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EE Scenario Design & Modding
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Topic Subject: Design Info
posted 12-14-12 09:39 AM EDT (US)   
Information on Empire Earth Design

-Game Music Editing (JCGF)
-Registry files for such things as unlocking zoom values and much more (ZacG)
-How to make it so units never dissapear after death (Goofycarpet)
- Weird units to get in the editor through RMSing... (Enrique Orduno)
Game Music Editing
posted 10-28-12 12:07 PM EDT (US)

There are 4 kinds of files:

MP3: menu musics, only 2 files, arthurian.mp3 is the music that plays after you finish a scenario, in the statistics menu. eeintro.mp3 is the music that plays in all other menus

These are easy to replace, i didn't have any problems with lenght of the mp3 or anything.

DLS: use some program to convert files, only wav and midi work
STY: only midi works
SGT: wav or midi. use direct music producer to convert, easy to use, simply choose import file into project to open your desired music and then choose runtime save as

Registry files for such things as unlocking zoom values and much more.
by ZacG
posted 11-03-11 00:37 AM EDT (US)

Find run and then type in regedit then go to

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\SSSI\Empire Earth

The registry values you can edit in this file are as follow:

Aimbient Sounds
Animation Smoothing
AutoSave In Miliseconds
Button MIP Levels to Drop
Computer Player Difficulty Level
CT Send Interval Step Down
CT Send Interval Ste Up
Debug OSS Handling
Display Clouds
Display Shadows
Effect Detail
Enable Animal Herds
Game Bit Depth
Game Window Height
Game Window Width
Grab Scroll Speed
Host Game Name
Installed From Directory
Installed From Volume
Last Auto Save
Last Game File
Last Open Post Game Stats Page
Last Quick Save
Last Scenario File
Max CT Send Interval
Max Number Of Sounds (percent)
Max PTs per Second
Min PTs per Second
Model Detail
Mouse Sensitivity
Music Enabled
Music Volume
Network Adapter
Number of AutoSaves
Player Name
PT Rate Turning Threshold (percent)
Rasterizer Name
Reverb Enabled
Right Hand Mouse Orientation
Screen ID
Show Auto Waypoints
Show Blood
Side Scroll Speed Game Name User ID
Sound Volume
Take End Game Screenshots
Terrain MIP Levels to Drop
Texture Bit Depth
Trilinear Filter
Unit Lighting
Unit Scale Factor
Wait for VSync
WonNet Password
Zoom Lock

Then if you Click the folder titled "Game Options":

Allow Custom Civs
Cheat Codes
Difficulty Level
Ending Epoch
Game Speed
Game Unit Limit
Game Variant
Lock Speed
Lock Teams
Map Size
Map Type
Record Game
Reveal Map
Starting Epoch
Starting Resources
Wonders For Victory

Note when you change these values do not change them while ingame or they'll reset to the normal game values. Another thing this cannot be used as a cheat for multiplayer games.

Another thing most of these registry values are probably actually static addresses I know when I searched the base address for "Empire Earth.exe"+356754 which brings you to the static pointer for AutoSave in Miliseconds. I'm gonna eventually write an easy on the go editor for this sometime in the future.

Not entirely much you can do with these registry values, but I figured I would release for an education purpose and I'm looking into seeing with what can be done by finding the static addresses and changing them at hand since stuff like in Game Options would be overwritten once a random is created.


JCGF - For Inspiring me
IDA Disassembler
Cheat Engine which i use for a debugger at times and finding values to see what writes and accesses whatever
Hex Workshop - for the endless hours of converting hex values using a programmers calculator

How to make it so units never dissapear after death
by Goofycarpet
posted 09-24-10 10:44 PM EDT (US)

// Generic Death AI file
// Behaviors:
// Handles dying and rotting away.
// Notes:
// Units never disappear now!
// Common modifications:
// Commented out unit rotting
// Known Problems:
// Airplanes still spin their engines. This probably has to do with the model format more than anything
// Usage:
// save this in the data/unit ai scripts/ folder as generic death.tai

// are we dying (hitpoints == 0)
DyingAnimationFinished true(ResourcesRotting)

// ResourcesRottedAway true(UnitRotting)

// //UnitRottedAway true(Dead)

Well, I remember triggers being really slow at giving resources and I remember as a kid I wanted to have units never disappear after death. Man, if only I knew it were this easy! :P

Save it as data/unit ai scripts/generic death.tai.
As I said, airplane engines still spin... but no biggie. I think this has to do with the engine, anyway. Enjoy.

Weird units to get in the editor through RMSing...
by Enrique Orduno posted 12-01-01 01:32 PM EDT (US)

As I've been updating the RMS Units/Buildings variables, I came across some rather cool and weird things.
Here are some that I got so far(most of these crashed or games or we couldn't find them in the beta) :

To use them, you need some basic knowledge of RMSing(visit EE Punk's RMS section for more info) and Scenario design.

115 - Explosion - At startup
116 - Explosion - At startup
164 - Explosion - At startup
275 - Building Foundation - It might not show up in-game, haven't tested
276 - Building Foundation - It might not show up in-game, haven't tested
279 - Building Foundation - It might not show up in-game, haven't tested
292 - Projectile - Blows up at start up in quite a nice effect
338 - Projectile - Blows up at start up in quite a nice effect
355 - Single Player Settlement - That one is quite interesting. If it is put underwater and in a later age(I think Atomic and later), it will create Naval mines around it for 40 gold each. Quite interesting.
439 - Some kind of spear - It seems to crash the game. But, it looks like a long spear without name and standing there, horizontally in the editor.
165 - Typhoon(the sea disaster) - I think it creates the disaster at startup
514 - Anti-matter Storm - I think it creates the disaster at startu

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posted 07-14-14 02:02 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Registry values are interesting!
The Zoom Level does work...a bit. But the more you increase the value, the more white-blue-ish it gets. You know, that bright distant effect. So this doesn't increase/decrease the zoom really. The default value is 64 but setting it to 128 adds a nice cloudy effect in the top screen.
Most unfortunately, the Unit Scale Factor doesn't do anything. Does anyone have any idea how it can work? And don't say HEXing please. I'm looking for alternatives.

The Unit Rotting AI script is a jewel! But there's a problem with upgraded walls that are left behind. Don't know how to fix that.

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posted 08-05-14 09:00 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
Hi, How do I change the name of the units? Example; Unit's name is Huskari. But I create scenerio and I don't want Unit's name is viking. I want change it. I wanna be the Unit(Huskari) of the name of Ragnar. Thank you very much.
posted 08-05-14 09:21 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
I am ragnor22 it is my new profile. Ragnor22 blocked :/
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