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Topic Subject: EE Modding - updated list of tools
posted 07-02-21 04:54 PM EDT (US)   
Hello dear Empire Earth modders and fans, here is a list of up-to-date tools which are used for Empire Earth modding.

There is link for every tool on last section of tool's description.

Also, on the bottom of the post is wiki site with various tutorials.

The tools are this ones:
-> EE Studio 2
- this tool is sucessor to the infamous EE Studio but it is far more better
- for SSA extraction
- for SST to TGA or TGA to SST conversion (easy and with amazing additional abilities)
- for image slicing (this is the best way to create new custom background image!)

-> CEMtool (addon for Blender)
- this Blender addon is a tool that Empire Earth modders waited for last 20 years
- for creating new models for the game

-> DB Editor
- this tool used to modify database of the game

-> online CIV editor, CivEdit
- those tools are used to edit civilizations tools n scripts/CivEdit

-> Bink Video Tool
- program for making videos tools n scripts/Bink Video Tool

-> Resource Hacker
- program used for modifying "Language.dll" and other ".DLL" files

- site for obtaining elevation files for making custom maps in Scenario Editor

-> Audacity
- program for making new sound effects, voices, etc.

Additional tools:
Game Extractor -
Notepad ++ -
GIMP Image Editor -
XnView (Classic) image viewer -
XnConvert image converter -
Blender 3D editor -
HxD Hex editor -
VLC video player


Discord link:
GitHub page:

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posted 02-17-23 02:23 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2  
Sorry if this was meant just for the OP. I found few models that are v1 and cannot be imported neither in Blender, nor CEM to OBJ because v1. But there is this CPP script and I've no idea if it works and how to use it, if it converts V1 to the working V2?
posted 02-18-23 04:36 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2  
Hey! You should join my team's Discord server. The link is in my signature.

My teammate, Zocker160, who has developed CEMtool can help you.

Discord link:
GitHub page:
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