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Topic Subject: HappyHippyHarry's Trigger centre
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posted 08-19-08 04:36 AM EDT (US)   
Do you really need to know a trigger that isn't listed in "scenario editor techniques"? or you simply can't be bothered to create your own thread? You've come to the right place. Ask me a question about triggers and I'll try my hardest to answer it for you. I will edit this post and enter the questions and answers.


HappyHippyHarry asked: How do I respawn units?

1) make an object for p1. eg. Bob
2) make an effect creating Bob.
3) in "Triggers" under "condition" find "Bob exists"
4) Tick the box saying "If not"
5) Add the effect in and make it looping

* Note - To prevent glitching of the triggers make the condition p1 loss = 1 to p1 loss >=1. Also unless you are making each player have only 1 unit than make
p1's loss - 1 instead of making it 0.


HappyHippyHarry asked: How can I make it so that you can buy and sell unit attributes or resources?

1) make an area.
2) make an object that p1 is in the area.
3) make any class attribute improvement you want.
4) make an effect that p1 gold - 10
5) make a condition that p1 gold = 10
6) make a trigger that if ( p1 object )
exists, then ( p1 gold - 10 and ) and
( p1 class attribute + X ) make it looping and true for N seconds.
1) make an area.
2) make an object that p1 is in the area.
3) make any clas attribute you want to take away from you want.
4) make an effect making p1 gold + 10
5) make a trigger that if ( p1 object exists ) then ( p1 gold + 10 ) and ( p1 class attribute - X ) make it looping and true for N seconds.


Mike Bul asked: I wanna when an object reaches an area Object to do something. How can i do it?

1.In "areas" Create the area you wish for the person to reach. Eg. Town Square.
2. Go into "objects" and select the desired object(s). Check the box that says "in area" and choose "town square" from the drop down menu. Call the object "Bob in town square"
3. Create your effect that you wish to happen
4 In "trigerrs" select "condition" and choose "Bob in town square exists"
5 Then add in your effect(s).


EmpireMaster asked: How do I get repeating waves of units every 10 mins?

1.) make an object that defines the group of unit you want to have (object definition + area where you want to spawn)
= 'unit1

2.) make an effect that spawns the unit group
= 'create unit'

3.) make an effect that sends the groups from the area where they spawn to the area they shall attack (or the object)
= 'task area' or 'task object'

4.) create the trigger saying:

IF 'always true'
THEN 'create unit1' and 'task object'
looping: yes
condition true for: 600 seconds


GRIMES asked: I guess this is a noob question, but how can I set it if specific units die (2 in my case) player wins?

This is very simple.
1- Make an object that holds both the units you want to die in order to win. "Object1"(Select on map will do)
2- Make an effect: Player>Victory >Player1 = "effect1"
3- Make a trigger with the following specifications:
IF [x]NOT "Object1 exists"
THEN "effect1"

looping?: NO
conditions true for: NOT TICKED


GRIMES asked: I want to when i find two cargo trucks I receive ownership. How do i do it?

1- Make an object: eg. like Bob
2- Make an object: select objects on map - select your two cargo trucks(if they are in different locations, you need to make 2 objects) tick the LOS box and select "bob" from the dropdown list
3- make an effect "change owner"
4- make the trigger:
IF "Bob"
THEN "change owner"


Vincentk83 asked:

1: when scenario starts I want to put some text on the left and screen is dark.
2: I want to put the camera in a precise place after this dark screen.
3: when a specific unit gets killed i want to get some new units on the map (actually some tanks and artillery on a transport ship)
4: I want to rename heroes

(Answers by shieldwolf23)
On 1:

a. “Object” > Select on map any object. Label this STARTER.
b. “Effect” > “Player” > “Visibility-Off”. This is to ensure your map really starts in black. Label this BLACK.
c. “Effect” > “Media” > “Send Chat Message”. Put your message here. Adjust number to desired length of time the message will appear onscreen. Label this MESSAGE.
d.“Trigger” > “Condition”. Place STARTER as condition. No Check.
e. “Trigger” > “Effect”> “BLACK” > “1” > “MESSAGE”. Delays are used to ensure sequence of effects being fired.

On 2: What do you want to achieve here, Vince? A mere camera positioning, or a prelude to a dialogue or emphasis on a unit character? Please elaborate here.

On 3: If you want tanks and artillery on a transport ship, just create these units using another player and this is a ONE TIME trigger, then:
a. “Object” > Select the transport ship. Be sure the tanks and artillery are inside it. Label it TRANSPORT.
b. “Object” > Select on map. This is the Specific Unit to be killed. Label this SPEC.
c. “Effect” > “Object” > “Task-Area”. Select TRANSPORT and “Offmap”. This will make the transport unit NOT available until the specific unit is killed. Label this OFFMAP TRANSPORT.
d. “Effect” > “Object” > “Task-Area”. Select TRANSPORT and “Previous Location”. This will make the transport unit available after the specific unit is killed. Label this ONMAP TRANSPORT.
e. “Effect” > “Object” > “Owner”. Select TRANPORT and “Player 1”. I assume that after killing the specific unit, the player will get the transport, not the computer. Label this P1 TRANSPORT.

Trigger 1: To make the transport not available:
a. “Trigger” > “Condition” > “TRANSPORT”
b. “Trigger” > “Effect” > “OFFMAP TRANSPORT”

Trigger 2: To have the transport after specific unit is killed:
a. “Trigger” > “Condition” > “SPEC”. Checked.
b. “Trigger” > “Effect” > “ONMAP TRANSPORT” > “1” > “P1 TRANSPORT”.

Both Triggers are ON.

On 4: Be sure that the units you want to rename belong to the applicable player before you rename it.
a. “Object” > Select the unit. Label it UNIT.
b. “Effect” > “Object” > “Class Name”. Rename your unit here. Add space before the name if you want the name to be seen even by a mere pass of the mouse pointer. Label it RENAME.
c. “Trigger” > “Condition” > “UNIT”
d. “Trigger” > “Effect” > “RENAME”
e. Trigger is ON.

Get asking!

go to the most retarded thing you ever seen!

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posted 07-03-15 07:23 AM EDT (US)     301 / 305  
Is there any way to hand out civ bonuses via triggers? In my realism mod I made a catastrophic mistake. The Paratrooper Plane is usable by default, but without the civ power of it, you cannot receive the rally point by the airport for it, making using them very tedious.

That and the fact that the missile base from the civ bonus, will not give you any ICBMs to build without having it as a civ power.

I realize that civ powers came in the new expansion and thus may not be in triggers at all, but I am just wondering. I know about "Modify Tech Tree", but obviously, there are no civ powers in there.

I would prefer this alternative to telling everybody to make their civs in the scenario editor, in order to avoid cheating aka getting all civ powers AND unit bonuses. Know what I mean?

Try out my realism mod! An attempt to make EE AOC 100% realistic in every way! Been working on it since September 2011, presumed time frame of completion = 2020 - 2030:
posted 10-06-16 06:32 PM EDT (US)     302 / 305  
Anyone can give me instruction to turn on animal ai active+? I play AoC and use the trigger, but it doesn't work
posted 02-09-17 04:09 AM EDT (US)     303 / 305  
I'm trying to make enemy units attack a wall, but while attacking enemies on the way. How would I do this?

Whenever they approach the wall, they won't attack for some reason. Please help.
posted 02-24-17 05:33 PM EDT (US)     304 / 305  
This is more of a big trigger question. I have been looking into computer A.I. I have made a computer mine, but once he has a full load he drops off and stops mining. My questions include:

1. How would I make a computer player automatically mine and keep mining (unless under attacked) using AI?
- Also if citizens dead, how would I make new citizens mine for the old ones?

2. How do I make a computer player make a certain amount of units and if that amount drops, readd to it?

3. How do I make an computer player maintain particular objects and rebuild them in particular areas if they do not exist?

4. How do I make a computer player send attack waves every so often?
posted 03-09-17 03:55 PM EDT (US)     305 / 305  
For some reason whenever I make a trigger for enemy units to attack an enemy gate, the units just stop outside the enemy gate and do not attack it.

How do I make a group of units attack an enemy gate, while still attacking enemies on the way?
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