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Hey guys,

Before you post, please gather the following information:

1.) Have you tried rebooting your computer?

2.) Your operating system, and any service packs installed (go to Start->Settings->Control Panel->System to get this information)

3.) What type of video card is in your computer

4.) What type of sound card is in your computer

5.) If you know what type of chipset (Intel, AMD, nForce, VIA, ALI, etc.) your motherboard is based on, include it

6.) Is the latest version of DirectX installed on your computer?

7.) Do you have the latest drivers for your computer's hardware? (i.e. Video Card, Sound Card, Network Card, etc.)

8.) If you are having multiplayer problems, are you behind a firewall/router that shares one internet connection?

9.) Do you have the latest EE Patch applied?

10.) Which build of the game are you having problems with? (EE 1.0, EE 1.04, etc.)

If you are playing a `warez' or CD-Cracked copy of the game, there will be no support for your problem until your installation of Empire Earth is not illegally altered. Normally a re-install of the game from the CD will fix this problem. We do not support them because warezed/CD-Cracks modify the game and introduces more problems that we do not support.

THIS FORUM IS NOT SANCTIONED BY SIERRA AS AN OFFICIAL TECHNICAL FORUM. It is not the responsibility of staff and forumers to help you with your particular problem. This forum is present for skilled forumers to assist others in time of technical needs.

Good luck, and we hope you find a solution to your problem soon.



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