posted 08-25-02 08:48 AM EDT (US)   

I recently formatted my hard drive but made a copy of my latest saved game from the Saved Games folder onto CD.

I then reinstalled Empire Earth and copied the saved game into the folder which allowed me to continue the game where I left off.

The only thing is the campaign I was in seems to have got muddled, (Russian Campaign). I have completed the first scenario which it indicates as Completed in the Russian Campaign. I have just completed the second scenario after so many hours (Novoya Russia). However, the game doesn't recognise I have finished this scenario and won't give me the next scenario. My only option at the moment is to restart the whole Russian campaign from scratch. Is there anything else I can do like skip the first 2 scenarios?

Also, if I save a game and then reload that game about a dozen times or so without exiting the game, I have to exit the game to load it as it can't access the saved game? Anyone come across this?