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Topic Subject: Mod update (and new name)
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posted 05-11-05 12:38 PM EDT (US)   
ViE clan one of EE1's most skilled clans have offered our mod for download on their site.

this is the change list from what I know (only age 1-5 have been really looked at so far):

  • All units have had cost changes and stat changes
  • stables are available from epoch 1 with a heavy mounted unit (epoch 1 heavy mounted units cannot be upgraded to veteran/elite status.)
  • starting gold was removed from coffers in low res games
  • enough tech points to research 1 tech at the start of epoch 1
  • warehouses are 50% cheaper
  • house are cheaper
  • the RPS system has had the following changes:
  • Heavy Infantry are more effective against buildings and completely destroy cavalry (spearmen 'now available in epoch 1' have a range of 2 which makes them the best anti cav unit) Heavy Infantry are extremely weak against Light Infantry
  • Heavy Mounted have had thier speed reduced, they are slightly more effective at killing citizens but extremely effective at killing light infantry and ALL siege, Heavy Mounted are to be countered with Heavy infantry (especially spearmen)
  • Light Infantryhave slightly longer range and counter all Heavy infantry and light cavalry (epoch 2) they are extremely weak to Heavy Mounted and not very effective against buildings
  • Light artillery are extremely effective against all infantry but die extremely fast to cavalry and heavy artillery
  • Scouts no longer attack citizens but can attack everything else
  • Citizenshave been given a slightly higher attack
  • Light Cavalry(epoch 2)counter citizens and Heavy infantry but are costly take a long time to build and die extremely fast to light infantry fire
  • Heavy Artillery(epoch 2-15) extremely effective against buildings and light artillery but very ineffective against infantry and die very fast to Heavy Mounted
  • Forts no longer available until epoch 2, they have decreased range and more HP, they are brought down very fast by heavy artillery (as well as rams)
  • outpostscost more and are slightly stronger (very hard to spam towers now)
  • ALL epoch 1-5 UUs have been changed from super units to units that have other advantages such as:
  • Roman UU have a very high attack but low HP they are great for rushing and can destroy a city in very short order (counter with light infantry)
  • American UU now has the ability to heal though it does so at a much slower rate than the city center and it is a power which means it needs to be used carefully (we are working on adding the icon to the unit interface, for now it defaults to healing when you mouse over one of your own units).
  • Mayan UU very cheap very fast to train but also very weak compared to even normal heavy infnatry, they can be massed very easily and work best in numbers (counter with light infantry)
  • gather rates for all resources have been changed to reflect how difficult some resources are to gather compared to others
  • All resources have been made finite, they last about 3-6 epochs

    There are more changes that I will have readily available in the near future.

    We are still working on balancing regional powers, crowns, and leader powers as we speak. We ask for player input on balancing these as there are too many different factors for us to possibly look at by ourselves. we plan on having MANY patches to adjust the various problems that you all will find. later today we will have a patched version of the mod that ViE has which fixes many small unit imbalances and many other small changes.

    We are working hard to deliver an excellent alternate experience. Our goal with these changes is to give defensive players more of a chance against a rusher while not giving them a distinct advantage, to give more power to boomers if they aren't rushed, and to give more power to rushers if they rush a boomer. We don't want the game to have to resort to constant unit production, we want the balance to shift and turn with players as they build units to counter each other. We also want players that are smarter with their economy to have advantages over someone who isn't smart with their economy. We want to add many more variables to the first few minutes of the game, thus the starting tech points. If you are against a roman and fear a rush you can research a defensive tech, if you are a rusher you can research the tech to make your Heavy infantry stringer to help your strategy (we will be looking into nerfing that huge 20% gather rate tech to make it 10%).

    We want to add a lot more options than just the same ole mass unique units and attack, Mokon and I played a game last night where he was Greek and I was America (scout that heals UU) i knew if I tried to raid him I would be slaughtered so instead i trained light infantry with my healing scout and killed his very strong UU. If not for his tech advantage I would have won that game but because he went another avenue with defensive booming as opposed to my all out raid strat he was able to pick himself up and come back for the win. Very good game that lasted to age 5 (our stated end age because 6-15 are yet balanced) with constant fighting and constant excitement. this is what we want in this Mod, i hope you guys want the same.

    future changes will include such things as

  • all epoch 1 techs will be available, only prerequisite will be a city center
  • more units will have special abilities (such as camouflaging itself for the duration of the power)
  • we are also going to be working on balancing out epochs 6-15 soon, we want to hit one era at a time to secure a balanced game from start to finish
  • we are working on giving starting herd animals much more food and increased gather rates to incourage hunting.
  • we are working on changing the AI of the game which will come in a future patch once allother changes are done. this will help the Ai play better with the mod
  • we are working on a way to create more unit lines in the RPS system though now (thanks to calanor) we found that might not be possible
  • we will change all tool tips to reflect the changes
  • we plan on localizing the Mod so all language versions will be able to play with no translation problems. We will be looking for Translators very soon!

    We have much more planned but as for now we are just trying to make the balance more even and a bit more functional.

    We'd like to thank Mad Doc for making probably the most moddable game I've ever played and also for making it so easy to mod. EE2 has some awesome features that are overshadowed by some flaws, me and Mokon started this just to see if we could do it, we are happy that others are interested in what we are doing.


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  • Replies:
    posted 06-29-05 09:06 PM EDT (US)     26 / 30  

    Whenever your ready the plains version is done. Working on water, but the AI does not perform well under small land areas. Will do what I can.


    "Adding intelligence to a AI is like teaching a two year old the difference between a round and a square and you get the same results. Both of you are frustrated by the end of the day." - Wolfgrim 2005
    posted 07-08-05 04:25 AM EDT (US)     27 / 30  
    yust wanned to say theres always 2 players online with the mod.
    We made our whole clan get it E@ wich are nice players.
    we all love it.
    try to help as much as we can.
    i think this latest version is close too good balance.
    Any ways dont forget E@ we playing it and our recruits 2.
    posted 07-08-05 10:02 AM EDT (US)     28 / 30  
    Well the main problem right now is spears are a little to powerful and archers are two weak while wood gathering is to slow and raiding requires a lot of skill to defend vs.... I think ive helped fix those in the next version tho it will be out soon

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  • posted 05-05-07 10:01 PM EDT (US)     29 / 30  
    Your mods sound fascinating. I mentioned this in another thread, but I'll try again here: I'm wanting to tweak the resource gathering rate to make it all slower (even more than what can be accomplished with the SKIRMISH tools), and I especially want to make oil gathering slower (currently it is quadruple the rate of other resource gathering). In my opinion, this rate decrease would make the game work more as a strategy game (vs a race for shoot-em-up scenarios). I've tried using a guide offered by Wolfgrim at the Sierra forum site, but that site doesn't accept any username I tried to submit, so I can't log on there to ask his advice. Can any of you help?


    posted 05-07-07 09:14 AM EDT (US)     30 / 30  
    Post here and wolfgrim will probably see it. Just add his name to the title

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