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This message is to clear up a misunderstanding between certain "modpack" creators and HeavenGames, in the ModStudio thread.

Modpacks which enhance graphics and appearance, sounds, models, music, movies, unit names are welcome at HeavenGames.

Modpacks which alter unit names, unit stats, game functionality (such as the recent "unlimited resources" modpack), and other areas of EE will only be allowed if they are submitted as part of a campaign or scenario that requires the alterations in EE, or submitted as a "total conversion", where many aspects of EE are changed.

Modpacks that give players an advantage in any type of games will only be approved after approval by the publisher and HeavenGames. If that modpack alter EE to give only select human players an advantage over other human players in any MP games without notifying the other human players before they join the game, that modpack will be rejected by HeavenGames, even with the publisher's approval. Exceptions may be made by HeavenGames after review if the advantage was a part of a modpack that was required to play a certain custom-designed scenario or campaign.

If you have any questions about our policies in regards to EE Modpacks, please direct them to Zen at .

In regards to trainers
We take a firm stand against trainers, as they will, especially in a multi-player or tournament environment, do more harm than good. For single play, they lead to people to be bad players as they come to depend on the cheats, such as the revealing of an entire map, the availability of unlimited resources, etc.

Trainers are a major contributor to the destruction of ANY gaming community. As you know, one of the major functions of HeavenGames is to build communities for the games we have Heavens for. Clearly, trainers go against that goal of ours.

So, if you want to mess up your gaming skills, by all means go ahead, but don't expect help from us.

We will not host trainers on our site and we will actually ban people that admit to use of trainers to cheat in multiplayer games.

For more information regarding trainers, please visit


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