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EE2 Multiplayer Strategy
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Topic Subject: The Ban of EHoli
posted 08-19-05 05:13 PM EDT (US)   
Pardon me for reopening a locked topic, but explanation is due. And I realize the one week ban for me is in the future but ee2 holds no real interest to my heart lately.

Was the last post by tge before locking the topic,
"Eholi had 3 days to respond before he was removed and did not try to stop the removal. I sure at least 1 of the E@ guys saw his removal thread but no one told him? These forums are here for a reason.

When I made the first post about a player posting the same screenshot for 11 games I asked what should be done. people replied and said he should be removed, I posted that he would be removed in this thread and nothing. Everyone else that was threatened with removal has posted in there threads and magically it was resolved.

Not my fault he didn't

Now stop with this and be done or you'll enjoy a 1 week ban from the forums.


I for one said the player in question should be removed, but considering the circumstances and his telling other clanmates that he accidently sent in the same screenshot I believe his story should be heard and listened too which are not the same thing.

"I sure at least 1 of the E@ guys saw his removal thread but no one told him? These forums are here for a reason."

I am sure someone told him due to his post in our own forums....

"hello all

i was kicked from the HG ladder.
i know why now.
i had 11 times the same screen .
i was thinking how that can be .but i had the whole time the last screen
but i must be the first screen so that was it wrong what i did lol hehe

ty all"

Quite clearly Holi is aware he is being kicked. And if i may, i can offer a couple of explanations to why perhaps he has not responded.
-option 1- I doubt he cares anymore, the kick without a chance for him to reply and explain, might have been the strong that broke the camels back or in this case the straw that broke holi's intrest in ee2.
-option 2- As you can tell by the post on the E@ forums that i have included above his english while understanable is not perfectly fluid and correct. I for one don't think I would respond in something rather than my native langauge if TGE said in spanish that "Don't ask you won't be left on the ladder at all." Why should he reply? And excpecially as he has been called ignorant we all make mistakes, and its our job as humans that make mistakes to listen and possibly help fix the mistakes of other mistakes makers.

Sorry for reopening this topic which was closed for a reason but I felt the need to defend my own honor when you said we didnt tell him like good clan members should (not in those words mind you but nonetheless) and defend my friend's honor as 13east has already tried. Thank you for your time our of your busy schedule, and I'm looking forward to the ban. Above all else have a pleasant day.




posted 08-19-05 05:58 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
I'm not going to ban you, but I'm not going to listen either. Sorry, I understand you think it's harsh but before you knew who it was you also said he should be removed.

Quoted from fenam:

Removed from ladder, maybe like 3 games get a warning, 4-5 get points deducted. But 7 games is a deliberate attempt to cheat against all the players that are honest and work for their games.
I suggest kicked from ladder. Possibly all his wins deleted from the loser.

No more threads please.


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