posted 02-26-14 01:58 PM EDT (US)   
Hi again, it's me gnl

I am working in a mod, more precisely, picking up the work of RVG1 and iwanicki, and trying to merge the best of the two, and maybe add some more.

Right now I am focusing in buildings, and I have this idea:

When you garrison someone inside a fortress/tower, its attacks became stronger. But if you think a bit of it, ask your self this question:

if I man a fort with more reinforcements, will it fire larger cannon balls, or will it fire more cannon balls??

Ofc the second option is the right one. you don't get a larger barrel for sticking more man to a weapon system. but they will be able to use more guns and load them faster.

Back to EE2, the idea is to adapt this idea to Fortresses/Towers/Outposts and others. I think we have two options:

Increase the number of Projectiles in function of the number of garrisoned man, or,

Increase the attack speed in function of the number of garrisoned man.

The thing is, I don't know how to do so, of, if it is possible to do so. Also, if possible, which option you think best?

Thank you in advance.