 PM EDT (US)     117 / 164  
i am confused i never reported a game like this, i played with dA_gOlDeN_bOi twice. First was:

890 LordAvenger as Maya Defeats dA_gOlDeN_bOi as Turkey

I reported 2nd but its waiting for approval, i was aztec he was greek. And the first game i reported has true results and replay. Maybe dA_gOlDeN_bOi reported his first loss too.

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posted 06-27-05 04:08 AM EDT (US)     118 / 164  

Please, someone from Heavengames, i need your help...
I was playing E@Godfried, and immediately after we started, the game was lagging for me... Now i don't know, and don't care if the game was lagging for him or not... BUT, it was for me so i said cmon let's remake, and left. And by the way, It says under Guidelines/Help under A RULES SUMMARY -- 4. "If a player disconnects before or during the army arrangement stage the game does not count against him but he should come back to the lobby as soon as he can."... So??? It was 2 seconds into the game, and he watched the replay and said i left because of what i was doing... 3 on tin, 2 on wood... So he is reporting this bull**** because of my strat?? What is this?? I would extremely like that someone make sure this doesn't get reported, and I want a rematch of this. In another occasion that has already been sorted out and agreed with. DKT_Martijnfischer got -2- wins over me but should've gotten only 1. We got 1 each and he was on my side and told Heavengames, but nothing could be done so he gave me a free win, even though im still short of 30 points and he is up... I don't care about that, but if this, report shows up as a loss for me, I will really be extremely angry.

Please help...


posted 06-27-05 04:15 AM EDT (US)     119 / 164  
a minute ago I had a very awfull situation.

I played against EconomicEmpire....

Every1 knows that the first minute is critical for winning a game, when both teams are Turkey. The first who produces a horse has a big advantage.
The best way to start (and the whole top shall agree with me...and so is Economic 2 tin and 3 wood... (even better is 4 wood, 1 tin and get after 5 units wood to 2 tin and 3 wood).

Well, after 20 seconds EconomicEmpire quitted the game without reason (didn't say nothing in the game) and when I can in the lobby he asked me to play again (still no telling why he quitted).

I had an idea why he quitted: because of his bad start, and so I saw in the replay....instead of starting with 2t and 3w...he started with 3t en 2 wood.
I told him that I don't like this way of gaming and I demand victory of the game.

He didn't accept and talked about lag...what for sure was not in this game. He simply lied. Because: 1. I didn't have lag, so how can he have it. 2. Why didn't he report the lag in the game, as usually?? (if there's lag...people ALWAYS report it in the game before leaving...and so he does in a game I played with him be4 this and there was real lag...I can show a record of such game).

Therefore I'm here! What can I do with this. I had an advantage in the first 20 seconds and thats why he quitted (although he don't wanna say that). I have this game recorded what I can send you and also you can have a good opion about this.

I think this is a kind of cheating and EconomicEmpire is a real looser...I'll never play him again. In my opinion EconomicEmpire should be excluded from the least I won the game and get the points.

He said to me: "I don't worry, cause rule 4 says that a game doesn't count if there is not produced a military unit". But THATS only by disconnections....and this wasn't a disconnection for sure. He left the game cause he foreseed he was gonna loose.

I hope you guys make a wise decission....



mail me to if you wanna have the recorded game to be sure.

posted 06-27-05 04:31 AM EDT (US)     120 / 164  
Within 5 min, I'll report the game as victory to me....included the recorded game, so you can have a look at it.


posted 06-27-05 05:08 AM EDT (US)     121 / 164  
ok...I've seen the whole replay...and I missed a part.

EconomicEmpire was talking about lag...but I guess he said it to 'allies' I didn't receive that message during the game.

I still think that EconomicEmpire cheated in a kind of way, because i'm sure there was no lag...but I can't prove that.
The fact is still that he worked out the beginning badly (I saw other replays of him and he always start with 2 tin and 3 wood)....but I think that this cannot be a reason of giving me a victory. (cause its possible to have a bad start AND lag). The thing is that I can't prove there was no lag.

In the end its the sportivity of players who will make a good ladder competition. Its clear that every1 can report lag, as excuse for a restart, when your start is wrong and bad. The opponents never will be able offense it succesfully, cause nobody can't prove there was no lag.

In principel EconomicEmpire is still a fair player, although I still have my doubts (also because he didn't wait for a reaction of my side...I didn't (and couldn't, cause his messages didn't receive me) agree with stopping the game).

Therefore I apologize that I called him a cheater.

If some1 still is interested in the replay i'll send it to you. Ask me in the lobby for it or mail at

Have a nice day


posted 06-27-05 05:18 AM EDT (US)     122 / 164  
You're right Godfriend but if there is a rule like this everyone can quit if he had a bad start, there is no way to stop it, rules must be changed but this game shouldn't be counted.


posted 06-27-05 06:47 AM EDT (US)     123 / 164  
I just want to give you all a quick heads up, I forgot to take the screenshot for submission of my defeat of Lordavenger so I had to play back the game and take it. I hope that doesn't disqualify me...
posted 06-27-05 06:47 PM EDT (US)     124 / 164  

I'm getting extremely sick of these mistakes from heavegames. They are occuring too often now. I played tra7 twice at the start of this week. I won both, yet NONE of them turned up! So I played him another 2 and won them and STILL THEY DIDN'T turn up... I'm really sick of this and it is costing me preicious points. If it wasn't for all these mistakes, i could be where i was from a week ago... Around 6th. But now I'm 11th because of around 5 mistakes. Some of them where "a rookie/intermediate beat me" which was false and lost me MANY POINTS...

Please put up the two tra7 games onto the report or do SOMETHING because im really upset.

posted 06-27-05 07:42 PM EDT (US)     125 / 164  
lol guy take it easy, they work a lot for the ladder, what u never will do. so be quit... they do the work, if they have time... stay cool =)
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