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Topic Subject: Empire Earth III, I like it.
posted 05-05-13 08:05 PM EDT (US)   
When I first got this game as an early birthday present circa. 2009 I was overjoyed as I'd played Empire Earth: Art of Conquest and the vanilla version of that prior. Empire Earth III I would say was different, it was more graphic compared to the previous incarnation that I played (I should have realised that XD) so I kept getting that graphics lowered message, it wasn't buggy but it was just there.

2009 was when I was younger so I was always cheating... I admit to that and the god mode cheat confused me as well as intrigued me as it didn't work on some units, I don't know why.

The game had some cheesy lines which I don't even think are annoying, I enjoyed the Colonial builder who always remarked on 'tea'. I also loved the simplicity of it, or at least the fact that I didn't need to work out from millions of units what to do or upgrade them all or manage a few different resources WHILST being under siege of the cheating AI.

The things that I didn't like the most were the docks and the scenario editor. I had to rely on bridges to replace docks as the land was always 1 femtometre high and the scenario editor I could never ever test :[

Overall it was a fun game, but I think one day it's one of the reasons it crashed and broke one of my later computers... D:
posted 08-06-16 02:37 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
EE 3 had some fun ideas in it, but really massively lacked in depth. AI was pants as well, even more so then EE 1.

I suspect the game wasn't actually finished and was probbaly rushed, which would explain why stuff like parts of the scenario editor don't work.

You could prob mod it though to improve it, if is possible and that might actually be able to help the game somewhat...
posted 08-29-16 11:41 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
There are some aspects of Empire Earth III that I do prefer over Empire Earth II. Mainly the fact that, even though there is only 3 different civilization, they are feel different.

There is 20+ different civilizations in Empire Earth II, but beside some unique units there is no real difference between them, especially late game.

With Empire Earth III, the West gets high tech gear that is simply bad ass, the Middle East is completely mobile and able to build anywhere, and the Far East just swarms everything with bio-engineered weapons.

And even then, there is World Domination, which I personally enjoyed (except the 75% control of the world, auto win bullcrap).

I would love to see someone make unofficial patches to Empire Earth III to fix the many glitches and bugs or somehow make civilizations in Empire Earth II more like Empire Earth III with diversity.
posted 10-27-16 05:58 AM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
I was fortunate enough to be invited to LA to test out the EE3 alpha version which at the time I was impressed with and it also ran fairly smoothly on my PC. The UI was also very minimal compared to the final version which I really disliked.

I thought their ideas were good, a world domination mode with three very distinct civilizations to choose from but it was just poorly executed.

It also got a patch on release that was around 350MB but that still didn't resolve the horrible bug where boats became really choppy in movement. Mad Doc needed more time to finish the game.

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