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Topic Subject: Release 9 version of Empire Earth 4 (Mod)
posted 06-29-12 05:04 AM EDT (US)   
Release 9 version of Empire Earth 4 (Mod)

1.41 Gb

( In the game new scenarios and campaigns. 4 campaigns and 60 new scenarios. All scenarios and campaigns are open.)

Download link:

Maximum speed up to 1Mb/s, but the site in Russian language! Earth IV v9.02 eng.exe.html

Maximum speed up to 500Kb/s, need your email

!!!!!!!!! It is very important!!!!!!! !!!
The mod is set for the game Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy (gold version EE2)
Mod Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP (operating systems, Vista and 7)
Please set Lighting Detail: LOW. Game works properly only with LOW setting of Lighting Detail.
(By default, these settings should be at a minimum)
For some video cards may have to reduce, and other settings.
Maud more demanding on computer resources than the original game!
Do not make a massacre 10 player map size of 500 * 500!

For more information about mod found here:

NEW in version 9 Mod Empire Earth 4 (short description)

Made from scratch line units 1-5 epoch in mod.
Added 300 new models, descriptions, icons and names.
Each new unit has its own performance characteristics.
It is a, for 1-5 periods.
Starn playable in 1-5 epochs:
Russia, England, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, USA, Babylon, Egypt, Turkey.

About the country:

Russia: 1-4 Scythians, 5 Slavs.
Germany: 1-4 Germans, 5 Huns.
French: 1-4 Gauls, 5 Francs.
England: 1-4 Brits, 5 Saxons.
Rome: 1-3 Rome, 4 Roman Empire, 5 Western Roman Empire.
Greece: 1-3 Greek city-states, 4 Macedonia, 5 Eastern Roman Empire
America: 1-4 Carthage, 5 Spain.
Egypt: 1-4 Egypt, 5 Berbers.
Babylon: 1-2 Babylon, 3-4 Babylon satrapies, 5 Sassanids
Turkey: 1-2 Persia, 3-4 Persian Empire, 5 Persian state.

Each country is gaining some type of unit (computer player).

Almost consists of hoplites. Supporting the troops - archers, small in number. cavalry not.
With 4 epoch instead of producing sarissofory, hoplites and there is a good cavalry.
At the age of 5 produces a standard set of the Roman army (lots of little infantry + cavalry and auxiliary troops).
Advantages: the most efficient army in the melee. Not afraid of cavalry and chariots.
Disadvantages: slow speed, can easily be fired.

At all times the standard infantry army - a legion.
Very powerful infantry, one of the most powerful in 4-5 epochs.
Army to cover up a significant amount of orders and cavalry.
Pros: Effective, balancing the Army Infantry.
Disadvantages: Relatively high cost of soldiers.

Many light infantry and support troops (slingers).
Many of the Light Brigade, especially Numidian.
Gaining Elephants, which are the main striking force.
With 5 epoch Spain is gaining the same composition as the army, with the exception of elephants.
On the whole army of highly mobile, versatile, but it is weak, a little heavy units.
Pros: The presence of elephants, the high mobility. Army effective in various ambushes, retreats and other fraudulent
Disadvantages: Not heavy forces leading to defeat in head-on attacks.

Ages 1-4 Army imprisoned solely for weapons bows.
One of the first European civilizations, the increasingly in the 2nd century cavalry archers and bowmen simple.
Scythian archers stronger the rest of Europe, and the large number of infantry and cavalry archers fired leads to the tactics of escape.
In the 5th century barbarian balanced produce an army of infantry and cavalry.
Pros: Effective use of archers.
Ability to recruit troops and encouraging farmers to call for military service.
Disadvantages: Afraid of close combat.

In all epochs of barbarian gains a balanced army of infantry and cavalry.
Instead of gaining swordsmen, axemen have high attack.
Gaining Berserker - a very strong unit, inspires others.
Pros: Thanks to the abundance of hatchets and axes army is stronger than any other barbarian army.
Ability to recruit troops and encouraging farmers to call for military service.
Disadvantages: The main forces of civilization barbarian armies is worse.

In all epochs of barbarian gains a balanced army of infantry and cavalry.
In the 5th century, gaining paladins, one of the most powerful cavalry units.
In the 5th century, gaining throwing axes - the most powerful units ranged in age.
Kicking the Druids.
Pros: Ability to recruit inspirational forces (Druids), and to encourage farmers to military service.
Disadvantages: The main forces of civilization barbarian armies is worse.

In gaining only 1-3 epochs infantry army.
The 4 epochs - gathering chariots.
At epochs 5 barbarian gains a balanced army of infantry and cavalry.
Recruit the Druids. Gaining throwers heads, a very efficient unit ranged. Throwers heads use a single carcass, efficient against buildings.
Pros: Ability to recruit inspirational forces (Druids), and to encourage farmers to military service. throwers heads and chariots.
Disadvantages: The main forces of civilization barbarian armies is worse. The complete lack of cavalry in the early ages.

Army depends heavily on age. The most powerful in the 2 and 5 of age.
Gaining a very diverse army units which are the strongest: heavy infantry, elephants, chariots, katafrakt.
All units are separated by a strong periods. And at a time can gain one or two strong units.
The remaining units are weaker than in other countries.
Pros: Heavy infantry, elephants, chariots, katafrakt.
Disadvantages: stagnation in the development of the army. The line of troops from 2 to 4 times do not improve.

Army depends heavily on age. The most powerful of 2-3 era.
Gaining a very diverse army units which are the strongest: horse archers, elephants, chariots, katafrakt.
Gaining the Immortal, which, however, are only effective against light troops.
In the Persian army of the greatest number who do not want to fight.
As a rule, the most powerful units Persia may employ the same time.
Pros: Horse archers, elephants, chariots, katafrakt.
Disadvantages: stagnation in the development of the army. The line of troops from 3 to 5 times do not improve. Mass does not desire to fight the soldiers.

Mass, light army of spearmen, archers and chariots.
In gaining a balanced age 5, but a light army.
More than any other country gaining chariot.
Cheap and quickly recruited soldiers.
Sometimes gaining the Pharaoh Guard, which is indeed weaker than the elite forces of other countries.
Advantages: Cheap army. Many chariots.
Disadvantages: Weak military, virtually no heavy infantry and cavalry.

New types of units in 1-5 epochs:

A warrior with an ax, a mace, ax, two-handed sword (increased attack),
The peasants with knifes.

Warriors with spears - all have a bonus against cavalry:
Spearman - the usual spear, a range of attacks
Hoplite, a long spear, vyoskaya defense, attack range 2. More efficient to build in the phalanx.
Sarissofor very long spear, attack range 3. More efficient to build in the phalanx.
Peasants with pitchforks.

Slingers - hurl stones, attack range and killing power is average, are available at an early age
Skirmishers - metal darts, attack range is low, but high value attacks
Archers - Range of attack is high, setting the average attack
Axe Throwers - a very short range attack, setting a very high attack
Throwers lit heads - an attack on the area, short range attack, high attack option. The heads light up in the fall.


Horse swordsman and horseman with an ax - the standard cavalry, there is a bonus in the construction of a wedge.
Horse cavalry spearman standard, there is a bonus in the construction of a wedge.
Horse Archer
Horse skirmisher - throwing darts.
Katafrakt - a very large parameter of life, but low speed.

The women - soldiers with axes. Inspire the troops. Engage in the Town Hall.
Druids - inspire troops. Employed in the temples.
Berserkers - inspire troops.
Chariot serponosnye - melee.
Chariots with archers, or darts.
Elephants melee.
Elephants with towers archers
Spartan hoplites. - Increased attack and setting life. Expensive and long construction.
Farmers - the units employed in the Town Hall.

For each country, made his officer-bearer, on the basis historical prototype.

Made line of the ships for 1-5 epoch, as well as icons and names.
All ships can transport troops.
All ships can take each other on the board.
Russia, Greece and England have a unique marine units.
All countries are gaining new ships.

General types of ships:
The Raft (1 period)
Birema (the most powerful ship)

Other types of:
Galley with catapult - for fire coast.
Viking ship, and the Rus - maneuverable military landing craft.
Greek galley, attacking the Greek fire.

Type of .. Life .. the attack .. los .. range .. fast .. maneuvering .. the load .. boarding
Raft .... 200 ..... 0 ..... 8 ..... A ..... 2.0 ..... 180 ..... 5 ..... 0.5 x .....
Boat .... 700 ..... 30 ..... 8 ..... 10 ..... 2.2 ..... 180 ..... 10 ... 2x .....
Galera ... 1300 ..... 60 ..... 8 ..... 10 ..... 2.0 ..... 180 ..... 15 ..... 2 .....
Birema ... 2200 ..... 100 ..... 8 ..... 10 ..... 2.0 ..... 80 ..... 20 ..... 4 .....
Katap .... 1400 ..... 270 ..... 11 .... 11 ..... 1.8 ..... 180 ... 0 ..... 0.5 x .....
Viking ... 1000 ..... 40 ..... 11 .... 10 ..... 2.6 ..... 180 ... 10 ..... 2x .....
Russian .. 1000 ..... 30 ..... 11 .... 10 ..... 2.3 ..... 180 ... 10 ..... 2 .....
Greece ... 2700 ..... 110 ..... 11 .... 10 ..... 2.0 ..... 80 ... 25 ..... 4 .....

Made line of siege equipment epoch of 1-5.
All countries are gaining a new siege equipment.
Siege equipment was very effective.
Heavy Onager catapults and efficient against buildings.
Light balista and a scorpion - rapid and effective for land units (one shot - one kill)

Types of artillery:
Kamnemet (1 epoch)
Balista (2-5 epoch)
Scorpio (4-5 aepochge)
Catapult (2-5 aepochge)
Onager (3-5 epoch)

In the game, new scenarios and campaigns.
4 campaigns:
The unification of Germany
World War II
cold war
The fight against drug trafficking

6 blocks of scenarios on the topics:
History of the Future
The Global Strategy
tactical scenarios
historical scenarios

In total 60 new scenarios.
All scenarios and campaigns are open.

Made an important thing for a game:
Reduced the number of buildings in territory:
AirDefense - 3
CoastalDefense - 3
Fortress - a
Wall_Tower - 3
House - 2
Market - 1
Outpost - 2
Temple - 1
University - a
Missile_Silo - 2
Barracks - 2
Mill - 2
Stable - 2
OilRig - 2
Warehouse - 3
Farm - 3
Airport - 2
Airport2 - 2

Ages 2-5 will be introduced by the behavior of units. Farthest removed like a morality in rtw.
Units originally located in a certain position, but you can change:

the majority of units in these countries are initially in a position to attack.
They will attack without orders, and pursue the enemy until he was killed, or do not die.
In the barbarian army is no discipline at the sight of the enemy, it pounces on him, not thinking about building.

Rome and Greece
A civilized army, most of the units are initially set to hold a position, they priuchiny keep order, not distracted by trifles.
No orders will not attack, but in the ranks, at a specified place them fight to the last. Stand even if they are watered with arrows.

Persia, Egypt
In these countries, many slaves, peasants, warriors neproffesionalnyh designed to fight. They are cheap, typed quickly - but that does not want to fight.
Their position was initially cautious, they will never attack the enemy first, will be avoided combat,
or being at risk will be protected.

Original position can be changed manually, but in the pattern during the war to do it all the time will be difficult.
As a rule newly manufactured units guarding the city with the initial position. For Persia, they would rather flee than buda to protect the city.

Added text descriptions to the existing units. The work continues.

Improved icons of existing units. The work continues.

New boot screen at startup when you start the game and map editor.
Icon for MOD. Several other minor changes.

Now when you start the single player or multiplayer will not show the original units, and by appropriate icons of the nation.

New, more realistic surface texture maps for the tropics.

Added new map

Added a new type of map generation. It replaces the old type of card - Big Island.
Now the maps are generated are not predictable. In 7 out of 10 cases - it is plain from the bays. Territory on this map are large.

New units 9 version you can find in game encyclopedia.

The work of the departures from the game:
Adjust the lighting and shadows will now be installed automatically along with the installation of the mod.
Without changing the game settings should not be flown.
For critical settings, lighting and shadows are installed warning.
The mod is installed strictly in zadonomu way.
Change the way you can not, but during installation it will be displayed.
These changes should Ustron all known crashes in vogue.

The work on the game lags:
Increased restriction of buildings on the same territory - at least bysroe, but more thoughtful development.
AI at the king and the emperor did not benefit by reducing the rate of production units, and by increasing their attack.

All land technique in its motion should be a relief surface.

The corpses of people and equipment balances remain on the ground for two minutes. Most of the realism of the battlefield.

Included with the modules are two small applets.
First - returns the camera out of the game original EE2
The second - makes it more realistic proportions in the game.
I do not used developments mod Realistic Earth 3.0b.
I have done different proportions: People and the cavalry remained in its former dimensions. Buildings, trees and equipment increased in size.

It is important that these programs are changing the game config files, if you want to play multiplayer, you have other players should be
set to the same set of programs (the same config files).

All user folders are now in the game folder. Look for your new scenarios and maps there.

As a result of testing have been identified and made the following corrections:
(More on unfixed bugs in the )

Removed all the original characters.
Greece does not ban the production of a jet fighter in the 15 era. Fixed that.
T90 in the 15 era. Fixed that.
SWAT hire 6 era. Fixed
gardener can not collect food from the bushes as before. Fixed
The cost of battleships support is 7000 gold, which corresponds to the value of gunboats. Given the experience of the game has changed now price: 12 000 3500 gunboats battleships
Attack two-handed sword medieval Germany - 40 high, decreased to 25-30, give great price and construction time. Fixed that.
The hero of an infantryman in the later ages it becomes officer. Fixed
Counterparty in the University is the first time. Fixed that.
Sanantonio. helicopter carrier became available to all countries.
In helicopter fixed life and attack.
Kirov. nuclear-powered missile cruiser fixed the attack, the name and description.
reduced effectiveness of flags.
Fixed problem with all the unique units are not displayed correctly
Error in 15 age related with chemical fighters, who after leaving the airport as a mythic trail padded left at the airport, which led to a fatal crash .. Fixed
Battleships in the 15th century are not planted in aroportu. Fixed that. removed ordnance. Several missile carriers increased recharge time. Battleships can be repaired in the hangar.
Fighters that do not need reloading ammunition - are not put in an airport, that's fine. They are placed in the hangar.
SWAT goes through walls, shoot from the water, does not take a population. Fixed only managed to not take the population. Now, pop equals 4. The rest did not change.
Italy, on the ground sau avtokanone defense. Fixed that.
Autoworks is made with earlier periods. Fixed that.
Secret Service agent, the special forces - fixed starting the era of production.
Sound is an elephant in the rabbit. Fixed that.
The brewery can attack the cannon. Fixed that.
Druids there 15 times. Fixed, now in 7 times.
In the Babylonian grenade in the Second World LLC. Knock, and airplanes. Now with 13 times
Counterintelligence in the position of a passive, does not shoot itself spies. Fixed that.
Su34 fly with landing gear. Fixed that.
Russian peasants have a great attack (20 I think). Fixed at 15, like all axeman game.
Atmony submarine boat at the dock does not fill up the balance. Now the nuclear submarine nuclear missiles will be produced as a mine.
Patterns of grass in tropical climates in the form of squares. Fixed that.
Truck of the automobile plant has no icon. Fixed that.
In the editor, you can find an employee without the texture. Fixed an alchemist removed. Removed as Gonchar has no function.
Partizan has a 300 damage. Fixed that. Did 20 gun attack
Team colors must be changed to the original EE2. Fixed
Ford TAS. Removed the second man.
Car gas is removed 61 attack.
Silos of nuclear missiles are living in 2000. Fixed that.
Ja37 employed in the 15th century. Fixed that.
Desert Warrior now has a description of the rocket launcher.
Made a huge effort to move ispraveniyu ground equipment. Temerev all ground units followed by relief.
1.5 Effect of the commander of epochs is a large green cloud of smoke. Fixed that.
Fixed F14 116 300 lives.
Removed the remaining centuries of industrial buildings, icons of the original units.
Elephant attack animation fixed.
There were two types of bombard cannon, with the same model and name, but different attack values: (a) attack 805, and (b) attack 121. Fixed
The ship Kirov - was a common business unit - heavy rocket kreiser.
Removed all categories of units. To determine the type of unit - to read a description of it (help text).

Corrections to the English version (language)
list corrections to the English version of the mod

The creators of Empire Earth 4 (Mod):

The core team:

Author of the idea, program code, the adaptation of models, the balance - RGV1

Russian text description, icons, boot screens - Axel

Boot screen, icons, scripts, maps - Dragon_ua

Russian text description - DarkElfe

Adapting the model program code - Iwanicki

The icons, the English text - Michael34

Correction of the English version of the mod - Shieldwolf

Over the mod worked well:

Program code, balance, ideas, scripts - NagvalRus

Campaigns and Scenarios - iluha

Scenarios, the English text description - Ivan12345 @

The campaign and scenarios - Oreshek

Modernization of the map generator - Elensul Heruambar

Icons, ideas - e24ever

Maps - LeVon Levoni

The original game patch - DrMonaLisa

Promotion of the project, English text description - ilih1997g

Maps - ADM_RUS

A team of testers:
Ivan12345 @

Special thanks to:

We express our appreciation for the promotion of mod
DrMonaLisa and site

The mod is used:

Models of the authors of the site

Models of the game:
Rome Total War
Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasion

Models of the mods for Rome Total War:
Ogniem i Mieczem

All models belong to their owners, EE4 not a commercial project and not benefiting from the use of models.
You may not sell or use for commercial purposes, the model of mod.
Full list of sponsors of models is being prepared.

In the mod used patch Empire Earth II: The Art of Supremacy Unofficial patch 1.1

Official site


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posted 07-10-12 09:45 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4  
i really want to play this mod but i cant play because it crashes and getting this error message.

EAX:09bd7814h ESI:00000000h
EBX:00000000h EDI:0a7f03ech
ECX:3fe3d5cah EBP:00000000h
EDX:09f6260ch ESP:0038f9dch
EIP:005a771fh EID:00000000h
SS: 0000002bh CS: 00000023h
DS: 0000002bh FS: 00000053h
ES: 0000002bh GS: 0000002bh
Flags: 00210206h CF:0 PF:1 AF:0 ZF:0 SF:0 OF:0

i am using this mod with ee2x expansion.please help!!


i installed gold worked but now it crashes randomly in game ( it seems that it is still in beta stage.
i am looking forward for future releases.thanks for your work!!

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posted 07-12-12 11:43 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4  
Hmm. This is very strange. I have everything working with no crashes.

Try to install the with no games. Just install it (you will need a license key).

Have you tried it? :

Mod Run in compatibility mode for Windows XP (operating systems, Vista and 7)
Please set Lighting Detail: LOW. Game works properly only with LOW setting of Lighting Detail.
(By default, these settings should be at a minimum)

Try to install the game on drive C.
posted 07-12-12 06:52 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4  
i set lighting level to low and now it works without crashes so far.thanks !!!
posted 01-06-13 03:49 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4  
this mod is awsome !! but the campaigns are not good it needs better ones , if the building limit and unit population increase that would be the best
thx for the mod i really like it
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