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EE2 Multiplayer Strategy
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Topic Subject: Scpackokiller
posted 08-27-05 10:28 AM EDT (US)   
Hi its E@proum
I really want the 5th place spot but spacko wont play me
I propuse that Goodevil or mokon make him play or something cause
if i cant play him
its very unlikely that i wont get 5th

thank you

until later

posted 08-27-05 12:15 PM EDT (US)     1 / 14  
martin, spacko and liferoots all wont to play... this sux..
posted 08-27-05 12:39 PM EDT (US)     2 / 14  
i p¨layed you a total of 3 times .
btw were are you wen ragestream wants a game=
your a whiner if you ask me
posted 08-27-05 03:09 PM EDT (US)     3 / 14  
I've been greated with evidence that Scpackokiller has refused to take part in games for fear of losing points to players of equal ladder level.

I am also invstigating possible point trading between him and 2 other players.


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posted 08-27-05 03:28 PM EDT (US)     4 / 14  
Hey sorry i wasnt home today so i culdnt play today.
Proumbro why didint u say me earlier?
Which guy i didnt play?
I played Yzerman liferoots martijn DKTdenNl they are all good so plz dont say that i would be scared of playing....

This was my bad English^^

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posted 08-27-05 05:32 PM EDT (US)     5 / 14  
rofl how i see, spacko played the last games vs noobs... if we ask if he wanna play, he say no, but when he has a chance to play vs naps like klausener or pedro bob he plays... omg!
posted 08-27-05 06:04 PM EDT (US)     6 / 14  
Man I cant find spacko anywhere
I think he might be smurfing with another name
I demand that he be in ee2 before tonight
cause he wont play me
I officially request that I have
a game with u Spacko
and if not well then y

until later

posted 08-27-05 06:10 PM EDT (US)     7 / 14  
I also did ask him a while back
I said plz play ladder
and when he didnt respond I kept asking until he said !#@$
and he said no I not playing

until later

posted 08-27-05 06:36 PM EDT (US)     8 / 14  
Sorry proum u never asked me, this is the first thing so plz dont lie and the second is that i was in the lobby today from
23:30-24:00 German time its MEZ i think to search an opponement to play. NOBODY was in to play so plllz tont tell so much lies about me that i would never play somebody.
Now its 00:30 its late and so i want so sleep. I hope this theatre wont get too high because im playin for fun and dont hope that ill get warned or something just cause i couldnt play at the last of 10 days. You really could play me earlier . So plz dont be frustrated about that, its just a game guys.

This was my bad English^^
posted 08-27-05 07:52 PM EDT (US)     9 / 14  
Well, we just have to accept the fact that this kid, Schpakokiller will never play a stronger or even an equally skilled opponent.

He keeps on saying that he has to study blah blah blah...but we all know that he plays ee2 nonstop.

I have nothing against him cuz I know he is just a kid who wants to win a video game. However, it gets a little annoying when u challenge somebody a milion times and u get rejected everytime.

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posted 08-27-05 08:16 PM EDT (US)     10 / 14  
Hey spacko knock knock
u the one lieing
i have been one since like 1 pm central time
and then was on from 8 till 11pm before that
and i only saw u once
and thats only on my friends list
u were playing some diplo game
at least that what martijn told me
since then I have been speaking to ho yo wa
and he said u havent been on all day long
I did ask u to play several times a long time ago when u first got into the top five
and u either didnt respond or just said later
or no

so dont give me that o I didnt see u
or I didnt hear u
u have been playing nothing but noobs to win
u played what 40 something games
and out of those games
u played what a total of 4-5 good players
u played martijn alot
but thats about it
I ask that either I get a fair match with spacko
or that his points be docked
to the point where I am in 5th
or something
something must happen
I worked hard to get to 5th
and now spacko wont let me there
so GoodEvil
if u could do something to settle this I would be very grateful
I mean everyone knows that he wont accept challenges from anyone equal to him or that he think can beat him
just look at the posts before this
its great evidence

thank you for your time
and I hope u get this straightened out before ladder ends

until later

posted 08-28-05 07:42 AM EDT (US)     11 / 14  
Proum please, you could have said to me earlier not at the last day when i wanst at home.
And i just wanna say that i dont just play weak oponements. Are yzerman liferoots martijn DKTdenNL Holi or RazzingKiller weak? I played all of them at least one time. Isnt that enough?
So please dont punish me now for something cause i really think that i havent done something wrong. The only guy i promised to play but i havent done it is Ragestream. So plz Sorry Rage but u are 1st anyway^^

And proum this is a silly discussion, yzerman could start with the same and saying ragestream dont wanted to play him at the last day so that he could get 1st.

This was my bad English^^
posted 08-28-05 08:58 AM EDT (US)     12 / 14  
Spacko where have u been
I asked u a long time ago
and the only time u played me was
before the ladder even started
since then I asked and u said no
u just either didnt want to play or were playing
without the mod
and as to playing skilled players
and not having any time to play
I have played a total of 20 games
cause I go to school
then do volunteer work at a elementary school
then takes me 30 minutes to get home
by then its already 5
and I go to bed at 9
and then I have to do homework
get stuff ready for the next day
and by then its already 7
and I start getting ready for bed at 8:30
so thats what a total of 1 hour and 30 min to play each day
and some how I managed to get almost enough points
to take your spot
when u have played 2 times more games then me
I wonder how that happened
and I wonder how u got 40 games in if u never have time to play anymore
I mean
u have more games then most of the people on the ladder
I wonder how that happened
since u seem to be at school all the time
and your never at home
and u never have ANY time to play
and if u have 2 times more games then me
I wonder y u not in higher rank
I wonder
that just seems very strange to me
well since GoodEvil
I guess is ignoring my request
so I just say that this is really gay
so if u get this GoodEvil

thanks for trying

thank u for your time
until later

[This message has been edited by BWA_proumbro (edited 08-28-2005 @ 09:09 AM).]

posted 08-28-05 09:27 AM EDT (US)     13 / 14  
And u have to know i got school too...

Shall liferoots start a discussion cause martijn who is in front of him played 20 Games more? He wont i think cause this is just a waste of time

This was my bad English^^
posted 08-28-05 10:57 AM EDT (US)     14 / 14  
O well its all over
it seems that GoodEvil is not going to
do anything
so i guess I just settle with the t-shirt
as for ee2
its getting very boring I wish aoe3
would come out
or at least the new 1.2

well cya
until later

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