posted 09-22-22 03:54 AM EDT (US)   
I have played many different scenarios of the years and I just wanted to share some of my thoughts what makes a GOOD and BAD scenario.

I really enjoy those scenarios where you build yourself up over time and expand. You get your bearings much easier. I have played scenarios where you start off with many buildings and a large visible area, I get lost. Whereas when you lay out buildings by yourself, you know where to find them.

Whilst more time consuming, you could have a cinematic tour, if you have many areas and buildings. The camera could show the Capital area, with the text: the Capital. Then move to another area with text, then another area with text, so on.

SSSI_Eggman worked at the company. He released the single player campaign: Light of the Eternal City - Italian Campaign. Clearly, he knows the joy of building up and upgrading yourself.

Personally, I prefer to build up and produce my own units, than to be in control of a ton of units. THat way I have better bearings of the map and where everything is.

In so many downloaded scenarios, I do not have a single clue what I have to do. Despite reading instructions. If cinematics are executed correctly, they can really give great instruction to the player.

I feel many scenarios lack clear instruction. Where as I feel Eggman's scenarios really ease you into his campaign nicely. I hope this makes sense to read.