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Topic Subject: Tower walls of death - ultimate bronze-middle strategy
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posted 07-24-02 11:24 AM EDT (US)   
Heya guys, my first post here, heh. Well before I submit it to EEH strategy articles, just though I`d post it here for some revision. gonna add screens later on tonight, anyway here goes: (sorry for bad SP, didn`t have time to go over it yet)

This will sounds crazy, these who felt to this strategy called me a madman, loonatic, and the best player they have seen. Well none of these are true, WHAHAHAHAHAHA, ahem, but this strategy may very well change the way we all play Bronze Middle game. You know how Siege Towers are never used? Well, as the word of this strategy goes around, Siege Towers will become one of the most used units, mark my words, heh. And today I had a 2vs1 expert game after my partner got rushed killed by a horde of spearman about 8 min into the game, and well...I beat these 2 REALLY good guys, with u won`t belive this - 360 - 40 kills ratio!!! So read on:

Historicly, archers would often hide behind a wooden shield to cover from incoming arrows, especially during a town siege. These of you who played stronghold might have seen it. Now These siege towers work the same way, basicly taking on all enemy fire. In Addition these towers placed in line will make enemy cavalry or infantry attack to go around this wall giving your archers time to kill them. So think of this as your archers behind a stone wall, no infantry and cavalry can touch them and enemy arrows also rarely get rhough.

=Put 5 citizens to the forage patch (don`t build Settlement by it, unless it way too far away)
=Put the rest of the coming citizens on wood
=Build Archery range as soon as u have enough wood
=Build Settlement by the gold mine, and set 6 of your wood citizens to gather gold
=Build Siege Factory
=Keep on sending all the villagers u r getting on wood.
=Build an archer and a siege tower and upgrade them if u sure u won`t get rushed or keep on pumping our archers and siege towers otherwise.
=Keep on putting villagers mostly to wood, and as you see that u need more gold expand to other gold mines.
=Keep on producing Archers and Siege Towers in something like 4-6 archers to 1 Tower ratio.
=Keep on building Archer Ranges and Siege Workshops in 3 to 1 ratio every chance u get some spare wood.

Archers: Range, Attack, Arrow Armor
Siege tower: Armor, HP, Speed

If u playing with custom maps here how it goes:
-Archer: Range, Attack, Cost Reduction
-Wood Gathering, Gold Gathering
-Siege: Armor, Hitpoints, Cost Reduction, Speed
The rest is up to u.

-Set your archers into a LINE formaion - ***** and order them to stand ground
-Now select your towers with something like 1 to 5 archers ratio and task them to form a line, Put your archers in line behind these towers. So you would have something like this.
-Now just keep on moving you towers ahead of your archers and make your archers follow behind the towers.
-If u see the enemy is flanking u form behind, just order your towers to move to cover behinds of your archers.

1-Another wall of death will work for SURE, especially if u got Crossbows which outrange archers.
2-Wall of death with Massed siege weapons to destroy enemy Siege Towers.
3-Plague and malaria with a prophet.
4-Flanking with Catapracts(SP?) preferably from both sides.

Producer, Art & Design Director
Reverie World Studios, INC
posted 08-18-02 09:16 AM EDT (US)     26 / 29  
What if I nuked the towers AND the archers? :P

I'm an advanced bronze aged civ with atomic weapons

posted 08-18-02 10:16 AM EDT (US)     27 / 29  
there arent any eles in EE.LOL
posted 08-18-02 11:53 PM EDT (US)     28 / 29  
what do u mean...there ARE elephants in EE, they are available in Bronze age.

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posted 08-21-02 11:26 PM EDT (US)     29 / 29  
You know, all those towers could be hopelessly screwed by siege weapons. the archers too. Ballista and Trebuchets, or in later ages, Bombards/Artillery alone. And you can kiss your walls and all that precious stone goodbye.
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