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Topic Subject: PLEASE fix firewall hosting problem (WinXP built-in)
posted 11-16-01 04:34 PM EDT (US)   
I was able to successfully host games in the beta with the built-in WinXP firewall enabled. Now, no dice . I am running the full version of the game with the latest patch. I have tweaked and tried other firewalls, but nothing will allow me to host unless the firewalls are disabled. That's just plain crazy. I can use several other gaming services with my firewall enabled. I think it is ridiculous (especially with cable) to require us to disable our firewalls and expose ourselves to hackers who love to hang out at gaming sites (zoners know what I am talking about) just to play the game. Sierra, SSSI, please patch this. Other than disabling the firewall, anyone have a fix to resolve this.

BTW, fantastic game

posted 11-16-01 04:41 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I had this problem, though not with WinXP, over my LAN. All of my computers would not respond to 2 of the 3 computers hosting over the LAN due to a "Firewall" being present. I keep this firewall on my computers on at all times due to the fact that my LAN is connected to a Cable Modem, and the net. I have had numerous problems with hackers trying to hack into my computer system, even when I am playing a LAN game due to the cable modem. So hosting over a LAN is restricted to IP Address recognition, and I cannot play any of my other games unless I disable this process. This is an enormous inconvenience to say the least.

During the beta, I was not able to host any games behind my Linksys Firewall, and Sierra and SSSI have said that they would fix this problem by allowing hubs such as these to force an address through a NAT and allow us to host on Thus far, this has not been done, if you read the readme.txt file. I am vastly disappointed with this, because I have been told, by E-mail through SSSI, that this problem would be remedied by release time. I agree with rucrazee that Sierra and SSSI need to recognize firewalls as an essential part of playing online or they are likely to lose many online players, and as a result, many potential future buyers!

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