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Topic Subject: didnt like EE3
posted 11-13-07 04:30 AM EDT (US)   

System specs:
4 gig RAM, INTEL Duo E6850 (3GHz), Gigabyte S775 GA-P35-DQ6 Core 2 Motherboard, XP PRO (latest updates), Geforce 8800 GTS.

My system is OK and stable.

General impressions:

Lacks focus, poor unit control, poor unit behaviour, 'clunky', boring to play, flakey (stops responding), purposeless, nothing to grab your interest.

Suitable for:

CD might be good as a coffee coaster.


Games are big business. All games are pitched with a target audience in mind against a background of titles competing for our money. I have no clue what the intended target audience might be although based upon my personal experience with the game, it might appeal to young kids with limited imagination.

The cynical side of me thinks this is a sad effort to trade off a successful franchise rather than a serious effort to add to the success of the franchise. It's a pity because I was really looking forward to playing the game. I had more fun watching the news than playing the game.

Voice talent - ummm, well ... yeah. Sack whoever did the scripts.

The tutorial is so basic that it is not worth playing. But hey, it's the game - doh!

Characters are clunky even with everything tuned to max. On my system I see no performance related problems (relatively slow loading aside). Boats don't move properly - the physics are wrong. Tell a builder to build and so it does ... maybe. Sometimes they start and unless you go back to check you will find them happily doing nothing. If you want to build three buildings then you need to direct the builder to each in turn. This is just dumb.

If there is any way to set way points then it's not in the manual, readme file of on screen. Unit formations - ??? Tell a 'formation' to go from point A to be and you have to watch them thread single file (different speeds) to the destination hoping none get 'stuck' along the way. I've seen no attack / move ...???

World domination is a good idea in principle but the implementation is poor. Upgrades don't carry. Domination? Nope ... frustration, disappointment, blah.

Strategic game play is entirely missing. Perhaps it's hidden? Planning a battle? Hell no. Just send a shite load of your 'guys' somewhere (hope they all arrive) and have at it. Two year olds are capable of better strategic thinking than this.

I've seen nothing to grab and hold my interest. For example: if there is any story at all I've been unable to find it. Battles are fought in a vacuum - pointless. In context, Tiberian Wars (released recently) has a great back story and battles are fought within a well crafted story. You feel as if there is something to work towards. EE2 (not brilliant) had a historical edge that helped.

Gone are any of the fun battle stats of EE2 - replaced with pithy info.

I really hope this is an Alpha release - because someone blew it big time. The recent patch (over 300 meg download) on release shows the product was released too early.

This game is no fun to play. It has no endearing features and, excluding zealot fans, nothing about it to justify playing past the first few 'rounds'. It's boring and clunky. If it sells then sales will be based on the franchise rather than the merit of the game itself. I expect it to crash and burn UNLESS someone fixes this sad 'almost' game.

I cannot recommend this game to anyone and rate it 3 / 10. The 3 is for the pretty box.

There are far more useful things to spend your money on ... like out of date news papers or second hand chewing gum.

Save your money and wait for EE4 or any other game other than this one.

Can't hit a bulls eye all the time.

Sorry ... I call it as I see it. I really truly wanted this to be good. It sux donkey and donkey don't like it either.

posted 11-13-07 10:10 AM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
How much time did you spend playing it? Do you honestly think it was long enough to be making such harsh judgments like that?
The recent patch (over 300 meg download) on release shows the product was released too early.
Actually that is really common with RTS games because they have to be done with the code for almost a month before release while the producers create the actual discs. Surely you would rather have them patching the game in that month than sitting on their hands?

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posted 11-13-07 12:25 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
I think we all agree with voice overs are horrible.

I agree with you on the tutorials they are really basic. I completed 2 of them and the game says I only did one of them but it stopped me on the second one stating I completed it.

Unit movement is something that needs work.

I am hoping with upcoming patches some of these things will become better.

I believe though there is some fun in the game but it depends on what your expectations are. If you do not compare it to other games and just play it the way it is you can have fun.
posted 11-13-07 09:45 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Well one thing I can give mcullet is at least he explains himself. Most will say..."played the demo and the game sucks." This said, my opinions are very different about EE3. What I see is a new game that builds on an old, tries new things, new ideas and does pretty well at what it is trying to be. The thing is, no one really sees this until they play it more then a few times. I am one that did not see it either until I played several games. The biggest thing about EE3 is it just don't feel like EE3, it feels like a completely different game. This will just turn some people off as fast as a light. The ones who get over this, if they make it that far, will find a really good game here. mcullet, I wonder if you are basing this off the demo or full version?

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