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Topic Subject: SToRy
posted 08-24-02 12:37 PM EDT (US)   
WWII Standard Tournament Islands, 2v2:

The game started off with me being USA, my ally Italy, my enemy Germany and the other enemy Great Britian. We begun the game instantly by building a fleet and collecting as much wood and gold as possible. While my ally provided the air support, my fleets tore through the sea and eliminated all enemy obstacles. Our main goal was to capture the no-man's land in the middle...namely a small island in the middle rich with gold and iron, and a perfect base to launch attacks on the enemy.

While my ally provided the air support, my navy defended the island while my villagers moved by sea transport. They were protected by 5 marines and 3 tanks, a large enough force to stop anything they might be able to land.

But then, the unthinkable happened. Just as victory seemed within our grasp, a massive airforce composed of fighters and many..many bombers, including 2 atomb bombers, came and attacked my ally's base. IT WAS DEVASTATing! By the time we had destroyed the air force he sent, or atleast most of it, they had brught in a massive fleet and pounded the island we took.

We thought it was over. But my ally quickly rebuilt another airforce (with some help from me, gave him 1500 iron) and attacked the enemy base, which ironnically didnt have any AA!

After devastating the enemy economy, we found it easier to fight back. My base was left mostly intact, and with the recources I have gathered, I built another fleet. With 30 submarines prowling the water, I destroyed the entire enemy. Then, my airplanes came raining down bombs all over the enemy.

Soon, they began to tire down, and in a last remaining effort attacked me. They almost won, but I had run to my ally's island and rebuilt my forces. I took back my island and took theres as well.


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We want more stories! KEEP ON FIGHTING, SOLDIER

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