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Topic Subject: My first victory(1v1)
posted 07-13-02 10:11 AM EDT (US)   
I started off by playing large Islands in modern age. I began expanding FAST there was suppose to be a third person but he got booted at the beggining so I spread from one Island to the next. And I destroyed the enemy who was booted (I thought I might as well kill off one person). Only one person remained Orange. I had a naval base on one of my islands and He kept sending large raids against my base first he destroyed my entire fleet then I would survive by a couple then more and more and more and eventually the raids where futile my navy was to powerful but not yet at the height of my power I began churning out Battleships left and right and I began Blockadeing what I thought to be the main Island. once the entire island was blockaded I invaded and destroyed the enemy forcees on that island. They where so small I was surprised then I found the real island. I was beginning to blockade the island when my two trident subs where done so I moved them into position and began bombarding there troops. they sent out a small group of choppers out to terrorize my forces. They hurt me but by now it was inevitable that I would invade. I wanted to invade, but they surrendered and I won. My first victory what was YOURS?
posted 07-13-02 07:42 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
My first victory...was on plains. 1v1..I built up and trained my infantry ultra quick. But I also sent out snipers to terrorize him. They killed a lot of his citizens before his army drove them out, but I sent in more and the damage was done. I overran him with tanks, doughboys, AT and howitzers. The game lasted about 10mins lol.

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posted 07-17-02 10:40 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Ahhh yes... The first victory !

Mine was a 1v1 pre - nano battle! At the start of the game I made a prophet and went over to the guys base which had 30 citizens+ hunting so I plagued him and it killed off all his citizens. He quit saying "why do you experts pick on us newbies".

If only I could relive those wild newb days when the high light of my day was seeing a nuke in action...


posted 07-19-02 06:41 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
I won my first by opponenent forfeit...

but my second one was won 1 vs. 1 on Medditaerannian map. This strategy would probably only work on this map from I see. It was a Pre-Nan. age and it was just back and forth war until the Digital age. I was usually the one being attacked though and I found myself covering my base with AA and my walla with Towers. Eventually I got an idea. I occupied only one little 4th of the map, while he had a little over half heavily occupied and the other fourth he ahd occupied lightly.
Heres what I did, I just slowly started building towers one by one in rows and bunches, to every tower, an AA, and these towers would slowly advance into his territory. My best advantage was that I had +1 range on my towers over him, so I would put my towers just close enough to his towers that I could hit his and he couldnt hit me. After the towers were destroyed I would send in a raiding party to take care of all the buildings. After I did that I would get citizens (I had about twenty-five to build) to quickly build plenty of towers and AAs in that place. He never made it past the towers to my base, but many times he did put GIANT holes in my tower system and backed my tower advncement up a bit, mainly thanks to his howitzers, which were the only thing that could reach my towers from a safe distance (I never saw him use artillery). I eventually just built up a small army of tanks and infantry to counter that. So I slowly wrapped my way aorund the Medditeranian with the towers, sending a nuke every now and then when I knew there were no AAs around. After I saw that he had only a few building left, I sent in another raiding party to take care of everything else and a sea king to destroy his very last submarine to win the game. Ecstatic was I.
This game was played with a person I knew from school, so we would save the game and call each other when we were ready to resume play. It took a total of 28 hours. It was a very slow and VERY expensive strategy, but it worked for me.

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