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Topic Subject: Changes List (Current Version 17)
posted 05-12-05 03:35 PM EDT (US)   
Here is a list of changes. I beleive it contains most if not all.

HG Beta Patch v20

Animal food increased to 250
Gather rates decrease, now it is hard to spam units and battle are more strategic.
City Centers now fire arrows when garrisoned
Horse Speed Decreased
Houses cost less and provide increased economic bonuses
Resources mines now are finite at 4,000 resources per mine. They tend to last four or so epochs. Gold, Tin, and Iron can have 10 villagers per mine, Stone can have five, Wood can have four, and Forage Patches can have eight.
Temples and Universities gather tech points at slower rates. But you can have up to 6 people in a university at a time. This add more stratgic choice so u have to pay in villager seconds if you want to tech boom.
Warehouses now cost less and are very important to build early on.
Roads now make units move 30% faster. (Also, please test bridges for me, I am trying to fix that bug where units do not go over them.)
The starting resources have been changed. You now start with 50 gold and 10 tech points. The tech points allow you to choose one starting technology, all of which have been unlocked.
All Units have had their stats changed. Counters now work very well.
Forts cannot be built until the second epoch
Stables and horses can now be built in the first epoch.
Going to the next age now requires some additional food and/or gold.
Outposts cost more now.
Meso. regional power reduced from 45% to 25%
Western regional power reduced from 200% to 150%
Veteran Upgrade cost now increased and it now costs a few of tech points
Economic Leaders build time reduction rate reduced.
AI now fights well as long as one does not rush it.
New tool tips have been added.
UUs now cost 3 resources while normal units cost 2.

LI cost Wood and Gold
HI cost Food and Gold or in the case of spears Food and tin
HC cost Food and Gold
LC cost Wood and Gold?
HA cost Wood Gold and Tin
LA cost Wood and Gold

Counters- The counter system has been changed. Now it goes something like this:
HI counter HC + Buildings
LI counter HI + LC
HC counter LI + Citz. + HA + LA
LC counter Citz.
LA counter HI + LI
HA counters Buildings and does almost nothing against normal units.

UUs - Here are some quick descriptions of the Unique Units
Frontiersman= Now these units are good to build. They can heal units on the battlefield.

Atlatl Thrower= A cool unit that is well rounded. It has a high rate of attack but low range.

Assyrian Bowmen= These units only are beaten in range by the siege units and they have good attack. They are very weak if they do not have units protecting them.

Druid= These are cool units now that can heal. Countered by LI. They are built at the barracks and cost a lot more.

Dragon Archer= A well rounded archer that has area of effect damage.

Royal Elephant= A cavalry unit slightly faster than infantry with range.

Barbarian= A speedy little infantry great for raiding.

Hoplite= A monstrous unit with high health that is great for defending against the rush.

Bola Thrower= This unit is similar to the Aztecs however it is slightly stronger and more expensive.

Samurai= Hmm, what do these units do? LoL, JK, these guys are similar to normal infantry just they make you laugh they attack so fast.

Hwarang= A light raiding unit.

Quetzal Warrior= The cheapest unit in the game and one that is great at being massed. It is also great at being kill because it is so weak health wise.

Legionnaire= A nasty little unit great for the rush for it has high attack but low health.

Spahi= The biggest unit so far in the game this guy is just mammoth in health. His expense is appropriately high as well however.

Future Changes
Localization of Tool tips
Ages 6-15

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    posted 08-10-05 10:59 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
    Do I need to mess with the hard code to add epochs 0 and 16-20? I want an epoch like the prehistoric age of EE1 where you can't really do much but move to the Stone Age, and then more futuristic stuff for XVI-XX.
    posted 12-15-06 05:12 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
    hey yall were can one download Stainless Steal 3D Supposedly you can edit models so any help would be appreciated and is there any Alien Models Like from the film with sagorni weaver
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